Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Today 9-10-2014

Today started off rough but luckily as the day went on it got better!
Here's a little about how our Wednesday went down

Today 09-10-14

I Woke- Around 5:00 am because my Hubby jumped out of bed like a wild man. He had overslept so I packed his bucket while he threw his clothes on. Once he got gone I ended up falling back to sleep and not waking until 9:00 am. Of course this made Axle late for school. We are not doing well with being on time this week.

I Searched- My entire house from top to bottom this morning looking for my keys. Ax had them last night and just luckily I finally found them today. They were outside under my porch!

I Dressed- In Black & White Today 

Shirt- Cato's
Leggings- Family Dollar
Shoes- Thrifted

I Took- Axle to school this morning and Anika to my Mom's to do her Homeschool Work

I was Shocked- When Axle didn't cry a single tear this morning! Praise God, the first morning with no crying. Let's hope it continues.

I Stopped- At the Gas Station this morning and at Advanced Auto to get the Hubby a part for his car

I Lost- $100.00 today or at least I think I did. I'm not real sure. I might have just thought I had more money than I actually had. I hate when I do that.

I Let- Lee Lee eat chips and chocolate for breakfast. Tell me what a great mom I am. Go ahead, I'm waiting!

I Felt- Frustrated this morning but luckily it got better as the day went on

I was Happy- To see the Coach that was unjustly fired yesterday in our district got his job back today. 

I Cleaned- My kitchen today and even decluttered my bar!

I Did- Tons of laundry today. I'm hoping to get the rest of it done tomorrow!

I Didn't- Get Anika to her dentist appointment today. I need to reschedule it tomorrow.

I Quarreled- At Lee all day for hitting the kittens. She is a rough one!

I Straightened- My living room and the rest of the house today. They still need cleaned good though

I Checked- My Facebook and Email a million times today. I have no idea what I'm even checking for. I guess it just kills time for me!

I Wondered- Where my medication went. I've lost a whole bottle of anti depressants. I'm going to have to call tomorrow and see if I can get another bottle.

I  Laid- Out Axle's school clothes for tomorrow. Doing that one little thing makes such a difference in my mornings

I Snacked- On Rice Krispie Treats and Cake today- I'm going to be big as a whale!

I Finally- Manged to clean out my van. It was so nasty. I used the Shop Vac on it and everything!!

I Told- Lee over and over to get off my computer today. The girl is going to have a blog before you know it!

I Hoped- To hear from the gas company job today but no word yet. I'm praying they call soon. 

I Uploaded- Some pics to my Facebook today. I was way behind.

I Browsed- Pinterest today- Tell me I'm not the only one addicted to that site

I Googled- How to be a Super Mom today. I'm feeling like a failure these days in the Mom/Wife department. I was hoping to gain a few tips but I didn't.

I Wished- Lee wouldn't fall asleep right before time to go get Bub but she always does. I guess a cat nap is better than no nap.

I Had- To take some Motrin today. I've been trying not to take so much but these headaches have been driving me insane!

I Picked Up- Axle from school at 3:15. I've started waiting till later so that the line is thinned out by the time I get there. Waiting in line for an hour is insane!

I Got- The new Parent's Magazine in the mail today. It's got an article on Potty Training I'm interested in reading!

I felt Sorry- For Anika today. She had to do 2 Power Point Presentations plus a ton of Algebra and some English. She is staying super busy with school work but she is learning SO MUCH MORE!!!!

I Cooked- A pot of Chili for dinner tonight and it was so yummy

I Enjoyed- The cooler evening we had. The kids had a blast playing outside! Fall is right around the corner.

I Photographed- Trees today for whatever reason. I just thought they looked pretty!

I Hated- To let Anika stay all night with Mom tonight but I did. I just miss her when she's not home.

I Purchased- These cute black shorts today at Family Dollar. They were on clearance for 3 bucks and I really like them :)

I Assisted- Hubby with putting a transmission back in his car. Now don't get me wrong, I didn't do much but still I tried to help!

I was Proud- Of Axle's first completed Homework Assignment! He did most of it all by himself and it turned out so cute.

I Emailed- My Uncle and asked him to go to Lexington with me for Anika's testing. He said yes and I can't wait. I think we will do a little shopping while we wait on her!

I was Thankful- My Hubby bathed both kids and put them to bed for me tonight. He's the best

That my friends is our Wednesday in a nutshell! I've got to lay out Hubby's clothes for tomorrow and pack his bucket and then I'm off to bed. I plan on doing a "Day in my Life" post tomorrow so check back.

Hope you guys are having a fabulous week

Until Tomorrow,


  1. It was over 100 degrees here today. Supposed to be cooler tomorrow - I can hardly wait!! So is your Mom homeschooling Anika? You guys are always so busy!!

  2. Oh sounds like you had a great day!!! I loved how you did it, too. I may try that sometime! Love your top!

  3. sounds like a super fun day in the life of a busy mom!!!

  4. Goodness gracious that sounds like a busy day! Where on earth did you find the time to write this blog?? And you've definitely got a little mini future blogger on your hands there. ;-)

  5. Lexington? Lexington Virginia? I live right beside it and we go there sometimes. But something tells me you live in another Lexington. I don't believe in super Moms, I believe in just doing the best you can. Your children all look happy, so I would say you are doing a good job. The most important thing is to let them know how much you love them and be supportive, the rest will take care of itself.

  6. I've never done one of these posts explaining my day, I totally need to!
    Also, LOVE your top and leggings! Such a cute outfit, and looks so comfy!