Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Ten on Tuesday

It's a little after 8 and I've still got some things to do tonight before bed but I wanted to get a post up before it got too late and I didn't get around it. Today I present to you my Ten on Tuesday!!!

1. Photos
I've got an overload of photos for you today. I told you last night that I took the kids to Mom's yesterday so she could take photos of them. While we didn't get the perfect Christmas Card photo we were looking for, we did get some cute shots!! I must say, I make pretty babies :)

2. Storytime
My Niece Kesley took Annalee to Storytime today. It's held at our public library. They were having their Halloween Party and Little Miss had a blast. She dressed up like a Rainbow Unicorn and looked absolutely precious. They had food, deserts, made crafts and went Trick or Treating around the library. She got loads of candy! Here is her crafts she made, with Kelsey's help of course.

3. Hubby Time
I didn't have a full plate at work today so I decided to go in late. Hubby is on 2nd shift and I was missing him so I decided to spend the morning with him WITHOUT kids. We cuddled, talked, had KFC for lunch and even accomplished adding my name to our checking and saving accounts. It was something we had needed to do for some time now but was waiting on my new SS Card to come in.

4. I Love My Job
I literally went to the Courthouse today at 1:00 and left at 3:30. I had everything I needed to do some work from home tonight. It's so nice to have that flexibility.

5. Thrift Shopping
I hit up another new to me thrift store today. That is one of the advantages of traveling. I see LOTS of new places to shop, eat and visit. This was a little store pretty much out in the head of no where. The selection was limited but they had nice things and very reasonable rates. I grabbed a Lands End Puffer Vest and a Long Skirt for myself. They did have a nice Area Rug that I might go back and get at a later date.

6. Pumpkin Carving

Dustin's Pumpkin

Anika's Pumpkin

Axle's Pumpkin

Annalee's Pumpkin

Mom picked Ax up from school today and picked Lee up from the sitter. She took them to her house for the evening. I stopped by Walmart on my way home & got some pumpkins and then headed to Mom's. We spent the evening there carving pumpkins. We got dinner too, Baked Spaghetti and Salads. A great way to spend a Tuesday evening.

7. The Weather
Oh my word, the weather has been beyond perfect today. We hit a high of 82 degrees with a nice breeze and tonight it's still 79 degrees out. I just wish it would last. Unfortunately there is cold weather on the way. It's supposed to rain and be in the 60's tomorrow & then snow showers this weekend. I am NOT ready for snow!!!

8. Around the House
I still feel like I'm drowning a little. The place is a wreck and needs some massive organization. My To Do List is NEVER done and I'm always adding more to it every single day. I'm just trying to do the whole one day at a time thing right now. I'm thinking of hiring a housekeeper to get rid of some of that stress.

9. Home Binder
My Home Binder is coming along. I'm actually finding it useful and reaching for it every day. It's nothing fancy but it's working for me. I may show you all some of it soon.

10. Tomorrow
My plans for tomorrow are actually limited. I plan on working for awhile tomorrow morning. Hubby was going to take Anika to the dentist in the morning but I rescheduled it so he wouldn't have to get up so insanely early after working all night. Tomorrow evening I plan on getting everything ready for Trick or Treat and catching up on some things around here. Maybe I'll get lucky and find some time to blog read too. Hey, it could happen!!!

Hope you guys are having a nice week
It's almost mid week and that is always good, right?


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