Thursday, October 2, 2014

It's a Busy Season of Life For Me!!!

It's already pushing 10:30 and I'm just now getting this post up. I keep saying I'm going to take some time and do some blog reading. I have good intentions, I really do. Life is just so crazy busy right now. I can't seem to catch a minute to catch my breath!!!!

Today was no exception, it was a super busy day. Hubby took Little Man to school today and he did so good. I was so proud of him. He didn't even shed a single tear. His poor daddy though. He's been on second shift this week and has gotten up early every day with the kids while I'm working. He's really looking tired.

I didn't start working till a little later today. That is one of the biggest benefits of being an Independent Contractor and working for yourself, you can set your own hours! While the boys were on their way to school, Anika and I got cleaned up. Here's what I wore today.

Outfit Details
Shirt and Jeans- Cato's
Shoes and Necklace- Thrifted

Close up of my necklace- I LOVE it!!!
Hubby came back home and laid down a few minutes while we finished up getting ready. Annalee was supposed to take a nap with him but instead, she was doing this. Can you say bucket head?

I left the house around 9:30. Hubby got back up but reluctantly. He said he was exhausted and I'm certain he was. I hated to leave him and Lee but I had to get on the road. Miss Anika had counseling today so I dropped her off at her appointment, stopped and grabbed myself some bacon of course and then headed for the Courthouse. I'm only working about 20 minutes away right now so it isn't a bad drive at all.

I made it to the Courthouse around 10:00. Mom picked Anika up from counseling and took her to her house so she could do her school work. I worked till around 12:30 doing some adversing (it's a fancy term for looking through a million documents). I then stepped out and had some lunch at the Drive In across the street. I love that place, it's been around since I've been a kid. I like being able to eat in my car, the prices are cheap and the food is good. It's a win win! Today's lunch was Cheese Sticks and Marinara Sauce, yummy :)

I called the Hubby while I ate and told him to be careful at work tonight. I might not get to spend time with him everyday but I never miss a day of calling him. I then headed to the library to meet a co-worker so we could tie up some loose ends on the stuff we are working on. We ended up working until a little after 3:00. I think we have it about figured out though which makes me happy.

I called Mom and told her I was on my way home. She said Lee was asleep so I told her I thought I could make it in time to pick up Axle from school. I didn't want her to have to wake Lee and drag her out. My boy was waiting when I got there and it was obvious immediately that he had not had a nap. I can tell as soon as I pick him up just by the way he acts!! He was glad to come home though. His week is over as he doesn't go to school on Fridays.

I had some work to do at Mom's so we headed straight up there. Anika was just finishing up her school work when I arrived. Lee was still sleeping and Mom was working on Supper. I started in on my work and got some of it completed. I had a lot of things I needed to print! I worked probably 3 hours on it and still have more to do.

My cousin Brittany came up and visited with us. She brought her little boy Chase and the kids had a blast playing. Mom made a new Mexican Casserole for dinner and everyone liked it but me. I usually love Mom's cooking but this is one new recipe I just didn't like! We all visited, the kids played and then we wound out the night by listening to the little one's sing Jesus Loves Me and The BIBLE!

I figured while I was at Mom's, I would take some pictures of her cute d├ęcor for you. She always decorates everything so pretty!

The kids and I finally headed home around 8:00 tonight. Anika read the babies some books while I cleaned up the house. By 9:30 they were all three sound asleep. I worked about another hour on my paperwork and now have a plan for the few items I still need to pick up to complete my title.
I really wanted to upload some pictures to Facebook tonight but it's being a pain and won't let me. I finally just gave up.
I went through Ax's book bag and emptied it out. They always send his stuff home on Thursday's that he's done throughout the week. I love looking at it. I saw one thing that was a little questionnaire type thing and they asked him his favorite food. His answer, salad! It's true, the boy loves salad. I was also shocked to see a perfect attendance award for this month. This is the first time ever he got one :)
He also brought home his October Calendar. His Fall Party is set for the 30th and I can't wait!!! I love stuff like that :)
My calendar is updated tonight and I started making a To Do List for tomorrow but I have so much to do tomorrow that I'm not sure it will all ever get done. I need to go to the Courthouse for a few hours, there are bills to pay, Hubby wants me to run an errand for him, Anika has tutoring and sometime or another I have to finish putting my Title Work together. I'm one busy gal these days.
Friends, I hope you all are doing well. I'll catch up with you all as soon as I can.
Have a Happy Weekend!!!!

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  1. You are BUSY!! BUSY!!! I have missed some of your posts and must go back and find out what job you are working! I knew you were looking for one. Congrats!