Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Praise the Lord


* My son woke up and went to school with almost no tears

* I wore the cutest buffalo plaid shirt ever

* I got my work done in a 2 hour span and was back home with my babies

* The sun was shining despite the colder temperatures

* ;I took a 2 hour power nap 

* I had Arby's for lunch and treated myself to my favorite shake ever!!!

* My kids had a blast outside today playing with Troy. They jumped on the trampoline, played on the swing set and even rode bikes!

* I got some housework done including laundry & sorting socks which has been on my to do list forever

* The kids Trick or Treat Costumes are all laid out and ready to go. I bought Ax a pumpkin for his candy today

* We had Three Cheese Ravioli for dinner- so good!

* I finally worked on our budget for this month. I've been procrastinating doing it forever

* My house is nice, warm and cozy

* The best news of the day. My daughter went to the Judgement House with some friends and she got saved. PRAISE THE LORD!!!!!!!

Tomorrow will feature a Fall Harvest Party at Ax's School and then Trick or Treating! Should be a good day :)

Happy Wednesday Friends 


  1. First of all it is WONDERFUL news about Anika!!!! That makes me so happy. Would she like a Bible? My husband gives a Bible to people he knows who just got saved and I know he would love to send her one if she would like it.

    I went to Arby's for lunch too. Great minds and all that.

    Sounds like a wonderful day for you. Can't wait to see your littles in their costumes.

  2. Two very special events ... thanks for sharing them with us. xx