Thursday, September 18, 2014

Just Exhausted


I Must Confess: That if you don't want to read a pretty boring post without pictures, you should probably move on now!

I Must Confess: That I overslept for work this morning. I got ready in 8 minutes my friends. I ended up only being 5 minutes late. You should have seen me moving

I Must Confess: That I'm so thankful for my Hubby. He has been really great with the kids this week. I'm pretty blessed to have him :)

I Must Confess: That work was stressful today. Tensions were high for some reason (not sure why) and pretty much everyone was in a bad mood. 

I Must Confess: That I ate lunch with the Hubby, Co-Worker and her Husband today. We had Pizza and it was good!

I Must Confess: I cannot believe Axle did not cry one single tear today when his dad took him to school. Come on kid, why do you make mommy's life so tough?

I Must Confess: That I dropped Anika some pizza off at her work today. I couldn't stand her not to get none. She told her daddy she was hungry.

I Must Confess: The whole docking your time for lunch is so new to me. Everywhere I've ever worked gave paid lunch breaks. It's weird.

I Must Confess: That I worked about 20 minutes late today to make up for the 5 minutes I was late this morning.

I Must Confess: I wore navy dress pants today but forgot to take a photo!

I Must Confess: That Mom had a huge supper cooked when I picked up the kids this evening. It was good. Soup Beans, Cornbread, Kraut and Weiners & Friend Potatoes :)

I Must Confess: My kids threw a TERRIBLE fit on me when I made them go home with me. I think they like Nan's house

I Must Confess: Ax is having accidents every single day at school. I don't understand it either, he was doing so good about going to the potty

I Must Confess: I'm thinking I might get another job offer in a few days. They called my Aunt for a recommendation. The idea of having to make a decision makes my head hurt.

I Must Confess: The Hubby traded for a truck today- I so don't understand it

I Must Confess: I have done much of nothing this evening. I'm too tired.

I Must Confess: I have a hair appointment Saturday and I can't wait. It needs something done to it so bad!

I Must Confess: I got a couple cute dresses and a few pair of shorts out of a crate of clothes my cousin sent me to go through. I love hand me downs :)

I Must Confess: I think I heard a Bob Cat or Panther tonight. It sounded wicked

I Must Confess: The cat shit in the bathtub last night. Do you now see why I say I hate animals?

I Must Confess: My Grandma fell again today- Thank God it didn't hurt her

I Must Confess: I had to write down that Ax had color week for the next two weeks at school. I also had to write down what colors on what days so I would know what to dress him in. Like seriously, there was no way I was going to keep up with that sheet of paper

I Must Confess: Tomorrow after work I'm going to pick up my glasses. Thank God, maybe I'll be able to see!

I Must Confess: That I'm sure I could think of 100 more confessions but I can't hold my eyes open so I better go!

I Must Confess: I'm heading to crawl in the bed with my 3 sleeping babies. Night loves!

Happy Almost Weekend

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  1. You had a lot of confessing there, girl! Things will get better as you get more used to your job. Coming in late did not help with the tension at work I am sure. But it will get better. If you get another job offer and you think you will like it better than where you are, move on. Seriously, life is too short to be in a job you hate.

    Ax probably did not cry when going to school because it was his dad. Kids act differently with different parents. They know what they can get away with. I would have to write on the calendar what day was what color. Who can remember stuff like that?

    Have a great weekend. Think of me slaving away at work on this beautiful Saturday afternoon. I so don't want to be here.