Saturday, September 6, 2014

Staying Busy

Oh man, it's been a busy day. It's been a good day but a busy one. Here's a few of today's happenings!

* We slept in this morning. While I needed to be up and getting ready by about 8:30, I didn't even roll over till after 9:00.

* I got dressed and ended up absolutely hating the top I wore! It went in the donation bin as soon as I walked through the door this evening.

Jeans- Cato's
Shirt- Thrifted
Cardigan- Thrifted
Shoes- Cato's

* Annalee, Anika and I took Granny to our Church Yard Sale. The Ladies of the Church hosted it and all proceeds went towards things the Church does like VBS, Christmas Food Baskets, Etc. They are such a great group of women.

Hanging out with my Anika

She was all smiles this morning

* I found some goodies (okay lots of goodies) at the Yard Sale! I got several dresses, many New with Tags, a few other wardrobe pieces, a couple items for the Hubby and two paintings for my wall. My favorite item though was the adorable Christmas Trees I scored. They are made out of wood and will be so cute lining my fence during the holiday season.

All these for 5 bucks- I am in love!

I got 2 of these paintings for a dollar each!

* Our stay at the Yard Sale was brief, Granny was getting too hot. The temperatures here this week have been warm to say the least. It's not really the temperatures that's been an issue though, it's the humidity

* Annalee and Anika ended up hanging out with my Mom awhile at the Yard Sale and then Mom took them for Pizza! I didn't mind a bit, that meant I was home alone and could do nothing. Ax and Hubby was gone to help the Hubby's brother get a truck. The silence around the house was good while it lasted.

* Ax got to ride in a big rig today with my Brother in Law. Of course he only got to ride on the dirt road for a few brief minutes but he was so excited about it.

* We got yet another new living room suit today. Long story short but we owed money on our living room suit. In an attempt to "cut back expenses" we decided to just buy a used one. Well God provided as always and my Aunt gave me her old one because she was buying a new one. It's all set up and looks good! I'll post pictures tomorrow of it.

* My Aunt sent me an email about a job opening. I applied so we shall see

* Dustin and Anika decided to "work on things" so he was back today. I put them to good use though and had them wrap all the silverware for the baby shower for me. I love how they turned out.

Perfect for our Nautical Theme :) 

* Annalee stayed home with the Hubby this evening while Ax, Anika, Dustin and I went to decorate the Church for my Sister in Law's shower. Everything looks great and we will put the finishing touches on tomorrow. I'm so excited, I love baby showers.

Red Table Cloths

Mason Jar Centerpieces

Rocks, Sand and Candle Inside

Anika and her Cousin Maddie

Violet hiding behind Axle

Cousins :)

Look how pretty- my SIL made the Sailboats

Lighthouses and Sailboats

Red and Blue Nautical Theme

Nautical Banner

Red Poms from the ceiling

Ax just wanted to race!!!

Dinner Table

Love the Globe

Treasure Chest will hold the chips come tomorrow

A Party for Deacon Cash!!!

She has no sense

These will be filled with lots of candy!!!

This will be my favorite table I'm sure

Cupcake Stands to hold Cupcakes

Each table has a scripture on it too

Love these nautical photos!

There will be a bottle for the guests to write a message 
to Deacon!

Nautical words are scatter about

Juice for the kids

In a whale of course

The decorating crew!
Me and Anika with my Nieces and SIL
Love this bunch of girls!!

* Anika and Dustin went fishing with my two nieces and their boyfriends tonight. I told them they had to be home by 2:00 am. They are just right below the house but still, I worry. Looks like this mommy will be up until her girl is home and in bed safe and sound.

* Hubby is watching television and both little one's are asleep. I'm going to take a shower and then snuggle my husband. It's rare we have time to snuggle.

With all that said, goodnight friends- Hope you guys have had a good Saturday and have an even better Sunday :)



  1. You certainly keep busy - you put me to shame. I like your baby shower decorations - it's looking good and I hope you all have a great time.

    I keep meaning to say that I like your fashion style - it's what I'd go for if I was thin enough!

  2. I love those Christmas trees. What a great find!

  3. How cute are those decorations! So nice. You did a beautiful job.

    Love those Christmas trees you got. I would have had to fight you for them. Be sure to take a picture for us to see when you put them out.