Monday, September 1, 2014

Daybook- Labor Day Edition

Well, it's officially Fall in my book. Yes I know Fall isn't technically till the middle of this month but September, October & November signify Fall to me. While it's been a good summer, it's definitely flew by way too fast. I wish there was a rewind button. Unfortunately, there is not see we might as well look forward to all the great things Fall has to offer.

Here is a little about how we spent our very first day of September 2014 and in my world, the first day of Fall 2014 :)

For Today: Labor Day 2014

Outside My Window- My front porch is an absolute mess, their is toys strung all over my yard and the used to be boat shed is torn down!

I am Thinking- About my poor tummy cramps I'm having. Sometimes being a woman sucks. I really should have remembered my Motrin when I went to town earlier.

I am Thankful- For every single crazy, chaotic day that I'm alive and blessed with this beautiful family of mine

In the Kitchen- SJ's cheeseburgers are still on the stove. He's laying down with the kids right now and will hopefully find time to eat once they go to sleep. He's been a busy guy today. He went out on the hill with a buddy of his to shoot guns for awhile & then by the time he got home he had company here.

I am Wondering- How my boy will do with his first day of school tomorrow. I'm not expecting it to be a good morning. We have his clothes all laid out, we bought him new underwear today and he had a shower and haircut before bed tonight. I'm praying the transition this year isn't as difficult as it was last year.

I am Wearing- Red Ball Shorts and a Red Tee! I did get dressed today. Here's my Labor Day Outfit!

Shirt- Don't remember
Vest- Factory Connection
Shorts- Factory Connection
Shoes- Thrifted
Necklace- Cato's

I am Creating- Actually it's created- here is my September Goals- hold me accountable please!!

1. Go to my Niece Violet's Party & my Cousin Chase's Party
2. Host my Sister in Law's Baby Shower
3. Attend Septemberfest 
4. Do Date Night (Hopefully Cabin Camping)
5. Eliminate Debt
6. Get a Job
7. Get Ax adjusted to school
8. Buy a new pair of Fall Boots
9. Color my Hair
10. Take Lucy to the vet

I am Going- To have so much fun shopping for my partner for the Fall Swap! Have you all ever done a blog swap before? I got partnered with an adorable lady and can't wait to start putting her package together :)

I am Reading- Blogs which is pretty much the only thing I ever read

I am Hoping- To get a phone call about a job this week. Fingers crossed :)

I am Looking Forward To- Next weekend- A Festival, Baby Shower Shopping, Church Yard Sale and Baby Shower! It should be a good weekend!

I am Learning- That my Axle is as tough as nails but when he's tired he will cry over the littlest things.

Around the House- Things are in descent shape. I didn't do much indoors today because it's a holiday (right)? Hubby did get the camper cleaned out today though. That's progress!

I am Pondering- On if I should blog read or just go to bed. I know I should go to bed but I'd really like to blog read. Hard decision folks!

A Favorite Quote: 

One of My Favorite Things Today- These photos my Aunt sent me of my kids. They went to her house with my parent's today for a cookout. I thought about going but decided to stay home instead. I just didn't feel like it. I love these photos though. You can tell how much fun they had!

I am Encouraged By: People from the Church I go to who send me sweet notes from time to time. It's nice to know they genuinely care about me.

A Few Plans for the Rest of the Week: Tomorrow I'll be taking Ax to Pre-K for his first day. Anika has a dentist appointment first thing in the morning and luckily my Mom has offered to take her for me. Wednesday Lee Lee and I have an appointment for our eye checkup. Thursday Anika has counseling and a doctor's appointment. Friday I plan on doing some Baby Shower Shopping & then taking the kids to the Septemberfest. Saturday is our Church Yard Sale and Photos and Sunday I'll be hosting a Baby Shower!!!

In Other News: I moved the puppies today and they done fine with the move & so did Lucy. I hope to have some photos of the cuties for you asap!

That does it for me. Can't wait to hear all about your Labor Day Festivities

Till Tomorrow,

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  1. You had an awesome day! I hope and pray that you will find a job soon. There must be something out there for you. And I hope your kids will transition well to not having mom around 24/7. Those pictures of the kids in the pool look like fun!