Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Twenty Five on Tuesday

Random Tuesday Stuff

1. I've been in a seriously foul mood all day- I'm totally blaming it on PMS

2. I actually overslept this morning which wouldn't have been a big deal but it was Axle's 1st day of school. Go ahead and tell me, I know I'm a total mom failure.

3. No 1st day of school picture to share with you. Ax did NOT have a good morning. Let's just say they drug him off of me and I drove home with tears in my eyes. Oh how I pray this year gets easier for him.

4. Hubby went with his Buddy Brandon this morning to look at some tires and help Brandon move a camper. I was actually glad he was gone. I was entirely too moody to have a decent conversation with him anyway.

5. Mom took Anika to the dentist for me this morning. Anika had to be there at 8:00 and there was no way I could get here there and Ax to school. It was just for a routine cleaning but they ended up sealing her teeth to. Something they do to prevent cavities. She's 15 and never had a cavity. She goes back next week to get the rest of them sealed.

6. I got dressed today and wasn't impressed at all with my outfit. Unfortunately, I felt to bad to care. I don't really care for this shirt or at least  with these jeans. I think I'll give the shirt one more try with something else and if my feelings on it don't change, it's going to the donate pile.

7. I fixed some Hamburger Helper for lunch. Hubby took the leftovers in his bucket. We actually had a nice conversation while we ate. We are trying to figure out how to eliminate some debt and I think we have finally came up with a few ideas.

8. Hubby's car is broke down. He took it to the garage before he left for work. Another expense we didn't need. It's always something

9. Hubby had to leave at 1 today. He's on second shift this week. I HATE second shift.

10. I had an eye appt. tomorrow but had to cancel it. They need to dilate my eyes and I have no one to drive me home.

11. I also called the vet today to find out what to do for poor Lucy. She's eat up with fleas but where she is feeding her pups I didn't know what I could and couldn't do. They told me to bath her in Dawn dishwashing liquid. That is on the to do list for tomorrow!

12. My niece's boyfriend stopped by today and stayed forever

13. Lee Lee's schedule is all mixed up with school starting. About 10 minutes before time to go get Bub, I looked over at her and this is how I found her. Needless to say, her 10 minute nap didn't do anything but make her crankier than she already was.

14. I went to pick up Bub at 3:00 when school was out. It took me almost 45 minutes to get through the pick up line. My Aunt (his teacher) said that he really struggled being in the gym with ALL the chaos at the end of the day. For awhile, until he gets adjusted, I'm going to pick him up at 2:00 so that he misses all that!

15. Bub said he had fun but he hates school and doesn't want to go back. Go figure! His teacher said he did excellent today and was very well behaved. She said he almost fell asleep at rest time which is unusual for him. I'm hoping he starts napping at school. It would make the evenings with him much easier.

16. I had planned on picking up Anika when I picked up him but she wasn't done with her school yet. She had a big Biology project she had to do and it took her awhile to get it done.

17. I won this shirt on Ebay today and I love it! Isn't it pretty?

18. Dad brought Anika home when she finished her project. While I waited on her I did some laundry and cleaned up the kitchen. There was lots of extra laundry today from the stuff Hubby cleaned out of the camper over the weekend!

19. Anika could obviously tell how terrible I felt- I ended up laying down and napping a little over an hour while she watched the kids and straightened up the house. She's such a good girl.

20. Dustin came down this evening and brought pizza and pop. That sure made my kids happy. He stayed and visited with Anika till around 10:00. He went on home when our show come one because he has to work tomorrow.

21. Ax was wild all evening long. He was just exhausted. I laid down with him and Lee around 8:30 and both of them were sound asleep by 9:00

22. It's rained on and off all day, that hasn't helped my mood at all

23. My sister in law called and we discussed the finishing up details for the shower. I think we have it all about covered. I'll be doing my shopping this weekend and then her and I will be decorating the night before the shower. Fun Stuff!!!

24. I got zero job offers today but 2 rejection emails- Not happy about that!

25. I'm going to finish watching Finding Carter with my girl now and then probably head to bed. Hopefully I'll wake and tomorrow will be a better day.

Hope you guys have had a great Tuesday


  1. My husband is a mechanic and just got done putting an engine in our SUV. I'm so thankful that he's handy but again not an expense we were expecting!

  2. What an awesome shirt! And your first day of school story - I totally see that in my future too. Happy Wednesday!

  3. Sorry you had a bad day. Those days will come. The great thing is, most of the time things look much better in the morning!

    It is really tough adjusting to back-to-school. It will get easier as time goes on, I promise!

    I agree with you - if an outfit doesn't feel good on you, get rid of it. What we wear has such an important effect on our self esteem. I always feel much more productive when I'm wearing something I like!

  4. I hope things get easier for Axle and that you get positive job news soon!