Monday, October 27, 2014

Time is NOT my friend

Time has not been on my side lately. I feel like I go to bed every night with a To Do List still a mile long. I wake up in the mornings only to ADD to that list. It's an adjustment period for me I suppose but I'm tired. Most nights I'm totally exhausted and tonight is one of those nights.

I didn't blog yesterday. I had time but chose to use that time with my family instead. Priorities people!

We had a nice Sunday. It was Homecoming at our Church so we all got up and went EVEN the husband. That made this girls heart very happy. It was a good service. We had guest singers and a guest pastor. The kids behaved fairly well. I think they were just happy to have their daddy with us. The dinner after Church was amazing. Those women can sure cook. I filled up on Chicken n Dumplings, Ham, Side Dishes and Carrot Cake pretty quickly.

After Church my Hubby went and got a truck. I suppose this is the one he's going to keep. We shall see! My Niece's were down for a visit so we all sat outside and the little one's played.

My Niece Kelsey and Lee Lee

Anika the Chicken Whisperer

Look at Lee's Hair

Lee Lee looks like a wild child

On the phone, as usual

Little Miss stole her cousin's cowboy boots

After a full day of hanging outside, the big kids (Dustin and Anika) went with Kelsey and Troy to get a Beagle Dog and to my Mom's house. While they were away, I did some house straightening, laundry, errands, etc. Really nothing too exciting but all things that needed done. 

Ax and the Hubby caught Lee napping so they did a little 4-wheeler riding around the yard. Boys and their toys.

We had a pretty uneventful evening and night. Our friends Christie and Johnny stopped by for a few minutes but other than that we just hung out. The kids got all bathed and ready for bed while I laid out everything for a new week.

It was pretty much a great Sunday!!

Today has been crazy busy! I worked all day in West Virginia. Ax went to school (no tears) this morning and Anika went to Mom's for Homeschool. Lee Lee stayed with the babysitter today after Hubby left for work.

The kids definitely had a good day today. After the babysitter picked them up, they went to our Community Center and played in the Play Zone & Arcade. They definitely loved that.

I finished up at the Courthouse around 3:30 today. I had to make a stop by Walmart to get the Hubby a watch and some stuff for dinner before coming home. Thankfully when I got home the sitter had both the kids cleaned up so we loaded into the car and headed to Mom's house. Mom has been hounding me about wanting to take Fall Photos of the kids forever so I decided to go ahead and do it today. Unfortunately, the kids were tired so they didn't cooperate but hopefully we got a few shots that were decent. I'll post them as soon as I upload them.

We got home around 7:00 tonight. I got the house straightened up, supper cooked and clothes laid out for tomorrow. Their is dishes and laundry in the wash as we speak. I'll be turning in shortly because my Little One's are exhausted and NEED sleep!!!!

Tomorrow I'll be working from home some and from the Courthouse some! It should be another busy day. The temps are supposed to hit 80 though and we are supposed to have sunshine so I'm loving that.

Hope everyone is having a good week thus far. Just think, it's one day less to the weekend now :)


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  1. I'm so glad that you're husband went to church with you. It is wonderful when the family goes together.