Saturday, September 20, 2014

Friday-Saturday Topics

1. Work Update

I'm still working every day at the Physical Therapy. It's went pretty well so far. It's definitely much different than any other office I've ever worked in. The people I work with are really nice and the job itself isn't hard. I love the scheduling, answering the phones, gathering information, etc. I don't really get to do it alot though because I pretty much do whatever I'm told by the Office Manager. Mostly I spend my days working on back billing and I'm not all that fond of that. I did do Blood Pressure Checks on Friday and thought that was pretty cool. Maybe I'd like the hands on part with the patients. At any rate, it's a job and I'm getting paid. I got my first check on Friday and by no means was I thrilled but it was a little extra cash. I'm not sure by the time I pay my sitter, I'll come out too much to the good. I guess we will just have to give it a little time and see. I'm not getting 40 hours a week which is hurting me but in order to get 40, I'd have to work overtime. My Mom doesn't want me to work overtime (she's my sitter) so I can't hardly. It just stinks really! I have been in touch with another company about a possible position but nothing has panned out so far. I guess I'll just have to give it time and wait to see what happens. I expected to work a full day on Friday but they ended up knocking me off at noon. I don't know if that is going to be the normal or not. There really isn't much organization in the office so you just have to kind of wing it and take it day by day.

2. School Lockdown

On Friday our school went on lockdown. It was on lockdown all day long. There was a bullet found in the boys bathroom. After a thorough search of the school and the students, it was deemed safe. Parent's were irate because they couldn't pick up their kids. Everyone was nervous and tensions were high. The community was being told very little about the situation at the time it was happening. I was just so thankful my Anika wasn't there. The more time goes on, the more I know I made the right decision for her by Homeschooling her.

3. Lunch Date with Hubby and the Kids

One of the biggest perks since I've been working is that I've been able to meet the Hubby and kids out a few times a week for lunch. One day we had Pizza and the next day we had Dairy Bar. It's just something we normally didn't do before while Hubby was on 2nd shift. I'm thankful for that time we do get to have before he leaves for work for the night.

4. Introducing Baby Deacon Cash

On Friday around 1:00 pm, I got a call saying my Sister in Law was in Labor. They had just broke her water so I jumped up, loaded the kids in the van, picked up my Anika and then picked up my Niece. We headed for the hospital as fast as we could go. I made it in time to witness Deacon's birth. I actually got to me in the Delivery Room and let me just tell you it was the most amazing thing I've ever saw. My Sister in Law did amazing. Deacon weighed 8 pounds and 8 ounces and is a perfect baby boy. I'm totally proud of her and totally in love with him. I'm definitely one proud Auntie :) 

5. Eating and Shopping

After Deacon's arrival, I took Kelsey (Viki's oldest daughter) and Anika out to eat. We hit up the Texas Roadhouse and it was so good. It's one of my favorite places in the world. Since Annalee stayed with Mom while we went to the hospital, it was just us girls and Axle. Ax was so well behaved! It was a nice dinner! I had Steak, Salad and Baked Potato plus an endless amount of rolls. I was stuffed to the gill! After we ate we headed next door to the mall to get Viki a little Push Present. We decided on a Bath and Body Works gift set. What Momma don't like to smell good? That was the only place we hit up in the mall but we did have to stop at the quarter rides and let Axle ride. He can't resist them. Before we headed back to the hospital, we picked up the new Mom some Chickfila, Chocolate & a Coke! You know, the necessities! We spent a little more time visiting with Mom and Baby before we headed home.

Girls Night

It was late when we got home from the hospital Friday night but Anika was determined her friend Destiny was going to spend the night with her. After I picked up Lee from Mom's, I went and picked up Destiny. It was well after 9:00 when we got home and unfortunately as we was coming up the road, we saw one of our kittens. It had been hit by a car. We were all very sad about it. I haven't told Axle yet and not sure I will until he asks. I was just exhausted by the time we got in the house and settled down that I couldn't stay awake. I really wanted to stay up and wait on the Hubby to get home but I just couldn't do it. He said the girls waited up on him though! I'm not sure what time they ended up going to bed but I'm sure it was way late. You know teenage girls, they are night owls!

New Hair

This morning I awoke pretty early. I didn't sleep well last night due to back and neck pain. Not sure what is causing the pain. Hubby got up at 9:30 and so did I. Of course both little one's did too. Hubby took Axle with him this morning and they went & found a motor for Hubby's truck. The girls and I got cleaned up while they were gone. I had a hair appointment at 1:00 in the next town over. Hubby brought Ax home in time to go with me and then he went to work. We all headed out! I got my hair done and I think I like it. I got it colored and cut. Nothing makes you feel better than a new hair do! We also grabbed some lunch at McDonalds for the kids and Fazolli's for us. I also stopped by Walmart and picked up my glasses I ordered last week. Needless to say, I'm looking like a new woman today. Not sure if that is a good or bad thing bu it is what it is!

Tunic Top- Thrifted
Leggings- Walmart
Shoes- Thrifted
Necklace- Oragami Owl

New Hair and Glasses 

Back of my Hair

Evening Stuff

This evening we have been pretty productive. I got the house cleaned up, laundry in process and went to the grocery store. The kids are pretty happy to have food again. Anika and Dustin are now hanging out watching television. Lee Lee took a nice long nap this evening but is awake now. She's hateful as all get out though. Ax has yet to sleep but I'm thinking his bedtime will be pretty soon. I plan to do some more laundry tonight, clean up my bedroom a bit, shower and shave my legs & wait on my amazing husband to come home :)

A Look Ahead

Some things that are upcoming. Tomorrow the kids and I will go to Church. Ax is going to Nan's to hang out after Church and Anika is going driving with her Papa. This will be her first driving lesson, I hope it goes well. After driving, Anika will have to stay at Mom's and do some schoolwork. She has a few lessons due. I don't know what Hubby, Lee and I will get into while they are both gone.

On Monday Hubby has to take Anika to Lexington for testing. It's a state mandated test for all 10th graders. We are about 3 hours from Lexington so it will be quite the drive for them. He will also be taking Lee Lee with him. I just wonder how that will go! I'll be working on Monday and Ax will be in school

Tuesday I have an appointment at my OBGYN for an ultrasound. Fun stuff, not really!!! Anika will work at the pet store part of the day and do her schoolwork the other part of the day. Ax will be in school and Hubby will be working.

Wednesday thru Friday looks to be normal work/school days for all of us. Anika will work again on Thursday. She's now working 2 days a week.

Next week also starts colors week at school for Axle. He will dress in the color they are studying each day. He also has school pictures on Monday!!!

52 Week Project- Week 1

Last Saturday I told you about a 52 week Project I was starting. Each week I pick a different challenge and work on it all week long. I chose "Mark off some Bucket List Items" for last week's project. I did this because I had been reviewing my bucket list and realized I wasn't making progress like I should be. I mean, some of the items were easy! I did okay this week but honestly some of it was just luck that it got done. I didn't really focus on it like I should have. Here is what I marked off this week.

* Try a new hair style and hair color (I completed this today and I'm liking it)

* Be present at a Birth (I LOVED witnessing Deacon be born) 

* Get a Job (I completed this on Monday- Working at Physical Therapy)

Attend 25 Events I'm Invited to (I did this one to try and make myself more social. This week I attended 2 Birthday Parties we were invited to and we had so much fun)

Eat at 10 New Places- (I'm now at 4/10- we ate at Tailgater's Pizza and while I didn't love it, we still did it)

Like I said, I didn't do too shabby on this project! I hope to continue to mark things off 1 by 1. I love bucketlists but then again, I just love lists.

What am I challenging myself to do now? Since I have new hair and new glasses, I thought it would be a great week to challenge myself to try and look fashionable! For the next 7 days, I will be trying to recreate Pinterest inspired looks! Wish me luck :)

That's a Wrap

Sorry it was so lengthy friends.I  know many of you don't like reading long posts BUT I keep this blog to document my life for my family in the future so some days long posts just happen! I'm wrapping up now though. Hope you and your's have a wonderful Sunday!

Much Love,


  1. Congrats on Baby Deacon. Sounds like life is just as busy as ours!

  2. I love your new hair and glasses! And there's the eastern KY connection--my mother-in-law and Viki's mother-in-law are next door neighbors! As small as our hometown is, I don't know how we haven't met before!