Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Thoughts for 9-16-2014

For Today: September 16, 2014

Outside my Window- It is very cool. You can tell Fall is on it's way. This is the perfect camping weather.

I am Thinking- That bedtime cannot come soon enough for my little one's tonight. They are so out of routine and schedule it's ridiculous and boy does it show in their attitudes. To say they are wild would be an understatement.

I am Thankful For- The job I found. It's pretty perfect for me. It's close to home, straight dayshift and no holidays or weekends!

In the Kitchen- There has been nothing going on today. I grabbed some bacon from the gas station for breakfast, Hubby and I grabbed a Cheeseburger for lunch and Mom had Cabbage Rolls made when I picked the kids up this evening!

I am Wearing- Pink Victoria Secret Sweats and a Navy and White Top. It's my pajamas so they don't have to match. I did get dressed today though. Here's what I wore to work today!!!

Entire outfit- Factory Connection
Shoes- Thrifted

I am Going- To take a nice hot shower after I finish this blog post

I am Wondering- When I'll ever find time to clean house. I'm trying to do a load or two of laundry each evening and do minor straightening. I'm sure I'll get into a system, it's just going to take time.

I am Reading- Tons of Insurance Policies these days. It's part of the new job!

I am Looking Forward To- My first payday! I mean how cool is that?

Around the House- I'm hoping to put out some more Fall Decor this weekend! Maybe some Mum Plants, Scarecrows, Etc.

One of my Favorite Things- Being able to wear dress clothes! I've been pinning outfit inspiration like a mad woman. I can't wait to go shopping.

A Few Plans For the Rest of the Week- Wednesday I'll be working and then we will be going to the hospital to meet Dustin's Sister's Little Man! Thursday just work as far as I know, Friday work again, Saturday we might go to the corn maze and do some shopping, Sunday is Church!

Misc Ramblings I feel I need to tell You-

- Axle eats peanuts hull and all. He's had a whole bag full today. Is it just me or is that weird?

- Anika started working today at the Pet Store. Right now her schedule is uncertain but she put in about 3 1/2 hours today. She will be working again on Thursday

- Tomorrow Anika has a Hair Appointment and an Appointment to get her nails done. I need to make myself a Hair Appointment soon. I'm looking shabby

- Tonight is the last episode of Finding Carter. I cannot wait

That my Friends is a Wrap
Until Tomorrow



  1. i must have missed the part that you got a job (sometimes i skim)!!! i did not skim today!! i am so happy for you, i know how much you needed that!! i adore the jeans outfit you shared!!!

  2. Congratulations on the new job!! I just knew you would get one!! And it sounds perfect, just made for you. I love your church outfit, it is so pretty and so are you wearing it! The peanut thing IS strange, I guess he is getting lots of fiber in his diet for sure! Blogging serves many purposes for each person. As a personal journal or diary, to get opinions from our blog friends and also ask their advice on things. Or just to vent and rant, and get support. And also just show off our pictures or tell the latest story of what's going on with our lives. You will also get very burned out if you are really tired of it and try to force yourself. Most bloggers have to take breaks until they feel refreshed again.

  3. Oh, Angie, I am SO HAPPY for you that you finally got a job. And a job that you like! It will take some adjustment, but I'm sure you will work everything out. Your mom is a sweetheart to step in and help with the kids. It will all be worth it when you get that first paycheck. Hang in there. Blog when you can and read when you can. We all understand. Love you!

  4. Congrats on the job! Sounds like an awesome schedule too. I wish it was getting cooler here- it is actually hotter right now than it has been all summer :(