Monday, September 29, 2014


Today was a long, exciting and stressful day. With that being said, I have no photos to share. No time for that today! Thought I'd just type up a quick "currently" post to fill you in on how things went today. Enjoy :)


Feeling- Exhausted and ready for some shut eye. It's been a long week and it's just Monday!

Listening- To Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on the television. Our television is always on cartoons

Wishing- This headache I've had for 2 days would just go away!!!

Thinking- I might actually be good at this new job after all. I feel much more confident about it this evening.

Thankful- For this amazing opportunity that I landed

Wondering- What time our local Amusement Park closes on Friday and Saturday. The kids and I might take a little trip there this weekend.

Loving- My sweet babies- All three of them :)

Reading- Tons of documents from the Courthouse. Putting them together to make sense is like working a puzzle. It's quite challenging

Needing- To get a Printer and Scanner- probably one of the first things I buy when I get paid

Planning- A trip to Kings Island- We haven't been this year

Praying- For Guidance for my Teenage Daughter. These are such tough years for her

Wanting- New Boots :)

Believing- That God is capable of ALL things- he did work on water after all!

Finding- That being a Working Mom makes me happy. I feel useful, independent and confident

Hating- This toothache and headache- It's killing me

Missing- My Husband- I loves him!!!

Talking- To Anika about how I used to fix her hair when she was little- Poor girl does not want to grow up

Eating- Nothing, I'm full as a tick. Dairy Bar makes a mean burger and that is what I had for dinner

Drinking- Mountain Dew of course- It's my coffee

Dreading- Cleaning out my car but it so needs to be done

Writing- To Do Lists- It's the only way I can keep up with everything

Remembering- I still have a couple things to do before bed

Seeing- Darkness- My kids turned every light in the house off earlier

Going- To pay my electric bill and go to bed. I'm exhausted!!!

Night Friends- Tomorrow is another work day for me. Hoping it goes as well as today did

Until Later,


  1. I'm glad that the job is working out for you. Sounds like you are a lot more confident now.

  2. I hate headaches that don't go away within a day ... hope it is gone now.

    And get yourself some new boots, you deserve them! :)