Sunday, September 21, 2014

It turned out to be a Busy Day

I had high hopes of doing some major blog reading today. I miss reading, it was always my downtime. These days downtime is not in my schedule though. I truly thought today was going to be a very slow Sunday (I was hoping anyway) but it turns out it has been anything but slow. Such is life I suppose.

We did sleep in a bit this morning. I think I rolled out of bed a little after 9:00. We missed Church this morning and I was so disappointed. There was a special pastor conducting service today and I really wanted to hear him. He's a little younger than me, I know him from back in High School. Mom and Dad went though and said he preached a wonderful message.

By the time I actually did get out of bed this morning, Axle and Hubby was already up. They slept on the couch last night. Apparently at some point Axle fell between the couch and the wall. Hubby said he woke him up crying so he moved him to the couch and that is where they remained all night. They woke before us this morning so they went outside and let Ax ride his motorcycle. He's getting pretty good at riding and can start it all by himself now. He did run over one of our little pups today by accident but thankfully it didn't hurt it.

Hubby had a stove he needed to deliver to his brother this morning so we did that first thing. I think he really wanted to leave me here but he ended up waiting till I got ready. He's impatient about things like that. He thinks I should be able to get dressed, do my makeup and my hair in the time it takes him to throw on some clothes! Men should totally have to walk a day in a woman's life!

Plaid Tunic- Thrifted
Leggings- Walmart
Boots- Target

We got the stove delivered and Hubby and his brother did some trading on a motor for Hubby's truck. He asked me if I wanted to hang out with him while he took it out. My answer was NO!!!! I don't enjoy just wondering around watching men tinker with old trucks. I had him bring me home and then him and Axle went back to get the motor out.

Sissy had plans today to go driving with her Papa so she got cleaned up, I got Lee cleaned up and then took her to Mom and Dad's. We ended up staying and visiting a bit. I hadn't seen my daddy in a few days. He was showing me the new swing he built for my Mommy. That man is all the time projecting on something. 

Lee Lee and I went on to town after our visit. We hit up the Dollar Store for a few Household Supplies we needed. We also got snack to send to school with Axle this week. It isn't a requirement but I try to do it weekly. It makes the kids happy and makes Axle feel important!

I also grabbed myself some new makeup while I was out. I've been scrimping with what little I've had for awhile now, I thought it was a good time to buy some new with my new hair and all :)

Annalee and I also stopped by the Supermarket. I decided that since my SIL was coming home today with the baby, I'd make her dinner and take to her. I know how bad it is to have to cook for the rest of the family on your first day home. We of course couldn't get out of the supermarket without riding the quarter machine!

By the time we got home the boys were already back. I got all my stuff put away and then helped Hubby got his hood off of his truck. He immediately set in working on it. The kids hung out with him for awhile until they started driving him crazy. While they were outside though, I got a little housework done, some laundry finished and the Taco Salads made and plated to go to my SIL.

Anika called me around 5:00 crying. Her and Mom had a falling out and she wanted to come home. I talked to Mom and she said she was bringing her. I really think that Mom was just in a rough mood today. She goes for her SS Hearing tomorrow and she's a nervous wreck. She's waited 2 years for a hearing and while we know she deserves her SS, we also know lots of times the system fails. I just pray she gets it as she's not able to go back to work and they just can't make it on what dad is making and the little bit of retirement she is drawing.

Anika said she did good driving. She didn't wreck so that is a plus. It's hard to believe that it's time to teach her to drive. It seems like yesterday she was my little tiny baby :(

Once Anika got home, we ran Viik's dinner over to her and her family. We didn't visit long as I knew she was exhausted but oh my word, Deacon looked just precious!

Before we came home we ran back to the Dollar Store to get Axle some Motrin for his legs and Lee Lee some Desitin. She has a bad rash. We also cleaned out my car at the car wash and vacuumed it out. Axle wanted ice cream so I grabbed him and Lee Lee an Oreo Blizzard at DQ. I got Hubby one too in hopes of getting him in a better mood. He's been crabby today.

This evening Hubby has continued working on his truck. He's got the old motor out and the new motor ready to go in. Anika and I have worked on the house some. I have a TON of laundry that needs put away and a ton of laundry that still needs done. Laundry is a never ending problem around here! We also got things ready for tomorrow. The GPS is in the car, Annalee has a bag packed, Axle's school stuff is laid out and ready to go and my clothes are ready for work. Tomorrow is GREEN day at school and it's also school pictures! It was tough finding a decent looking green outfit!

The night is finally winding down. It's almost 11:00 pm so we have to get in the bed soon. Axle has school tomorrow. Hubby is going to take him to school and then take me to work and drop me off. Anika has to be in Lexington tomorrow (about 3 hours away) so Hubby will take her and Lee Lee down there! She has to take a State Mandated Testing there at the library. It should be a LONG day for Hubby! I'm just thankful that he had days he could take off to take her.

Well friends, one day I might get to do some blog reading. I'm really not holding my breath though! Seems like things just get busier and busier around here.

Hope you guys all have a great Monday!!!!


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  1. Hi Angie,

    Haven't seen you online for a couple of days ... hope it is just that you are busy, rather than any major problems. Take care.