Saturday, September 27, 2014

The Wheels are Turning

It's been an unreal week my friends so the downtime we have had this weekend so far was much welcomed. Here's just a brief list of some of the million of thoughts going through my brain. I'm probably getting ready to overwhelm you so I apologize in advance. 

* Friday was a work day for me! Axle doesn't go to school on Friday's so Anika graciously volunteered to watch the kids for me. This meant I didn't have to wake them up and drag them out. It made my morning go much smoother.

* I actually remembered to take an OOTD picture Friday- Here's what I was looking like for work!

Shirt-Jeans-Shoes: All from Cato's
Necklace: Dollar Store

* I also snapped this picture of my babies before going out the door. Axle ended up waking up at 5:00 in the morning but quickly went back to sleep on the couch. Anika got up at 7:00 to watch the kiddos. She had a pretty easy job till about 10:00 when they both woke!

* I got my morning bacon before work. I'm addicted to bacon in the mornings. It makes my whole day go better.

* I actually dreaded going into work. I got offered another job on Thursday evening and it was one I couldn't turn down. First of all the money is amazing (like $275.00 per day amazing) and second of all the work is fairly easy. I dreaded telling my boss and co-workers. I love them all so much and it was breaking my heart to leave them. Luckily, they were all super understanding and my boss even offered to allow me to keep my position and only work as many hours as I could. She said I could work late evenings, weekends, etc. Whatever it took to get my work done. I was so thrilled since the other job is temporary (not sure how long) it allowed me to hold my position with the company and still not lose my connection with the girls. Win Win!!! I went from no job to two jobs in 2 weeks, crazy!

* One of my co-workers husband's bought all of us girls in the office these cute bracelets. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Physical Therapy Month. We like to combine the two and honor both!

* Since Friday's are 1/2 days for us (we don't see patient's after noon), I left out of the office about 12:30. Anika called and put her order in for pizza so I went to the bank and picked up some food to bring home.

* The kids were up and roaring by the time I got home. We ate, the kids played and Dad picked Anika up to go to his house to work on her school work!

* Anika and Dustin broke up! It was a REALLY bad decision on her part but sometimes we have to let them live and learn. Anika is back into a situation that breaks my heart (and our families) but sometimes kids do what they do. As much as I'd love to control her life, I know I have to give her the freedom to make some decisions. If you pray, say a little prayer for her that God will watch over her and deal with her heart.

* Hubby got home about 6:00- he worked out in the garage on his truck pretty much all evening. I assisted even though I didn't really do much but hold a pry bar. I'm totally not a mechanic.

* I ended up going to my Mom's around 7:30 to do some paperwork. The new job sent me a Contract, Direct Deposit Forms, Tax Forms, Etc. that had to be filled out, scanned and emailed back to them. Luckily Mom has a scanner. It's definitely something I'll be investing in soon.

* By the time I got ready to leave, Anika was finished with her work so she came home with me. I made us some dinner, we ate and then lounged around the rest of the evening. By about 10:30 I was wiped out. I went and laid down with Lee and never moved again till this morning. I never go to sleep before the Hubby but this was one time that I definitely did!

* Today I didn't crawl out of bed till about 10:30 am. When I woke up, Hubby and Ax were already outside. Hubby was hard at it again working on his truck.

* I cleaned up the house and did some laundry. I spent my morning doing pretty much nothing else. I was quite lazy.

* Axle, Anika and I ran to town. I had to pick up my medicine, get some work supplies from the Dollar Store and grab a few groceries. Axle wanted to ride the quarter machine. I usually tell him it's broke but I let Annalee ride it the other day so I didn't want to be unfair!

* When we got home Hubby and Lee were asleep! We didn't bother them and they ended up sleeping about 3 hours. Hubby has had a bad headache pretty much all day. While they slept, we cleaned some more on the house, did some more laundry and Axle did arts and crafts. He drew, cut with scissors, etc. He's getting more and more into that kind of stuff.

* Anika even laid out Axle's school clothes for the entire week next week while I got our Church clothes for tomorrow laid out. Next week is the last week of color week and she has him all set!

* My lazy butts finally got out of bed. They all went outside to hang out. I took total advantage and put my work stuff together. I updated my calendar, started my work notebook and started my journal notebook. I've been looking at so many cool journal and calendar ideas on Pinterest. I love anything that has to do with writing and lists :)

* Axle and Lee hauled the Pups around in their side by side while Hubby worked some more on his truck. He finally gave up. He says he has no idea what it's problem is!

* I fixed some Cheeseburgers for dinner, we ate and then I rode down the road with Hubby to look at a boat. When we got back Hubby hung outside with a neighbor for a bit while Anika cleaned Bub's room up and I worked on my bedroom. We have actually been pretty productive today.

* It's after 10:00 pm now and the kids are still up and going full speed. They are playing garage. Annalee is the customer and Ax is the mechanic. Hubby is chilling and watching television and Anika is playing on her cell phone. Definitely a low key evening around here.

* Before I close, here's just some random thoughts on my mind!!!

* Christmas is coming soon- I've been scouring the net for gift ideas

* Hubby is wanting to go to Florida for Christmas- I'm thinking Disney maybe!

* I'm VERY nervous about this new job. I hope I can do it. I done it years ago but don't 
remember much. Prayers appreciated!!!!

* Tomorrow is Old Fashioned Day at Church and I'm excited. I've never been but I hear there is lots of great food and fellowship. It will take up most of our Sunday!

* I started a tax deduction monthly file for receipts. I'm going to need it since this new job is a 1099 job. I'm also going to need a good accountant.

* Lee Lee is finally starting to look a little better. Her mouth still looks pretty rough and so do the insides of her legs. I'm hoping she's on the mend and praying none of us get it too.

* We wanted to do a Pumpkin Patch today but due to Lee Lee being sick, we didn't

* I've got so many PROJECTS I'd love to work on and so little time

* I've not been able to blog read much because I've been so busy. I'd like to think it will get better but with adding yet another job, I don't think it's going to happen

* My Hubby traded his truck for a boat today. This is not bikini bottom. I have no idea how he thinks he is going to drive a boat to work. His problem, not mine!!!!

* I'm wanting to take the kids to an Amusement Park on Friday- Hopefully it pans out for us.

With all that said friends, I need to go to bed and get these wheels to quit turning. I'm exhausting myself tonight. 

I hope you guys have a great and blessed Sunday ahead.

Much Love,

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