Sunday, September 28, 2014

Ready for a New Day!!!!

My friends, it's been quite the Sunday. Normally I'd come here complaining that I dread seeing the week ahead start but not tonight. While I'm definitely not excited about a whole new long work week, I am excited for this day to be over!!!

The morning started off well. Anika, Axle & I got up, dressed and headed out to Church! Little Lee didn't get to go with us. Her mouth is still broke out pretty bad and so are her legs and bottom area. They said as long as she had places, she was contagious. Hubby stayed home and watched her.

We were rushed getting to Church as usual. Luckily our Church never actually starts on time. I needed to stop and get gas but we didn't have the time. Thankfully we didn't run out. It was a packed house today because it was our Old Fashioned Day. Finding a place to park was difficult. My dad helped direct me to a spot. He was outside when I pulled in. Him and some of the guys had been there this morning since about 6:00 am cooking Beans and Pulled Pork on the outdoor fires!

The service was amazing this morning. I got SUCH A HUGE blessing from it despite the fact that I had to deal with some Anika drama at the beginning. Dustin showed up for Church this morning and she was unbelievably rude to him. He sat with us and she sat by herself. I was never so disappointed in all my life. I raised her better than that. She ended up leaving the service crying. Eventually she came back. The singing this morning was absolutely beautiful. We have some talented singers. The message Larry preached hit home with me, it brought tears to my eyes. I felt very humbled to sit in the pew this morning.

After the service there was more Anika drama. Dustin left without eating and bless his heart, he was just hurt so bad. Anika sat in a corner and cried most of the time. I went in and prayed and cried for awhile but eventually straightened myself up and went to eat with my parent's and Axle. The food was amazing and there was so much of it! If you come visit during Old Fashioned Day, you can be guaranteed a good meal!

By the time we left I had a busting headache. Axle wanted to go home with his Nan for awhile so she took him with her. I took my Granny home and dropped her off and then Anika & I came home. We had a long talk on the way home and her first order of business when we walked through the door was call and apologize to Dustin. She did and he accepted.

Hubby has moped pretty much all day because he has traded himself out of a vehicle. I hate when he does that because for some reason he thinks he should take his frustration out on the rest of us. Pretty much he's been a sour puss all day and frankly he's busted my nerves. Anika's pretty much cried all day because only God knows why. On the bright side Lee Lee and Ax have had good days.

Hubby has had a few buddies stop by throughout the day. I've straightened the house up a few times and done some laundry. Other than that, not much has happened.

Mom brought Ax home this evening and him & Lee played outside for awhile. He rode his motorcycle and she watched. She is his biggest fan! He finally decided to ride their battery powered side by side for awhile which made her happy because she could ride too!

See Poor Lee's Mouth :(

Anika made Potato Soup for dinner this evening and it was so good. It's her specialty. Mom helped her cut up the potatoes but she did the rest. Ax didn't like it much but Hubby and I enjoyed it and Lee devoured it. The child ate 2 bowls! Ax pretty much just ate bacon bits. He's a weird eater.

After dinner we said goodbye to two of our puppies. The guy down the road wanted them and we couldn't take care of all four of them so we gave him two of them. The little one's got a bath and so did I. It's now going on 10:00 and both the babies are already sleeping. I'm getting ready to head to bed myself and so is Anika. Hubby is still out wandering around trying to find something to drive. Hopefully he comes up with something soon. If not, he might go missing (just kidding).

Tomorrow I start my new job and I can't even begin to tell you how super nervous I am about it. I'm like seriously shaking inside nervous. I don't know if I can do the job and do it well. I'm terrified that I'm going to look like a fool and let everyone down. Please pray for me as I approach this new challenge.

Friends- I miss reading and commenting on all your posts. I know I say that a lot but I really do. I hope you guys are all doing fantastic and have had a great weekend.

Much Love,


  1. I enjoy reading all of your posts. I don't know if you remember me, but your mom was my headstart teacher. Your grandpa Hiriam also went to my church.Great Blog!

    Della@ Della Devoted

  2. Going to church is always a good start of the week.

  3. you girls look beautiful for church...and the little guy too!!

    and hey, what's wrong with bacon bits for dinner?!?! i make potato soup as well and i LOVE it. all it needs is a big loaf of crusty bread....and bacon bits too!!!! ;)