Thursday, September 11, 2014

Our Day in Photos 9-11-14

I love documenting our days. Most are mundane and probably not a bit interesting to my readers but to me it's a good life and I love having our days written down to go back and look on years from now.

Here's how our Thursday went!

I woke up and crawled out of bed at 5:00 am
I do not like mornings!
I chilled with the Hubby a bit before he headed off to work!

I spent some time on my computer while it was quiet
I checked and responded to some emails 
Browsed my Facebook
and of course did a little Blog Reading

I had my morning Coffee (Aka Coke)
I usually have to have Mtn. Dew but I've quit keeping it in the house
I only buy it if I'm out and about
 Trying to slow down on my soda habit!

By 6:00 am this girl came sneaking through the house
 She had already visited the toy room by the time she made it to the living room
She joined me on couch and watched me blog read :)

She drank her milk and was such a good girl this morning

7:30 rolled around and it was time to wake this boy for school
He was all smiles this morning!

I got dressed while the two little one's watched cartoons
This is what I take my kid to school in
You know those mom's who look so put together when they drop off their kids?
I am not one of them!
The Harley Shirt came from a Flea Market
The Sweats are VS and came from a Yard Sale
The Shoes were another Yard Sale find!

I dressed my kiddos!
Yes Lee wore her pj's to take Bub to school
Bub wouldn't let me take a picture of him!

It was pouring the rain on our way to school

And this Boy was super mad at me because he didn't want to go to school
He did good though, NO TEARS again this morning
2 days in a row- Yay :)

Lee Lee & I went to town and I got me some real morning coffee!!!

By this time it was 8:41 am

We ran on up to McDonalds and went through the Drive Thru

We went home and had breakfast
Lee had Biscuits and Gravy

I had a Bacon, Egg and Cheese Biscuit

Then I had my morning LONG phone call with my Momma!

I searched a ton of new job leads
Still no job though :(

Then I put dinner in the crockpot. Crockpot cooking is my favorite kind

It was time for morning chores so we started laundry

Unloaded and Reloaded the Dishwasher

With the help of my Lee Lee of course
and then we tidied up the rest of the kitchen

Someone seemed to be getting sleepy so we took her milk and laid down

She fell right to sleep and so did I
Luckily my niece called and woke me up after about an hour
Lee Lee still didn't budge

I was starving so I had a piece of cake

Then I hit the shower! I took a nice quiet shower and shaved my legs
It was pure bliss!!!!

I actually got dressed for the day
Sweater is a Hand Me Down from my Mom
Jeggings are from Walmart
Boots are from Target

I love these boots by the way :)

The laundry was calling again so I started another load

Then it was time to wake up this sweat pea!
She was sleeping so good

I got her dressed for the day
She looked so cute!
Then we headed out the door to get Bub

We were shocked when we stepped off the porch and saw these pups in our front yard
They FINALLY came out from under the steps
They are about a month old now and all 4 are doing so good
Lucy has been a great mommy!

We loaded into the van and headed to Bub's school
We sat in the pickup line for at least 20 minutes
I kept Lee occupied by taking pictures of her

Finally we got our boy!
His teacher said he had a GREAT day
He left the room with the speech therapist (1st time ever)
He also napped (1st time ever)
I'm so proud of him!

Bub was starved when he got home so he had cake
Of course no one has cake without Lee Lee

While they ate I went through Bub's bookbag
I got his blanket out to wash. They send it home every Thursday to be laundered
I also went through all his papers he did this week. I love seeing what he's learning
I LOVED this car and photo of him. How cute is that?

It was time for more laundry so I started yet another load

Then it was time to tend to the crockpot
My roast was cooking well so I added some carrots, onions and peppers to it

I sat down and looked over my To Do List and Calendar
I coordinated some dates and made note of some phone numbers

One of the items on my To Do List I hadn't marked off yet was putting away the clean laundry
So that is what I did and it took forever!!!

Then I picked up this mess Annalee drug out
When I do laundry she does too
The child loves playing with clothes

After that I did damage control on the living room
Axle had been cutting paper and it was all over the floor

It looked much better when I was done

6:15 pm the Hubby rolled in
We were glad to have him home

The kids headed straight outside to play
The rain had stopped and they wanted to play in their sandbox
They didn't mind that it had standing water in it

The Hubby headed to his garage to tinker on his car
I think he's about got it fixed!!!

I sat down and worked on a Project 52 that I'm going to start
Look for details on that tomorrow
I'm excited about it

The laundry needed attended to again
so that is exactly what I did

Then I laid out everybody's clothes for tomorrow
This has been the biggest time saver of my life

The cats had tore up a bag of garbage earlier today 
I went outside and picked it all up
I fed my chickens while I was out there too!

I did one more load of laundry
I'm ALMOST all caught up now

Then I plated everyone some supper while Hubby Showered
When he finished, we ate
Axle ate a ton, he ate 20 minutes longer than the rest of us!

Sissy FINALLY got home and she went straight out to see the puppies
She stays gone most of the week doing her school work at my Mom's
Her Lil Sis misses her!
I need to do a post about this awesome homeschool program she's going through
It has been such a blessing for us but it's A LOT of work!!!

Hubby turned off the gas under the house and then moved our cook stove out
It's part of our cutting debt process
We had purchased it through Rent A Center and are returning it
We can buy a used one much cheaper
They are picking it up tomorrow!!!

I cleaned up the dinner dishes and then got everyone ready for bed

Both kids went to bed with the Hubby and fell fast asleep

It's 11:07 now and I'm finally finished with this post. I'm going to head to bed myself. Anika is online but she's going to bed soon too. Her and I have to be at my doctor's appointment at 10:30 in the morning which means we have to leave here by 9:00!

Friends have a very happy Friday


  1. HEY!!! I love your new blog look and I LOVE this post!! I can SEE your day!! Hope you have a GREAT Friday!

  2. Do you have a stove in mind now? How many days with no stove? AND how will you cook? Oh you poor thing, having to pick up all that dumped out garbage!

  3. I love this post. I loved going through your day with you. It was really cool to see and I felt like I had spent the day with you. I have to get you over here to clean and organize MY house. The puppies are really cute.

  4. I loved this post. So cool...I may have to try and do that sometime! I love your outfits!!!