Friday, September 5, 2014

My Sanity is Back

It's almost 11:00 pm and my house is crazy chaotic. Axle is sitting in my floor slinging all sorts of items into a clothes basket while my 2 year old has now taken off her diaper and is sitting in my living room floor naked as a jaybird. My teenager is in her room not having much to say this evening because her and her boyfriend have broken up. I am surviving though. Thankful all this commotion didn't take place yesterday because I would have never made it. Luckily today has been a MUCH better day for me so I'm dealing alright.

I actually ended up getting up fairly early this morning. Mr. Axle has had to get up early all week this week for school so this morning it was just instinct for him. He was awake and raring to go by 8:00 this morning. He doesn't have preschool on Friday's and Anika doesn't Homeschool on Friday's so it would have been nice to sleep in but it just didn't happen.

I knew my day was going to be jam packed so I hit the floor running this morning. I got up, woke Anika and we got dressed for the day. Here's what I wore. I HATED this shirt after I had it on for awhile. It just bunched up all day and I felt uncomfortable. It will be going to the donation pile as soon as I wash it. While I do think it's cute in these photos, it was just uncomfortable on me all day and I can't stand to be uncomfortable.

Shirt- Maurices
Blue Tank- Gift from Aunt and Uncle
Shorts- Factory Connection
Shoes- Catos

Hubby got up after Anika and I got finished cleaning up so he could watch the kids. We left out and went to the bank, the gas station, the dollar store and the thrift store. I browsed forever at both the dollar store and thrift store. It's seldom Anika and I get out and browse without two little one's in tow. I got lots of party decor for the shower I"m hosting at the Dollar Store plus some Fall items and Household Items. I also found a few good things at the Thrift Store. Here's my thrifted goodies.

Red Jacket for Me and I LOVE it!

Striped Leggings for Lee Lee- I'll pair this with a tee
for Halloween Season!

Thomas Outfit for Axle- He loves Thomas

Anika loved this sweater. It's super soft

Anika also got a grey long sleeved tee to wear 
under things this Fall and Winter

I grabbed this cute hat for my Niece for her 
Baby Girl that is on the way

These shorts were for me. They are so cute but unfortunately don't fit
These will be handed down to my Momma!


Since it was already almost noon, we grabbed some burgers from the DQ and headed home. We ate and then I helped Hubby move the toys in the yard. He had already mowed all around the porch area and just had a little bit to finish. Once I got the toys all moved, he finished it up.

Needless to say, 1:00 rolled around all too quickly and Hubby had to leave for work. I am SO HAPPY this is the last day of 2nd shift for a week! His buddy is driving this week so when he picked up Hubby he brought Ax and Lee a surprise. 


Anika and I got the babies ready and then we headed out yet again. I had to run down and pay the garage for the work they were going to do on Hubby's car. When I got there they informed me it would be $400.00. That is about $200.00 more than Hubby thought it would cost. I just told them to hold off on the work until I discussed it with him tonight. I'm not sure he's going to want to pay that price. 

I stopped by a little place that sales mining clothes but they were closed. Hubby is in desperate need of some new work clothes. Maybe we will be able to check out the Flea Market tomorrow.

Our next stop was Goodwill which is MY favorite place. I shopped for well over an hour. I'm one of those people that like to touch everything. My kids were semi well behaved and it wasn't crowded so it didn't much matter anyway. Anika and I both scored some cute things there. Our purchase came to a grand total of $28.00.

Nude Pencil Skirt for Me- Great for Church!

I bought this Tunic for me. Perfect Plaid for Fall

Pinstriped Dress Pants for Me

My favorite purchase- I LOVE these. They are capri length on me

Anika's sequin top

Anika's hooded jacket

Anika's sweater- Aeropostale

Anika's Favorite Purchase- Isn't this gorgeous?

Anika's comfortable sweatshirt.

We finally made our way to Walmart which was our destination to start with. I finished up getting the party supplies for Viki's Shower. I also got diapers, socks and underwear for the kids, plus some household items. It seemed like we were in there forever and by the time we got checked out my kids were super restless. We knew it was time to head home.

We grabbed dinner from Fazolli's to bring home with us, stopped by Rite Aid and then made it to the house. We had planned on going to a Festival tonight the next town over but my little one's were just too exhausted and it was already after 6:00 pm. I hated to miss it and it was one of the items on my goal list this month but we just didn't have the time or energy. Maybe we will make it next year!

We ate our dinner and then cleaned up the house. I got my Fall Decorations I bought today put out. Since I don't have a mantle, I decided to decorate the center of my bar! All my decorations came from the Dollar Store but I  like them. It just adds a little taste of Fall!

My Bar- Excuse the pile of clothes in the background 
on my kitchen table

I love this pumpkin- I think it looks classy :)

Who doesn't love owls?

My glittery pumpkin- it's more of a traditional pumpkin

My scarecrow- this guy is the cutest thing ever :)

We got all of the stuff laid out for the party tonight and I got one of the two gifts wrapped. I have to buy some tape to wrap the other one. Tomorrow we will be in party planning mode most all day.

Anika and Dustin has fought off and on all evening. My kids (the little one's) have fought off and on all evening too. Occasionally though I would catch them being good siblings!

I've done a little blog reading tonight and intend on doing a little more before bedtime. I'm hoping to manage to stay awake and see the Hubby tonight when he gets home. My eyes are pretty heavy though so I don't know if I'll make it or not.

Annalee is already asleep and Anika is laying with her. Ax is laying beside me watching cartoons. The drama has ceased and the night is coming to an end. Tomorrow is going to be another busy one though. We have plans to go to a Yard Sale in the morning and possibly get the kids pictures made. We also hope to hit up the Meat Market for some food shopping and then tomorrow evening I will be decorating with my Sister in Law. At some point tomorrow I MUST pay my car payment and we have a living room suit to go pick up. There just isn't enough hours!! At least I feel like I have my sanity tonight and I might get through it all.

Dear Friends- Hope you guys have had a great start to your weekend. Enjoy whatever your plans are for the remainder of it!



  1. It sounds like your day was MUCH better than yesterday. Who is Annika? Your nanny? your older child? I am

  2. sounds like you got your mojo back!! very cute fall decor, i can't wait till the temps cool off!!

  3. You scored some cute things at the thrift store and Goodwill! Love your fall decorations!


  4. I am sorry. Sometimes garages will make a deal like half now and then payments on the other half. Maybe if you talk to them and tell the your predicament they will help. LOVE your fall decorations, I jut put mine out yesterday! My favorite of yours is the Harvest Owl sign. You always get the best things at Goodwills! I used to have a pair of capris just like these!! I wish I had not given them away when they wouldn't fit anymore, because now they would fit again.