Saturday, August 2, 2014

Yard Sale Day

It's been a GOOD Saturday. The Hubby had to work and we hated that but definitely didn't want to waste the beautiful day sitting inside.

I didn't sleep well last night. I was just pretty restless all night long. It's probably a good thing since I ended up having to wake Hubby twice for work. He just didn't want to roll out of bed at 4:30 this morning. I don't blame him. After he left I fell asleep though and slept pretty well. I ended up not getting up until 10:30 am.

We didn't waste no time this morning getting ready to get out the door. Even Anika was pretty quick and that is quite unusual for her. Here's what I wore today. Just shorts and an American Rag top. Comfortable and Casual for the day!

Dustin decided that he didn't want to ride with us today so he ended up following us every where we went. It was quite weird. I guess he's enjoying the ability to drive but i just seemed like a real waste o gas to me. Whatever, not my money.
We first went and got some cash and then spent the rest of the day hitting up Yard Sales!!! For the most part we found a thing or two here and there but we found one sale in particular that we raked up at. They had a ton of Victoria Secret plus lots of other name brand items and they were selling them super cheap. I ended up spending about 60.00 but got lots of goodies. Here's a few things I scored today!
Fur vest for Me

Some shirts I scored

A few of my VS things

I loved this polka dot top
New dress for me

Outfit for my expecting SIL
New Shoes and Shirt for Axle

I loved this sign that will go in the Bathroom

Guitar, Desss & Sweater for Lee Lee

 Bible Stories Book for the kids

New Car Seats for my Kiddos!

Anika's VS Makeup Bag

VS Shirts for Anika

Hollister Shorts for Anika

Anika's Cardigan
While I wasn't ready to give up the Yard Sale, Axle most definitely was. He said he was starving and if I didn't feed him soon, he was going to fall over. Being obligated to feed him, I did (ha ha). We went to Giovani's for food. Anika and I had Baked Spaghetti and Salad, Axle & Lee had Breadsticks and Dustin had a Personal Pan Pizza. It was good food. I always like Giovani's though.
Our next stop was Walmart. The little one's were getting super cranky so I decided not to go in. We were only going for paint so I sat in the car with them while Anika ran in and got it. I was trying to keep them somewhat occupied so we played with the camera while waited!

Luckily it didn't take Anika long and she came back with paint in hand!

We had planned on going on down to a fair that they were having below Walmart but the storm clouds made us change our mind. I'm glad we did, it was raining within 10 minutes later. I hated that the kids missed the fair but I sure didn't want to attend it in the rain.

We made a stop by Arby's to get the Hubby some dinner and by the gas station to get the kids some milk & then it was on home for us.

Hubby was already home from work. He was outside tinkering on his new "used" truck he traded for. The remainder of the evening;was pretty low key. The kids played inside and outside for awhile. They just ran back and forth. This was Axle's new toy for the day. He would wrap it around stuff and pretend it was a fishing pole!

I worked my rear off cleaning out what was the spare closet. It is in Anika's room and she's wanting to start using it. For way too long we have just been piling stuff in there. Well today I got it completely cleaned out! I threw about 9 bags of stuff away. It is now ready for Anika to use.

Hubby spent his evening outside tinkering on his truck. His brother stopped by and helped him for a bit. Apparently it needs something done to the clutch but I don't understand all that mechanic talk so I really don't know what it needs.

Anika lounged around on Pinterest looking for new hair cuts and colors. She decided she likes this. I can't really ;imagine her with red hair but you never know, she's pretty bold sometimes.

She made her daddy a cake tonight. He was telling her some guy brought a cake to work called a Honey Bun Cake and he loved it. She googled it, found the recipe and made it for her Daddy. She's such a sweet gal. Let me tell you, it turned out PERFECT too. It was so good.

Our night is winding down now. Hubby and Axle just went to lay down. I'm watching some medical show on television & Lee Lee and Anika are already sleeping. I need to head that way myself real soon.

Tomorrow Hubby will be tinkering some more outside. The kids and I are going to Church and then we will be painting our living room! I'm excited to see how it turns out!

Well friends, you all have a blessed Sunday! Until tomorrow!


  1. Wow, you did well at the yard sales. You certainly keep yourself busy don't you!

  2. Good scores at the garage sales!! I really like the hair cut/style/color for a......edgy and cute, I think she will wear it well!!

    And yes, it is important to feed the kids ;)

  3. Love love love that fur vest!! You are the yard sale queen!