Wednesday, September 3, 2014

I love & I don't love

I thought I'd do a What I'm Loving & What I'm NOT Loving post for you today!!! It's something a little different and you know me, I hate typing the same boring posts everyday! Let's start with What I'm NOT Loving...that way we can end this post on a positive note :)

Things I Didn't Love Today

* The fact that I had to get up at 6:30 am. This back to school stuff is for the birds!

* Axle throwing an absolutely terrible fit at school this morning. Dressing him was rough and I ended up having to pack him to and from the car just to get him in the classroom. That boy does not do well in the mornings with school.

* Not getting dressed today. Actually I got dressed in jeans and a tee, nothing cute at all. I guess you will have those days

* Having to buy fuel. Oh my god it's outrageous and my van drinks it

* Hubby being gone ALL morning helping a buddy. I mean I know he has things to do besides sit here with me but I miss him :(

* Lee throwing a fit every time something didn't go her way. These terrible 2's are going to be killer!

* Having to clean up cat shit. Sorry I know it's gross but it's true. Stupid cat, it might be looking for a home. I was NOT one happy woman at all.

* Sweating to death and for some reason for the last week I've been doing it a lot. Just simple things make me sweat. I think I have hormone issues or something

* Realizing SJ misplaced the folder with ALL of our titles in it. Like the title to every single thing we own. Now he thinks I should be superwoman and find it. Whatever, who knows where he put it.

* 2nd shift- I hate when Hubby has to work 2nd shift

* Trying to open a Gogurt with my teeth and it ending up all over my face, clothes, car and in my hair. Totally not cool!

* Having to count change to pay the electric bill. Sad, I know :(

* Freaking out because I saw smoke from the road and thought my house was on fire. Do you now see why I'm on anxiety medication?

* Not being able to take a bath without two kids standing over me the ENTIRE time. Oh it's the little things I miss!!!!
* Making out a bill sheet for September and realizing there just isn't enough money. Totally frustrated me.

* Cleaning up pee out of the floor because Annalee will not leave her diaper on

* Having to clean up the Amazon River after my kids bathe. Seriously, how do they get so much water in the floor?

* The last couple of hours before bedtime. My children act like yard apes those last few hours. It's exhausting

* Axle hurting his nose and back because he won't listen to his mommy when she tells him to quit jumping on the couch! Why can't they just listen?

* Axle and Lee Lee wrestling. It's all fun and games until someone gets hurt & someone ALWAYS gets hurt

Things I Did Love Today

* Actually getting up this morning on time and not oversleeping. Hey, that is a big deal for me

* Finding time today to blog read. I'll never be caught up but I am reading what I can when I can

* This scarf I found on Groopdealz. I want it so if you would like to gift it to me just let me know and I'll send you my address!

* Actually remembering to take Axle's Dental Form to his teacher!

* Anika keeping Lee Lee for me today while I ran some errands and took Axle to school

* A post I saw on "The Simplified Planner." While I love the planner she showed, I loved that she carries around notebooks even more. I so need to start doing that to keep myself more organized.

* The pharmacy actually being able to refill my sleeping medication. Long story but I thought I'd have to go to the doctor again, luckily I didn't.

* More laundry progress- that's always good

* My cousin's wife volunteering to tutor Anika in Algebra. Today was their first session and I think it really helped Anika.

* FINALLY getting a call for an Interview. I go tomorrow at 11:00 am. Wish me luck :)

* Annalee actually napping today

* The show Snapped and I'm not even sure why I love it but I do

* Air Conditioning- it's hot- enough said!!!

* Finding my list for things I need to buy for the Church Christmas Baskets. I'm behind and hope to get my items caught up this weekend. I thought I lost the list so I was happy to find it :)

* Axle NOT wanting to leave when I got to school to pick him up. I mean he was on the playground but still, he said he didn't want to go yet. That is awesome coming from Axle. 

* Watching Lee Lee try to read books. She absolutely loves books

* Having our clothes already laid out for tomorrow. It makes our mornings so much easier

* Anika coming home and bathing Lucy. That needed done like seriously bad

* Clean sheets on my bed because I changed them today

* These Photos- I always love pics of my precious babies :)

These were Ax's 1st Day of School

Anika ready for her day of Home School

Annalee being her silly self :)

Ax Showing his Sissy his School Playground

Friends- That sums up my day! Hope you all have had a nice Tuesday

Until Tomorrow,


  1. Oh man. When it rains it pours, huh? Yikes! Sounds like your life is pretty stressful right now. Hang in there!
    And good for you for finding positives too. And lots of them!
    And I like that scarf too. Pretty!

  2. Hi Angie! I've been enjoying catching up on your life. I love that scarf so much! Have you tried subbing at the local school? I do that and it helps take the edge off of our financial difficulties.