Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Random Ramblings

It's been another long day. Actually this week has been long, very long. I think most of it is because I'm feeling bad. This morning I felt like total crud. As the day went on and a few Motrin later, I was up to functioning but still not feeling good. Tonight I'm feeling horrible again. If I'm no better by tomorrow I'm making a trip to the doctor before work for a shot and some antibiotics.

Anyway, today happened and I survived. It's been a go non-stop sort of day. My brain is pretty much mush at this point so your getting a bunch of ramblings from me tonight. Your Welcome!

* I didn't send Ax to school this morning. I had no one to pick him up for me and get him to the sitter's house so I decided to just let him miss so Hubby could run him over when he ran Lee over. Hubby could have picked him up I guess but it just throws him way short of time since he leaves for work right in the middle of the day. Tomorrow I have pretty much the same situation so I'm thinking the school week is over for him. Why send him tomorrow (if I could find him a ride home) when they don't have school on Friday's anyway? Just doesn't make sense to me.

* Anika actually went to work with me today. It was nice to have the company and of course she's old enough to behave. I think she got bored near the end of the day but she didn't complain one bit.

* Our weather has turned cooler once again. It's also been very rainy this week. Here's what I wore today.

White Shirt- Thrifted
Vest- Factory Connection
Jeans- Walmart
Shoes- Thrifted

* The place in WV I'm now working is way out in the boondocks. It takes over an hour to drive it. I don't mind it too much but the roads are super curvy and it's hill after hill. Hoping to be out of there by the time the weather turns bad.

* I saw that Hardee's now has a Bologna and Velvetta Melt. I saw it on the menu this morning when I was ordering my Bacon, Egg and Cheese. My Husband would love it :)

* The title I'm working on this week has actually went pretty smoothly. When I adversed it though I found a TON of Leases and Assignments. Trying to make sense of them all is going to be a real headache I'm sure.

* I met another one of the guys that work for our company today. He's a pretty cool dude. He's older but so nice and funny. Apparently my boss has good taste in picking employees. As of now everyone I've met has been wonderful.

* I decided to take Anika out to a little diner to eat today. I'd never been there before but the food was good and the prices were reasonable. She had Chicken n Dumplings, Mashed Potatoes and Mac n Cheese. I had a Hot Ham and Cheese with Onion Rings!

* I didn't get a parking ticket today- Horray!!! Honestly making it through a day down there without a parking ticket is a huge accomplishment.

* I left work about 2:30 today and Anika & I drove about 20 miles to a Fed Ex Shipment Center. I had a package that needed to go out and needed some information on my best options for shipping. 

* I met my cousin Brittany with Anika today around 4:00. Her and Anika are in Louisville tonight at the Demi Lavoto Concert. I hope they have a blast but pray they have safe travels home. It will be 3:00 am or later before they arrive home tonight.

Top- JC Penny
Skirt and Shoes- Thrifted

* It rained on my drive home- It made me seriously sleepy. I also took a picture of a this train as I was driving down the road. I don't really know why, it just looked so pretty to me.

* I picked up my kids at my SIL's today. She was my sitter for the day. They had a blast and she even shared some super cute pics with me of the kids playing outside.

* The kids and I got home a little after 6:00- I did some light housekeeping but that was about it. 

* I took a LONG HOT SOAKING BATH- My aching body seriously needed it. I also shaved my legs because they were seriously bad. It looked like I murdered an animal in the tub when I got out. So not cool, I know!

* I'm in the process of washing the Hubby some work clothes. He made sure he told me today that he was out. Why he can't wash them is beyond me

* I've been jotting down some ideas I have for trying to keep things a little more organized. I'll show you as (if) I ever make any progress on it

* My Mom had a doctor's appointment in Lexington today. The put her on another arthritis medication. Hopefully it helps.

* My Dad went to the Funeral Home tonight. One of the ladies from our Church lost her son. Prayers for that family would be appreciated.

* Ax and Lee have been wild kids ALL EVENING- I'm thinking maybe it's not them, just me. When I'm sick the littlest things drive me crazy.

* I SERIOUSLY need to go shopping- I'm having withdraws. I can't wait till I get my first check

* Dustin went hunting tonight. I guess he's coming here when he gets back. He will probably be out till 5 or 6 though- I don't understand coon hunting one bit.

* Tomorrow is a relatively easy day- I'm going to go to the doctor, work awhile & that is about it. Anika and Kelsey are going to watch the two little one's for me.

* I've found a Full Time Sitter starting the end of October. She's wonderful and I know my kids are going to love staying with her. This makes me happy :)

* Friday is going to be a crazy day. Hopefully I'll be able to work from home some. Ax and Lee has to go pick out their glasses, I have to go grocery shopping, My Aunt is coming for a visit and so on. 

* This weekend we had planned on going cabin camping. So far no luck on finding a cabin :(

That pretty much wraps up what is on my mind today. Hope you guys have had a great HUMP DAY! The weekend is getting closer!


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