Monday, September 8, 2014

Dear John, I mean Monday!!!!

Oh my, it's a beautiful Kentucky night outside! The sky is amazing, the temperatures are perfect & the quietness is so peaceful. It would be a perfect night to be sitting on a ridge top, listening to the radio and snuggling with my man. Unfortunately that isn't going to happen, work and school come first I suppose!

I decided I'd do some Monday Letters for you today. It's been awhile since I've done a letters post!
Hope you enjoy!!!

Dear Monday: You are not my friend. You always make me wake up tired and cranky from the weekend & then you require me to do things like damage control on my house from my lack of cleaning over the weekend. You come entirely too often and I just wish you would take an extended leave of absence or something. I'm sorry for being so brutal but it's true!!

Dear Lazy Butt- Wake up and Stay up. Going back to bed this morning was a stupid decision. You made Axle late for school and just started the whole morning on a bad note.

Dear Axle- You just about kill me in the mornings. Regardless of how much you fight me, scream and cry, I'm still making you go to school. Could you just give me a break for once and get dressed, walk to the car and into the classroom with no tears. Please baby boy, Please!!!

Dear Anika- Your such an awesome Big Sister. Bless your heart though, I know it about killed you when you took Axle into school and him screaming and crying. I commend you for wanting to do it but I tried to warn you how heartbreaking it is.

Dear Husband- You don't have any idea how Thankful I am that you are on dayshift this week. I sleep so much better when you are home with me.

Dear News- I absolutely hate watching you. You make me want to shelter myself and my kids in my house and never leave. Why is it you always report sad, scary, mean stuff? I know there is a lot of that in this world but there is still good left too. Could you please look for it a bit harder.

Dear Fastlane- Thanks for providing breakfast for me and the kids today. Raspberry Filled Donuts hit the spot!

Dear Groopdealz- I REALLY need these boots but there is a problem, I'm broke. Could you please send them to me for free just because I'm seriously such a nice person?

Dear Mom- You are always doing so very much for me and I thank you. You truly are the best Mom in the entire world.

Dear Exterra- I got so excited when you called today. I got even more excited when you told me that you would probably have a position open for me in a few days. I mean seriously, I am praying that you pan out and I can start work soon. This would be such a huge blessing to our family.

Dear Laundry- I am never going to get you done- Not Ever!!!

Dear Fashionistas- This is what I wore today. I think I like it, what do you think. Oh and don't pay no mind to the fact that I don't have shoes on. Like for real, I did wear them today just not for the photo!

Shirt- Hand me Down from my Aunt
Jeans- Cato's
Necklace- Oragami Owl

Dear Save A Lot- I thought you were supposed to be a cheap store. Ummm I beg to differ although you are cheaper than most stores. Is there no such thing as cheap groceries anymore?

Dear Health Nuts- You should have seen my kids scarfing down cookies, cupcakes, rice krispie treats and cereal for snack today. I know, I'm mom of the year. I don't need you to tell me.

Dear Miss Retha- Axle is bringing snack tomorrow- cookies and juice!!

Dear Teenagers- Could you please clean up your mess the next time you decide to cook in my kitchen at 10:00 at night?

Dear Annalee- I'm so glad you napped today. I wish I could have napped with you but big brother wasn't having it. He's like the energizer bunny, he keeps going and going and going!

Dear Dr. Evans- As much as I hate to have my eyes dilated tomorrow, I'm coming to my appointment anyway. I seriously am blind as a bat and need some glasses.

Dear Bloggers- I'm sorry I haven't been reading and responding to your emails like I should. It's been crazy busy the past few days. I will get back in the swing of it soon though.

Dear Frugal Self- Eating the rest of the Potato Soup tonight for dinner instead of throwing it out saved you a whole meal you had to buy this week. Good job for you!

Dear Dad- Thanks for taking me to the eye doctor tomorrow. You are the best!

Dear Headache/Toothache- PLEASE go away

Dear Life- Your tough some days but you are amazing most days!

Dear Mini Van- I put gas in you today, tomorrow I will try to clean you out. You look like a disaster area.

Dear Friends- I've got to call it a night, I'm exhausted

Much Love to you All
Hope you have a Great WEEK!!!!



  1. Laundry is the never ending cycle. As soon as I get all the loads done, folded, AND put away...the trifecta...somebody comes along and takes off a shirt and there it is sitting in my empty laundry basket. sigh

  2. Fingers crossed that you get the job you want. x

  3. Ahh Mondays ... I think everyone feels the same way.

    I feel the same way about news. I wish there was a channel that only reported good news that way we could remember that there are decent human beings in the world.

    I love these posts!

  4. I love it when people do their blogs in the form of "letters". And yes, I do love Pinterest. too.