Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Appointment Day

It's after 11:00 so I'm going to have to try and keep this post short and sweet! I would have had it up earlier but tonight was "Finding Carter" night. I swear that is the best show ever!

Our day today hasn't been too shabby. Hubby overslept for work this morning so I was awakened very abruptly by his buddy he rides with beating on our window. I stayed up as long as I could and then ended up falling back to sleep. That was a mistake, I ended up sleeping till after 9 which meant Axle was late for school again. That makes 2 days this week! Hopefully tomorrow I'll get back on track!

Ax threw another massive fit today! I swear I think he will throw fits up until he's a Senior in  High School. He's fine once he gets there but getting him there seems to be the issue. He cries, tells me how bad I hate him and so forth. It makes for some really rough mornings. We survived it though as we usually do and he ended up having a good day just as he usually does.

I had an early morning eye appointment and they were going to dilate my eyes so my daddy took me. Here's what I wore today! I must say, I'm not sure how I feel about this outfit. What do you think?

Black Tank- Thrifted
Tunic Sweater- K-Mart
Leggings- Walmart
Black Flats- Thrifted

My eye appointment went okay. They were SUPER busy today so I was there for what seemed like forever. Luckily my daddy took Annalee and walked around Walmart with her while I waited. They dilated my eyes, checked my pressure, etc. He said I had some blurry spots on my eyes but right now they weren't serious enough to do anything with. He gave me a prescription for my glasses and also added a reflective coating on them. He said this would help me with driving at night. I picked out a set of lenses and they are now getting them ready for me. They should be ready in a few days. I have no idea what they look like, I couldn't see from my eyes being dilated. I just trusted my dad's judgement. Let's just hope he has good taste in eyeglasses.

We had to come straight home from the appointment because it was almost time for me to pick up Axle. We did stop and pick up the Hubby some N/A Beer on our way. He's doing so good with no alcohol. He hasn't had any in 4 months now. I'm so proud of him.

When we got home we were only here long enough for me to return a phone call which ended up being one of Anika's Bavel Teachers, change Lee's diaper and fix her some milk. Then we were back on the road to pick up Axle from school. He was happy to see us and said he had a good day but he doesn't want to go back. Go figure, he's one of a kind!

I ran to Advanced to pick up a part for the Hubby but didn't have all the info I needed on the vehicle so I just had to forget about it. I got the kids home and did some laundry & straightened the house. They were wild kids all evening long. I bet I said Don't Fight, Stop Climbing, Stop Jumping on the Furniture and Don't do that at least a million times today. They completely exhausted me.

I had planned on making Chili for dinner but had forgotten the Hubby had a training after work. I didn't see any point in fixing a huge pot of chili so the kids and I ordered from the pizza place instead. Anika was still gone to Mom's doing her Homeschool work. She met with her tutor the first part of the morning and completed her Algebra. The second part of the day she worked on her History and Biology at my Mom's.

I guess it was around 8:00 before she finally finished up and made it home. I shared with her the "Drama" that is going on in our school system now. A coach was unjustly fired today and our community is irate. This new Superintendent we have is a piece of work. He's a military man and treats the staff like his soldiers and the school like his battlefield. Now I'm in no way knocking Military Men, I'm just merely saying his personality is NOT right for that of a Superintendent. We made the news tonight so it will be interesting to see how it all plays out. Another concern issued was the safety of students. Violence is a real problem in the system right now. There has been over 30 physical fights this year alone. That is an enormous number. I'm just glad Anika is not in the middle of all this mess. I'm more and more confident that the decision to Homeschool her was a good one.

Dustin hung out with Anika awhile this evening. The Hubby got home around 8:30 which was just long enough for him to check out You Tube for a few moments and take a shower before bed. I hate when he has to go to a training after work like that. We don't see him enough the way it is without them adding hours to his day. He and I got to chat a little tonight but not a lot.

The two little one's went to bed with him around 9:30 and I was never so happy. This Mommy needed some peace and quiet. I spent the remainder of my evening watching Finding Carter with my girl. She baked us a cake too! She's quite the baker. This is our first Fall Treat- Orange Velvet & Chocolate Velvet Cake with Cream Cheese Icing. Oh my word it was so good!!!

Anika just went to lay down and I'm headed that way shortly. I remembered while typing this that Axle lost my keys earlier today and I've yet to find them. I have to locate them before bed!

Tomorrow is a new day and a busy one. We have to be the next town over by 9:30 in the  morning so Anika can get a sealant put on her teeth! 

Hope you guys had a good Tuesday. Tomorrow is Hump Day, we are getting closer to the weekend.

Have a good night friends


  1. Way back in prehistoric times when I was his age, I gave my mom such fits every morning, I know she had a hard time dealing. I was just like Axle! The outfit looks very modern and cute! It fits well too!

  2. Yes, I like your outfit too. I think it's really cute!

    That cake looks sooo good! If I lived nearby I'd be at your door to beg a slice.

    Sounds like you definitely made the right decision going the homeschool route. I wouldn't let my high schooler go to public school. I'd like him or her to return home alive and in one piece! Good call, Angie.

  3. For starters, if that was a short post then I really slack, ha! Maybe Axle should get on a better sleep schedule. My son is doing k12 and I think it's going well. I hope your daughter's is as well. Hope you're having a great day!

  4. Your snake story cracked me up!

    Hollow you live your new glasses.