Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Now I know my ABC's

October 1st Alphabet Style

A- Anika and I have been at it since she came home this evening. The child makes the worlds worst decisions sometimes. What is wrong with teenagers?

B- Bubby does so much better when Hubby takes him to school. He didn't even shed a tear this morning. I'm thinking about letting Hubby quit work and stay home just so I don't have to fight with little man every morning.

C- Chili from Wendy's is what I had for lunch today. Can someone tell me why they give you a big bowl of Chili and only 2 packs of crackers? That drives me nuts!!!!

D- Dinner tonight was breakfast. We had Fried Bologna, O'Brien Potatoes and Scrambled Eggs. It was quite good. The kids must have thought so too, they ate a ton, especially Axle!

E- Everyone in my house is asleep. That is where I should be. It's almost 11:00 pm and I'm exhuasted

F- First day of October means goals time! Here is how I did on my September Goals and of course my October Goals List!

September Goals:

1. Go to Violet and Chases Birthday Party- YES!!! We did and had so much fun :)

2. Host my Sister in Law's Baby Shower- YES!!! It turned out amazing too!

3. Attend Septemberfest- NO!!! We just didn't make it but there is lots of upcoming festivals so hopefully this month we will get to one :)

4. Do a Date Night- NO!!!! I'm extremely sad about this too

5. Eliminate Debt- YES!!! We did eliminate a few things but need to eliminate a few more

6. Get a Job- YES!!! I actually got two LOL

7. Get Axle adjusted to school- YES!!! I must say we are doing so much better

8. Buy a new pair of Fall Boots- NO!!!!! I need to do this soon

9. Color my Hair- YES!!! I got it cut and colored :)

10. Take Lucy to the Vet- NO!!! She's still feeding the pups so we can't until she's done 

October Goals:

1. Attend a Festival
2. Do a Date Night
3. Buy new Boots
4. Get more confident in my ability to do my job
5. Celebrate my Granny's Birthday with her
6. Pray More
7. Decorate for Fall outside (at least a little)
8. Find homes for the animals
9. Go to the Dentist
10. Take my kids Trick or Treating

G- Granny fell again today. She didn't hurt herself but she's falling about twice a week now. I'm not sure what we are going to do with her. Bless her heart, she's getting so weak.

H- Hubby saved the day this morning. My goofy cat caught a mouse (THANK YOU MAX) but he didn't kill it. I'm terrified of mice and so here he was hanging out in MY bedroom playing with a 1/2 dead mouse. I freaked. Thankfully Hubby disposed of it all while I had my head under the covers yelling is it gone yet! This all happened before 8:00 am. Not a great way to start the morning.

I- I'm so thankful for my Mommy. She truly is my best friend

J- Just don't understand why my kids have to fight so much. They drive me crazy sometimes!!!

K- Keeping a TO DO List helps me so much. I just have to make sure I don't put too much on it in a day. If I do, I get frustrated when I don't get everything done.

L- Learning that no matter how much we tell our kids, they have a mind of their own

M- Missing my Hubby terribly. I can't wait till next week. I love day shift weeks

N- No idea why but I'm keeping a headache all the time. It sucks

O- OOTD- I love this skirt. It's the first time I ever wore it but it won't be the last!

Shirt- Thrifted
Skirt and Shoes- Cato's

P- Praying for Guidance about certain situations beyond my control

Q- Quiet Time at night is the best :)

R- Really hoping to do something fun this weekend

S- So much housework needs done and so little time. I'll get it eventually I guess

T- Thankful for awesome co-workers who are so helpful

U- Undressing out of my work clothes and into my pj's is one of my favorite parts of the day anymore

V- Very thankful for the flexibility this new job offers me

W- Writing lots and lots these days

X- X is always a hard one, I'm skipping it!

Y- Yawning my head off

Z- Zipping off to bed now- Night Night!!!

Till Tomorrow

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  1. Totally loving this ABC idea!! Cute Cute! Great outfit! Good Luck with this month's goals! Have a great weekend!