Friday, August 8, 2014

YES!!! It's Friday

YES...It's Friday!!!
Here's what I'm saying Yes to today

I'm Saying Yes To- Finding Carter, I am all caught up now and can't wait for the next episode. Best show ever.

I'm Saying Yes To- Yummy lunch delivered by the little Church down the road. They were selling dinners as a fundraiser for their Christmas baskets and boy was it good food :)

I'm Saying Yes To- A visit from my Sister in Law and Niece. She dropped off some dresses she fixed for me and we had a nice long visit. I love friend time.

I'm Saying Yes To- Finding some cute crystal place card holders and some mini chalkboards in my craft stash today. They will be used in my Sister in Law's shower that I'm way excited about hosting.

I'm Saying Yes To- A day of shopping with my kiddos. I love shopping and I love my kiddos.

I'm Saying Yes To- Motrin that has been helping me battle a nonstop headache all day long

I'm Saying Yes To- Going tent camping tomorrow night. I'm also saying yes to the new air mattress I bought today. This girl doesn't like sleeping on the ground.

I'm Saying Yes To: Lowes and all the goodies I got today. I scored myself a new ceiling fan for the living room, spray paint to start painting Anika's furniture & a new lock and deadbolt for my door.

I'm Saying Yes To: New Paint for Anika's room!

I'm Saying Yes To: Two new pairs of leggings and an adorable maxi dress I bought for myself today. I stuck to my no prints rule. Let me tell you, it's tough to shop when you can't buy prints and your so drawn to them.

I'm Saying Yes To: The cute little leopard print lamp that is now sitting on my side table. It's adorable. I wish I had remembered to take a picture 

I'm Saying Yes To: Finding some fishbowls, plates and straws for my Sister in Laws shower. I'm telling you, I'm in total party planning mode.

I'm Saying Yes To: This cute little plaque I bought to give my Sister in Law as a shower gift. I've already got her a set of monitors and I"m going to pick up a few more things. I just couldn't resist this though, I loved it.

I'm Saying Yes To: Dinner from Fazolli's. Best lasagna in the world besides my own of course!!!

I'm Saying Yes To: This precious little girl

I'm Saying Yes To: Hubby being off work tomorrow- I love it when he has Saturday's off.

I'm Saying Yes To: Anika's cute is she

I'm Saying Yes To: My outfit today. It was not only super comfortable but I also thought it was cute!

Comfortable & Cute

Close up of patterned pants

I'm Saying Yes To: Stepping away from the blog this weekend for some R&R with my family. Never fear though, I'll be back soon :)

Happy Weekend Friends

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  1. Hi there! I'm so glad you commented on my blog so I could meet you, Angie! Hope you're having a nice weekend. :)