Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Bits and Pieces

Dropping by tonight to share some Bits & Pieces of our Tuesday. It's already past my bedtime so I'll be finishing this post and heading to snuggle with my Hubby!

* I got to sleep in today- well till about 8:00 but still it counts!

* I put the kids in the tub first thing this morning and gave them paint to play with. I was on a mission to find the memory card I lost last night. I found it and was praising above! Here's what was on it yesterday when I lost it that I didn't get to share!

* That is the outfit I wore yesterday- The pants are so flowy and comfortable. My daughter thinks they look like clown pants! She says the floral pattern makes me look like an old woman. The shirt I got from a Thrift Store and it's as soft as butter. The shoes and necklace were also thrifted. What do you think, cute or not?

* The kids and I were dressed and ready to go this morning by 10;30 pm. I didn't get a single picture because frankly there was no time. I assure you they both looked adorable. Lee wore her fall dress and leggings. She was such a cutie!

* Mom and Anika arrived here at 10:30 and we all loaded up in my (hubby's) new car. The kids had an appointment with an eye specialist in Lexington at 2:00 today. It takes us about three hours to drive there so we wanted to give ourselves plenty of time to stop and what not.

* The drive down was pretty uneventful. Annalee cried but that isn't anything out of the ordinary. The child hates long car rides. I hurt my Mom's feelings and totally didn't mean to. I've felt terrible about it ever since. My mom has been struggling lately. She's just got a full plate right now. She's such a tough, brave lady and I sometimes forget that those that are strong still need someone from time to time. I'm going to do better!

* We stopped at Hardee's for lunch. I got a Big Ham and Cheese and it was nasty! We did a potty break while we were there.

* We got lost at one point thanks to our GPS. We ended up in a parking lot with a bunch of men wearing what looked like Hazmat Gear. I got out and asked if I was somewhere I shouldn't be and they all responded yes. They looked completely bumfuzzled as to why I was there. They offered to lead me out so I followed behind their truck. We came to a gate that they had to use a key to open. It's no wonder they looked at me like I was crazy. Apparently I just followed the truck in front of me through the gate. I didn't realize there was even a gate there!! Turns out we were at the Smuckers Factory. What is dangerous about Smuckers, I have no idea!!!!

* We made it to the appointment EARLY!!!!! That is a first for me

* I filled out the kids necessary paperwork and was shocked it was only one page! Usually they make you fill out a book. Our wait time was like 10 minutes so that was nice!

* Both kids did excellent. They both had to have their eyes dilated but did so good. The doctor even commented on how well behaved they were. This made me happy. I don't hear that much LOL!

* Ax was a trooper. He named all the photos on the wall for them, he counted the dots like he was supposed to and he even let them apply a patch to his eye. That might not seem like much but when you have a kid that has sensory disorders, that is a big step. He's came so far. I'm so proud of him. He does need glasses. His left eye is way weaker than his right eye but he has vision problems with both eyes. We will be going this weekend sometime to get him some new glasses. I'm not sure how he will do wearing them but we will give it a go. They are going to recheck him in 3 months and if there isn't any improvement, he will have to wear an eye patch. Praying that doesn't happen.

* Lee was a little harder to check since she can't count and doesn't talk well. They did manage to get a vision test on her by doing some other methods though. The pupil in her right eye being larger was a big concern for me but after a complete exam of the nerves and such they ruled out any medical related conditions. It's just the way her eyes are made. She does have a lazy/floating eye and she will be getting glasses too. That should be interesting for sure!

* After their appointment we headed to the office were I"m based out of for work. I had some work to turn in and instead of sending it Fed Ex, I decided to swing by and turn it in. I met my boss who was seriously nice. It's the first time I've ever met him.

* We had dinner at Chick Fila. I've never ate there before and it was on my bucket list so I got that one marked off. I was not impressed, the food wasn't great and the tables and floor were pretty dirty. I had chicken strips. The kids LOVED the play area though so it was worth the stop!

* Our trip home was anything but uneventful. We came through about 10 tornado warnings and I seriously think I had several panic attacks. When we got about a 1/2 hour from home we went through a very bad storm. I had to let mom take over driving. I was just too stressed to drive by that point. I have no idea why I have such an irrational fear of storms but I do. It's something I have struggled with for a long time.

* Mom demanded we stop and get milkshakes on the way home. I couldn't even drink mine I was so tore up. I was sick to my stomach and felt like I was going to vomit.

* We finally made it home a little after 9:00. Hubby was still up waiting on me. He was worried about us. Bless his heart he cleaned the entire house and did all the laundry after he got home from work this evening. I was so happy to come home to a nice clean house. He's the VERY BEST!!!!

* Him and the kids went straight to bed. Anika went to Mom's to spend the night. I normally wouldn't let her stay 2 nights in a row but I didn't want mom driving home in this weather by herself. They called and let me know they made it home safely.

* I'd love to tell you all sorts of other things tonight but I've got to turn in. I hope you all are having a good week!!!

* Before I go, I am asking for those of you that pray to send up a prayer for my Grandma. Dad said she still wasn't doing well today. Thanks in advance :)

Goodnight Friends,


  1. I hope Annalee takes to the glasses and your mother doesn't get too stressed.