Friday, October 24, 2014

I've Been MIA

It's been so long since I've blogged that I really don't even know where to start. I've procrastinated posting for days now because I dreaded having to try and play catch up. When I finally did decide a few days ago to sit down and catch up, I realized I had lost my camera so then I decided to wait until I found it to post. Well, I found it last night and unfortunately, it was broken. I do have a few photos to share though that were already on my memory card so I'll go ahead and share those & get that part out of the way.

Our Hen and Rooster are seriously the friendliest animals ever

Boys Cooking Dinner

Home Management

Another Home Management Section

Lee Lee's Mustache

Work Outfit

The BOMB!!!!

Gift from my Mommy

Lee and Ax's new cups

Okay so where to start on catching up!! I think I'll just give you a brief run down on some of our happenings!

* My Aunt Millie came home. She used to date my Uncle (for 17 year). I grew up with her being my Aunt. Once I got to be an adult (young adult), they split. I hadn't saw her for 14 year. She came to visit with the kids and I last weekend. We went shopping, ate Chinese and then had a Slumber Party. Very good times :)

* The kids Halloween costumes are BOUGHT!!!! Actually Lee has two. Initially she was going to be a Rainbow Unicorn but then today she found a Minnie Mouse she just loved so we bought it too.

* Hubby traded for yet another truck. It's sitting in our garage. He says it's a nice ride, I say it's junk!!

* Anika has been to Haunted Houses for the past two weekends. That is where she is now actually. She loves those things! Tonight they went on a Haunted Boat Ride and then to a Haunted Trail. Last weekend they did a whole Haunted Adventure that included shooting paintballs at zombies!

* I finally got to watch "Heaven is For Real." I must say, I LOVED it!!! Such a great movie and even better that I got to watch it while snuggling on the couch with my Hubby.

* We skipped Church last Sunday. This Sunday we will definitely be going though. It's our Homecoming Service.

* Last Sunday I got my house in top notch shape. I worked on it all day long. It already looks like a disaster zone again though

* I'm still working in West Virginia. I actually enjoy the Courthouse there. I don't enjoy the drive much though. It only takes a little over an hour to get there but it's mostly 2 lane back roads so that is a pain! I'm just thankful to be working, so no complaining from me.

* I received Anika's progress report for the month of October the other day. She has all A's and B's. I'm so proud of her. She is learning so much this year.

* For the past two days I've had TERRIBLE lower teeth pain. They just have a constant dull ache. I'm thinking it's sinus/allergy related so I started an antibiotic today to see if it helps. Praying it does.

* Hubby has been on dayshift all week this week and I've loved it. Dreading him going back on 2nd shift next week already.

* I'm still getting dressed everyday and I'm still enjoying it. Getting out of sweats and tees has done so much for my confidence.

* Ax is continuing to do pretty well in school. He's definitely adjusting

* Lee Lee got her mouth busted the other day on the swingset. There was blood and the whole 9 yards. Poor Lee, she is absolutely accident prone.

* I'm enjoying the days I'm able to work from home. This week I worked 2 days from home and it's such a blessing to be here with my kids.

* Laundry is still a HUGE issue around here. It's going to be the death of me

* Anika got her hair trimmed today and a conditioning treatment put on it. It's looking so much healthier.

* Ax and Lee both picked out glasses today and they should be ready for them sometime next week. They both looked so darn cute. I just hope they will wear them

* Mom and her Sisters returned safely from their trip to Nashville. They had a blast. I'm so glad they got to go again this year.

* I've been thinking about Thanksgiving Plans but we have decided nothing yet really. We do know however that we will be spending Christmas in The Great Smoky Mountains!

Really, that is about it. I'm going to do better with blogging. I'm actually going to try and set up a system to where I can blog more- we shall see if it works. These days I'm in ORGANIZATION mode, hence why I've been tackling my Home Management Binder. I'm still not doing great with the whole working mom thing but I'll get there. I guess adjustments and changes just take time.

Unfortunately, even when I do manage to blog, photos will be limited till I can get a new camera. Bear with me, I get my FIRST paycheck next Friday so you shouldn't have to wait to long.

Friends- hope you guys are doing well. I'm off to visit some of your blogs now.

Have a great weekend

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  1. I am hosting a Family Sunday Dinner for all four of my kids and grandkids and I plan to ask them about the holdiday plans. It gets more complicated when they are grown and then have in laws and then children of their own.......
    Great Catch Up post!!!