Friday, October 3, 2014

I Love My Crazy Chaotic Life!!!!

What a LONG day it has been. It's almost 2:00 am and I just now finished up with some work. I'm beat to say the least. Here's a few random things on my mind today. I'd type up a full post but honestly, it would probably never make any sense. I'm just THAT tired!!!

* All three of the kids slept in the bed with me last night. Anika normally doesn't sleep with me so I'm definitely not complaining. She will always be my baby no matter how big she gets. I'm sure Hubby was wishing they would get out of our bed though when he came home. He ended up sleeping on the couch- poor Hubby!!!!

* I didn't sleep well at all last night. I had crazy dreams. I remember dreaming that I had pieces of plastic in my eye. I woke up this morning and my eye was sore. I'm wondering if I dug at it all night in my sleep.

* I was up by 7:00 this morning. I guess my body is getting used to this getting up early. I'm still a long ways from a morning person but I'm making progress!

* Hubby had to go to the bank this morning and then to the doctor. He took Little Man with him. It tickled him to death. He says he misses his daddy when he works

* The girls and I got cleaned up while the boys were gone. It was definitely a very Fall day today. We all wore sweaters and boots. I totally enjoy Fall weather :)

* The boys didn't get home till around 10:00. When they did the girls and I took off and went to the Courthouse. I had a bit of adversing to do and some copies to get. Anika and Lee waited on  me in the Lobby. I didn't expect to be there nearly as long as I was but the place was packed. We ended up being there about an 1 1/2 total but I got what I needed.

* While at the Courthouse, I bought myself this cute little bird feeder. It's made out of a Support Coal license plate. It was $20.00 and the proceeds went to the Veterans. I couldn't resist. Coal and Veterans, two things I love :)

* I was supposed to have Anika back for tutoring by Noon today. We didn't make it. My Mom was livid mad at me. Apparently I'm superwoman and can do it all.

* We actually barely made it home before Hubby had to leave for work. Like seriously, he was having to go out the door as we were coming in. I think he was worried we weren't going to get back and he didn't have a clue what to do with Axle. I made it though.

* I brought Little Ceasars Pizza and Breadsticks home for lunch. It's definitely not my favorite food but the kids like it.

* After we ate, Sis and I did a quick straightening of the house and then we were all back out the door. I had to run across the hill and pay my car payment. I've got it paid down to $2,000.00. I can't wait to get it paid off.

* We hit up town and I picked up Hubby's medicine. Then we were off to the next town over

* I had to pay my electric and Lendmark on a small loan we have. There was a HUGE festival going on while we were there. Luckily Axle missed it. I probably would have never convinced him that we shouldn't stop if he had seen it. There was rides everywhere.

* We ventured into Peebles to look around. My kids acted like wild animals so we left empty handed. I would have loved to have had time to just browse but they weren't having it.

* Despite how mean they are, they are still adorable!!!

* Our next stop was Walmart! They have new buggy's and my kids were totally digging that. I hate the stupid things, it's like driving a Semi!

* Our trip to Walmart was to buy Ax some school clothes. The temps are getting much cooler so he needed pants and long sleeves. I found him sever (7 I think) outfits, Lee 2 outfits and I got myself 2 pairs of pants and a shirt. I tried to get Anika to buy herself something but she wouldn't.

* After being in Walmart for what felt like forever, we finally got back on the road. We had to stop for fuel, buy the Hubby some non-alcoholic beer, run to the Dollar Store for pet supplies and run to my Cousin Brittany's for a few minutes. That was a LOT of running we did!!!!

* Speaking of animals, this little one decided it was going to ride along with us on all that running. Trust me, I didn't know it was in the vehicle until we got WAY down the road! I tried to get Anika to let me put it out at Walmart but she wouldn't. Go figure!

* We finally got home about 6:30 pm. The kids played and I rested. I was beat!

* By 9:00 both babies were asleep. I worked on paperwork for my job while Anika watched television. I did recruit her for help a time or two but she wasn't all that interested. I don't understand! Okay, maybe I do!

* Anika ended up falling asleep around 11:00. I worked until after 1:00 am on paperwork. I'm finally about done. Tomorrow I will print off a few things and it will be ready to turn in. Then Monday I will move on to another one.

* While on the subject of work, Physical Therapy called today wanting me to come in and work some this week. I have no idea how I'll juggle it all but I will.

* I'm so glad it's the weekend though. I'm waiting on Hubby to get home from work. He should be getting here. Then we will go to bed and snuggle. I'm pretty sleepy so it shouldn't take me long to fall asleep!

* Our plans for the weekend- NO IDEA!!!! Guess we will just take it as it comes

That my friends was my Friday- It's a crazy chaotic life I lead but I love it!

Happy Weekend
Hope you all enjoy :)


  1. You had quite a busy day! Hope you get to relax a little this weekend! That birdhouse is adorable! Thanks for stopping by my blog!


  2. Sounds like you had a busy day! I'm loving this fall weather as well:) And I LOVE the Friends of Coal birdhouse!

    Tif @ Bright on a Budget

  3. every day, for you, is a busy day!!! i LOVE that bird house, it's just perfect and a great cause!!!!

    and this "wasn't" a full post??? hehehe