Thursday, September 4, 2014


My mind is scattered today and my emotions are running high. Please don't take this post out of context. I know my life is blessed, I love my life. God has been good to me and I am so unbelievably thankful. Today though, I need to vent. This is my venting session. If your not in the mood for my negativity you probably should just read another blog and come back tomorrow. I'm sure tomorrow will be a brighter day.

Here's some Random Thursday Thoughts!!!

* This post is going to be very boring, I didn't take one single photo today. I hate posting without photo. It feels like I'm breaking a blog law or something.

* I felt so groggy this morning when the alarm went off at 6:30. I managed to get up but it was rough. I didn't sleep well last night. I ended up laying down with the kids at 8:30 and instead of getting up when they went to sleep like I normally do, I fell asleep. At 10:30 I woke up sweating like a pig and couldn't go back to sleep. I ended up being up till after 1:00 am.

* Ax had his worst morning yet today. Like seriously he screamed, thrashed, wiggled and banged. I managed to get him in the door though and we are both still alive so I'm saying it was a success.

* His teacher agreed with me. She said his fit this morning in the classroom was pretty intense. Apparently he almost knocked the whole library area down. Only my child. Gosh I hope he adjusts soon.

* I scraped up enough change to get me some Mountain Dew and Marlboro this morning. I know, I sound like a true redneck. Those two things are like my morning coffee though.

* Lee apparently thinks I do something terrible with Axle when I drop him off at school. When I leave with him he's screaming and crying & then I come home and he isn't with me. She continues running back and forth to the door for an hour after I get home yelling "Bubba". It's pretty funny.

* My Mom took Anika to her appointments today for me. She had a Doctor's Appointment and a Counseling Appointment. I sure did appreciate it.

* Hubby slept till 11:00 this morning. I didn't even bother waking him. He has gotten up early every day this week so I knew he probably needed the extra rest.

* I missed the interview I had today. I know, I've went on and on about wanting a job and then I don't go to an interview. Frankly, my gas light was on and I had no gas money to get there. It's bad when your so broke you can't afford to work. Funny but not funny!!!

* Hubs acted like a total 3 year old today over a folder that HE lost but he was certain I did. He found it though so all was well in his world again.

* Hubby and I aren't jiving this week for some reason. I think it's financial stress. I hate it though. It makes me sad :(

* I think I pissed a lady at Axle's school off today. I usually would care, today I did not. I swear school (elem) doesn't let out till 3:00 and these crazy people around here start lining up to pick up their kids an hour early. It makes it impossible to get up on the school hill to go inside for anything. I almost hit her car this evening trying to squeeze between her and another car. She shot me a dirty look and I'm thinking really lady!

* Axle's mood when I picked him up this evening was terrible. I think he was just overly tired but oh my gosh, he was a hard one to handle.

* I prayed all the way home that Ax and Lee would nap today. They refused of course.

* I seriously found myself craving Fall today. It was so hot and humid here. I've also developed this terrible sweating thing (no idea why) and felt like I might die even in the house in the air conditioner.

* I'm blaming some of my craziness this week on hormones and PMS

** I almost hit a poodle on the way home today. Wouldn't that have been terrible? Luckily I missed it

* Today made 2 days in a row of not getting dressed. Well I put on shorts and a tee but nothing even remotely cute. My hair also looked like a rats nest all day and I wore no makeup. I suck!

* I was feeling totally overwhelmed about all the things I have to do this week. I made a plan of action though and I feel some better about it.

* I don't like my kids today. Don't judge me. I mean I LOVE them more than the world but I haven't liked them much today. My mom said I was horrible, I say I'm honest.

* Come to think of it, I don't like much of anyone today

* I worked on ways to eliminate some debt earlier today. I think I have a couple decent ideas. Gotta run it by Hubby tomorrow though.

* I dropped the F Bomb more than once today- told you it was a bad day

* I'm sorry I'm wallowing in self pity today- actually no I'm not

* Don't worry, I vented to my SIL for over an hour today too. She's almost as good of a listener as you all are :)

* I did get the "To Buy" list from her while I was venting. Now tomorrow I'll head out to finish Baby Shower Shopping!

* I think I feel a bout of depression coming on. I'm fighting hard to stop it

* I did have a panic attack today. If you've never had one, it's scary stuff

* I've done no housework today- total wife fail

* Speaking of failure- I found myself googling "I feel like a failure as a wife and SAHM" Apparently I'm not the only person that feels that way. I found about a billion articles on it but none of which gave me any magic solution.

* Annalee peed in the floor 1,000 times today. She is so not getting this potty training stuff

* My kids tore down my curtains AGAIN today. I don't know how many times I"m going to have to tell them to NOT play behind the curtains before they actually get it.

* Same thing with jumping on the couch. I tell them at least a gazillion times a day to NOT do that

* I did Menu Plan today and make a store list- At least I did something productive

* I can't decide if I want to go to a little festival the next town over tomorrow night or not. Maybe I should go. Maybe it would make me feel better

* My Mom is taking my resume into a place tomorrow for me. She has a little pull. Let's hope it results in me getting a job

* Lee fell asleep at 8:00 and then Axle woke her up. I could have choked him but I didn't

* Both of them finally went to sleep around 9:30 and I was seriously thanking god

* I'm needing a Date Night but the next two weekends are booked. Looks like it will be at least the 20th before it happens

* Anika worked till after 9:30 tonight on her school stuff. She's all finished for the week though and will get tomorrow off!

* My Mommy sent me a Taco Salad, Loaf of Zucchini Bread and 1/2 a Chocolate Cake this evening. She must know I'm down in the dumps

* Dustin is sleeping in the camper tonight. He said he was too tired to drive home

* I watched Naked and Dating tonight. Why is all the new shoes Naked?

* I'm going to blog read now and wait on my Hubby to get home

* I hope tomorrow is a better day

Happy Almost Weekend Friends!!!!


  1. Oh man, we are so similar!!! I totally hear you on the "too broke to work" bit. I have a 20 minute commute, and I pray we have enough money/gas to get us/me there until pay day. I totally understand what you mean about not liking your kids. I don't have kids, but with my hubby, sometimes I don';t like him..haha. Find me on facebook :)

  2. Hope things get better, lady!!!!!

  3. it's good to vent....let it out, then let it go!! you are always pretty cheerful, so don't beat yourself up!!!

    i hope today is better!!!