Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Taking Stock

I honestly feel like I've been ran over by a semi today. Every single part of my body is aching, I'm running a fever and my throat is sore. I'm hoping it's this cold front that is pushing through and my allergies are just going crazy. It would be nice to wake up in the morning feeling a LOT better!

I decided I'd do a Taking Stock" post for you on this Tuesday. Hope you enjoy!

Taking Stock 10-14-2014

* Making- Lots of rearranging the kids this week. It's been a hectic week for me and my babysitter (mom) is having a crazy week too. My poor kids are just being shuffled here, there and wherever this week. It's not that they mind, they think it's fun!

* Cooking- Nothing these days- I'm on the road a lot so I eat out a lot! Today I had bacon for breakfast and chili & cheese from Wendy's for lunch!

* Drinking- My regular drink of choice, Mountain Dew. I NEED that energy

* Reading- Courthouse Documents on top of Courthouse Documents- it's my job!

* Wanting- To fell better. I feel like I've been ran over by a semi. I'm hoping it's just the change in the weather and the cold front coming through throwing my allergies for a loop. I'm not so sure though. I'm feverish, my body is aching all over and my throat is super sore.

* Looking- At my calendar and shaking my head! It's jam packed this week!

* Playing- Dumb ways to Die on my cell phone. That games is hard

* Wasting- Tons of computer paper because it always takes me 10 times to get my documents to print correctly. Quite irritating.

* Sewing- Nothing- I'm NOT a sewer

* Wishing- I would get paid and soon

* Enjoying- Being more independent and confident

* Waiting- On a text message- I'm so impatient

* Liking- Getting dressed everyday! Here's today's work attire

Shirt- Family Dollar
Leggings- Family Dollar
Shoes- Thrifted

* Wondering- Why I can't find a work document I'm in search of. My job is like working one huge giant puzzle

* Loving- My boys school pictures he brought home today. I had to laugh, look at that face! He didn't even crack a smile. I'm so proud though, he wouldn't even take them last year. Progress my friends :)

* Hoping- To be able to work from Home on Friday. Ax brought a letter home today that said he would be having a Family Picnic at the Park on Friday and I do not want to miss it.

* Marveling- How good GOD is and how he never fails us

* Needing- To call and see if we can rent a cabin this weekend! We want to go camping!

* Smelling- Nothing- my smeller is stopped up

* Wearing- A nightgown. It's almost bedtime

* Following- The weather each day. I have to know how to dress the kids and myself

* Noticing- How insanely dirty my bedroom is. It seriously needs cleaned

* Knowing- That Anika is going to have a blast at the Demi Lovato concert tomorrow night. Her and my Cousin are going and she's so excited!

* Thinking- About Christmas and what plans we are going to make

* Feeling- Achy all over

* Bookmarking- Fashion stuff on Pinterest

* Giggling- Very little- I'm too sick :(

* Praying- For a lady I know who lost her son, for my niece, for my Husband, for my extended family, for my children and for myself

Friends- not too much to tell about my day today. I worked in a new courthouse today in West Virginia. It's so much nicer and easier than the previous Courthouse I was in but the drive pretty much sucks! I worked till about 3:00 today and then headed home hoping to beat the rain. I did so that was good! My kids have been yard apes today but they are both finally asleep. Anika is showering and laying out her concert clothes for tomorrow night. She will be going to work with me tomorrow and then I'll be taking her to meet her ride to the concert. Pray for safe travels for them as the concert is about 4 hours away.

I'm going to retire to my bed because my poor body just isn't going to let me do much else. It's VERY tired tonight. I hope you guys are having a good week. Mine is going to be crazy all the way till Friday.


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  1. Oh, poor Angie! I hope and pray you feel better. I've been battling it for two weeks and just started feeling better on Monday. Still have the cough and stuffy nose though. Sorry I haven't been reading any blogs, just felt to yuck. Drink some tea with honey and lemon for your throat. It will soothe it and take some of the pain away. Hope you can get to a doctor soon and get some anti-bioltics or whatever else will make you feel better.