Monday, October 6, 2014

A Bunch of Questions

Some days I just don't have the energy to must up a post so I cheat and just answer a bunch of questions. That is what your getting tonight my friends, I'm exhausted!!!!

For Today: October 6, 2014- It's a Monday

Outside my Window- It's raining, I can hear it hitting the roof. It's rained pretty much all day long off and on. The temps have been cool too.

I am Thinking- That I'm totally exhausted and REALLY don't feel like cleaning up the house tonight but I really need to.

I am Thankful- Anika's Ex-Boyfriend Dustin wasn't hurt today. He wrecked his Mustang on the wet roads this morning. He's bruised up a little and his car is tore up but he is okay. Praise God for keeping his hands on him.

I am Wearing- A really cute outfit today but somehow I've misplaced my memory card so you will have to wait on photos of it till I find it!

I am Creating- A whole list of Fall Items I need- okay I want!!!

I am Going- To Lexington tomorrow. I dread the almost 3 hour drive but my kids have eye appointments so I have to just suck it up and go!

I am Wondering- If my Title Work I submitted is right. I pray it is, I really need this job!

I am Reading- Blogs every spare second I get which isn't much

I am Hoping- To get out of this house this upcoming weekend. I'm going stir crazy. I want to do something FUN :)

I am Learning- To trust myself

Around the House- Things look like a disaster area. Not enough hours in the day my friends!

In the Kitchen- I've stacked piles and piles of dirty laundry that I swear I'm never going to get done. I need a maid or a housekeeper at least!

I am Pondering- Plans for a trip SOON!!!!!

One of my Favorite Things Today- Finding out Ax has a little girlfriend at school and he holds her hand. How sweet is that :)

A Few Plans for the rest of the Week- Tomorrow I'm taking the kids to Lexington, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday consists of work. Saturday and Sunday...who knows!

In Other News:
My daughter and Dustin are doing Algebra together. He might not be an Ex long!
Annalee is still doing pretty good with the potty
Not knowing where my memory card is might just drive me insane
I thought my washer was tore up today- thank god for google telling me to bypass the lid latch
I had Subway for lunch- so good! The gal that waited on me, total bitch!!!
I was hoping to get an easy title this time- I was not that lucky. This title work is hard!!!
I think Mom and Dad are going to spend Christmas with us out of town. So excited about it
Prayers for my Grandma please- she's sick today

That friends is the best I got tonight
Happy Monday

Hope all is going well in your world!


  1. Sounds like a good Monday over all! Envy your rain!! Record heat here tomorrow....
    95 degrees!

  2. I hope that your Grandma feels better! There are a lot of nasty viruses going around this year.

  3. I like this as well. It started with the Simple Woman's Daybook. I hope your grandmother feels better.

  4. So thankful that Anika's boyfriend wasn't hurt! Car accidents are always so scary. I made a list of fall things I want to pick up today, too... let the shopping begin! :)

  5. So thankful Dustin wasn't hurt in the car accident. Those things are so freaky. Maybe no longer an ex???? Sounds as if you had a good day. We all just need a few more hours in a day -- and the energy to go with it.