Monday, October 13, 2014

Monday's are Hectic

Today definitely started off like a Monday! I ended up pushing the snooze button way too many times this morning and slept too late. I mean I was up by 7:30 but I should have gotten up at 6:30. I woke Axle and he was his typical sleepy self. That means he was very whiny, didn't want to get up and didn't want to speak of the word "school" Anika did manage to get him moving by telling him this was the week his daddy took him all week. At least we averted a huge meltdown this morning.

I took a shower and got myself dressed. I have NO picture of my outfit because I forgot to take it. I wore a cute little get up though or at least I thought it was cute. I suppose that is a matter of opinion.

Lucy our dog has been on the decline since we got her. She was a stray when I picked her up and dragged her home. It wasn't long after (a few days) that everyone told me she was pregnant. She was unhealthy when I got her but I thought I could fix her right up. Unfortunately, they were right and she was pregnant. A few weeks later we had 4 puppies. Poor Lucy kept looking more sickly by the day. I called the vet and they said there was nothing I could do because she was feeding. The babies weaned and we thought they would be alright, all 4 ended up not making it. The last one passed this past weekend. Since Lucy was looking beyond pitiful and no longer feeding or pregnant, I decided to take her by the vet this morning. I called beforehand and asked if I could leave her there while I worked and then pick her up on the way back through. They said sure so Lucy got loaded up in the van this morning as I was leaving.

I had to make a quick stop by my Mom's and get some fuel before we made it to the vet. She did perfect on the ride. She laid in her crate and never moved a muscle. I stayed with her while the vet checked her. After running a few tests they found that she had hook worms (which is what they think killed the babies) and the mange. Unfortunately it is a type of mange we can catch. That is all we need is kids running around with the mange! The prognosis for her was very good though so I left her at the vet to be cared for while I ventured on to work.

I actually just met a co-worker at the Public Library today. He and I put together all the loose ends on the last tracts we were running in that county. It was a very easy day to say the least.

Around noon I went out to lunch. I grabbed some chicken planks from KFC and it was quite yummy. I called the Hubby and talked to him a bit before he had to leave for work. Our only conversations on his 2nd shift week are usually by phone. He had just gotten home from taking the girls to my Mom and was getting ready for work. I dropped into Goodwill for a few minutes to just browse and kill some time. I found 2 cute tops but forgot to take photos of them too!

I made it back to the library and finished up the rest of what I needed to do. I was completely done by 3:00 so I decided to call it a day. I stopped by Food City and grabbed my Grandma's birthday cake and then went to the vet and picked up Lucy. They had gave her a wormer and had dipped her for the mange. He sent us home with 2 more days of wormer and an antibiotic. He also told me that I needed to bring her in once a week for a few more weeks to get her dipped. After she is on the mend and gaining some weight, they will spay her and give her some shots but not until she gets healthier.

I made it back to town in time to pick up Little Man from school. He said he had a GREAT day! We ran by the house and dropped Lucy off and then stopped at the gas station before heading on to Mom's. Anika and Dustin were working on Algebra when I got there. We socialized a bit and then I ran down and picked up my Granny while Dad went and got pizza's. When we all got back to Dad's house we celebrated my Granny's 77th Birthday. Such a blessed day as her mind is not holding up well and I'm not sure next year at this time she will even know us.

We had Pizza, Cake, IceCream and Presents. The kids played and played. I enjoy days with my family.

Three Generations

Mama and her Great Grands

My kids love presents

Helping her Mama

I think they look alike

I will cherish this photo forever

My daddy and my babies

We didn't get to leave Mom's till really late because Anika and Dustin worked on Algebra till nearly 9:00 and then I had to print off some work documents. When we finally did get on the road, I ran Dustin home to get him some hunting clothes, stopped by the Dollar Store for shampoo and then ventured on home. Dustin's buddy was here waiting on him, they went coon hunting tonight.

Tonight the kids and I have gotten things ready for the day tomorrow. I tried on a blue million outfits tonight and couldn't find anything that looked good. I gave up, I'll find something in the morning. We did a quick straightening of the house and then Anika put Lee Lee down to bed for me while I got Ax in the bed. Both of them are soundly sleeping now. Anika is watching some Lifetime movie and I'm going to hit the hay as soon as I finish up this post.

I always have big plans of blogging early, typing up some creative stuff, etc but it never pans out. I'm lucky to get what I HAVE to done in a day!!!

Tomorrow I start a new project in a new location. It's about an extra 20-30 minutes further than what I'm driving now. I'm pretty nervous about it only because it's a new courthouse with a new crew. I'm sure I'll do just fine though. I never give myself enough credit.

Other than that, not a lot else to report on this Monday. It's been a crazy busy one for sure but definitely nothing to complain about!

Hope you guys are having a great start to your week
I'll catch up with you guys asap but I won't promise when that will be



  1. Loved seeing your family pictures! Poor Lucy! It's a good thing y'all found her! She's a lucky little dog!

  2. I hope Lucy gets well soon and y'all don't have the mange.

    Your daughter does look like her great grandmother.

  3. You said there were three generations in that photo but actually it's four! That is an awesome picture and one you should definitely save. So glad the job is working out for you. And glad you have time to spend with your family. Family is so important. Hope Lucy gets better quickly with the medication and care you are giving her.