Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The Longer the Day- The Better It Got

I actually said today was a Monday and I wasn't even kidding. This morning definitely started off like a Monday. Luckily, the day got better as it went on.

I'm blogging late again tonight. It seems I can't find time to blog unless it's late at night. Here's just a little look into my day today.


I woke- When the Hubby got up and planned on staying up. It didn't happen. I ended up not waking up the second time till almost 9:00 am. Thank God my job is flexible!

I listened: To Ax scream and cry not wanting to go to school this morning. Poor kid, he hates mornings. The good news is that he has adjusted some. The mornings aren't nearly as rough as they used to be.

I Met- My Mom at Save A Lot with Annalee this morning. I was running late so she came out and met me. Thank Goodness she loves me so much :)

I Ate- Bacon for Breakfast- of course!!

I Wore- This outfit today and I really LOVE it. The shirt is from Cato's and is one of my favorites. The leggings are from Walmart and the shoes are thrifted.

I Worked- In the Courthouse awhile this morning. I did some research and some adversing

I Got Stumped- On a Title I'm working on. Hoping to figure it out tomorrow

I Had Lunch- With my Co-Worker Deanna. We had Mexican! It was so nice to just sit and chat

I Pondered- The idea of doing some traveling with this job. More on that later!

I Met- With my boss- Looks like we have a few months of work already planned out and hopefully more to come

I Pinned- Some new things on Pinterest. Here are a few of my favorites





I Blog Read- Very little today- Just no time

I Found- One of our puppies dead this morning. He was the runt of the litter and just wasn't healthy from the get go.

I Talked- With Annalee's Therapist David- I have a reevaluation scheduled for her two weeks from now

I Didn't- Complete my To Do List- Oh Well!

I Plugged Away- At the laundry today- I'm about to get it. Got to thank Hubby for ALL his help though

I Loved- Spending time with my Husband and the Kids this evening! I miss them when I'm gone

I Ordered- Us some food from the Dairy Bar tonight. No cooking for me

I Snapped- This cute photo of Lee Lee today- How sweet is she?

I Researched- New York City today- I so want to go there :)

I Feel- Confident, Comfortable, Excited- my future feels like it's on the right track

I Laughed- When I saw this. The Hubby and I argue on what setting to put the dryer on. He made it very hard for me to get it wrong now!

I Wish- That my Daddy would go to the doctor. He's not been feeling well and I worry about him

I Hope- To get a lot accomplished tomorrow so I can work from home Friday

I am Going- To bed now, I'm tired!!!

Night Friends!!!


  1. Annalee is going to kill you when you show that picture with her tummy all stuck out to her boyfriend one day. But that's what parents do. How cute she is! You think SJ wants you to use one particular setting? I had to laugh.

  2. I tend to blog late at night too. Getting to-do lists done is overrated, haha. New York is amazing!

  3. I love this post and seeing a break day of the day. It's a great way to do it, haven't seen a day broken down like this before.