Friday, August 1, 2014


Hey Friends- the weekend is here! I for one am happy about that. I'd be even happier if Hubby didn't have to work tomorrow but it is what it is. Right now we are just thankful he has a job to go to.

I decided to spice up this little blog and do a post titled "Wishes" today! Hope you enjoy

Today I Wished

* That I was a morning person especially when Hubby's riding buddy for work was beating on our window because we overslept. I hate Hubby having to rush like a mad man out the door in the mornings. Plus, being a morning person would make my days much more productive. This is one wish I'm not sure will ever come true though. I love sleep too much.

* That everyday I could feel as proud of myself as I did last night when I went to bed. I thought about this whole schooling process and the drama that came with it. I thought about the meeting, the letter I wrote to the board, the way I handled myself and the sweet comments I received after the meeting. I was proud of myself for being gracious, intelligent and non judgmental. I went to bed last night with total peace about the situation.

* That I could spend a day out shopping with my Mommy but I couldn't because I had two little ones too take care for. Instead Anika went & I know my Mommy enjoyed her company. They are two peas in a pod!

* That my Husband could be on day shift everyday but it just isn't in the cards for us right now.

* That I was one of of those amazing Mom's who fixed my kids a huge breakfast every morning. Unfortunately I'm not and they got biscuits and jelly. Oh well, they didn't seem to mind.

* That I had all day to blog read because I seriously love it that much. It's never going to happen but a girl can wish, right/

* That my laundry room was bigger. It's tiny and because I don't put clothes away as soon as I get them done, I have them piled in ever nook and cranny of my house. 

* That I could afford a housekeeper 3 days a week

* That I could afford a personal organizer to come in and clean up this place

* That I could figure out how to fix this big huge hole in my hallway wall. It drives me insane!

* That I could do without internet and the kids could do without cartoons. Paying my Suddenlink bill drives me crazy. It's outrageous.

* That I kept better track of our finances. I never write anything down. Total Wife Fail!!!

* That I could record Axle when he's wanting something from Lee. He gets all sweet and says "Please Babygirl" It's seriously cute :)

* That my Husband had a secretary. He's all the time needing me to do something.

* That I wasn't such a procrastinator, for real

* That the rest of my house looked as good as my kitchen

* That I had these cute nails- Anika got hers done today and the look great. I need nails!

* That Mom had kept this toy she bought Axle today at her house. He's shot everything!!!

* That Axle still napped!! It was so nice when both kids napped at the same time

* That July hadn't went by so fast. Summer is in warp speed it seems

* That Axle did not start school next week. I'm so not ready for it

* That I had a big soaking tub with jets

* That the hair on my legs would never grow again

* That I  had stick straight hair that I didn't have to spend an hour running a flat iron through

* That the little kittens that were dropped off here would run away (sorry animal lovers)

* That I had a fancy planner

* That I could wrap presents for a living. I love it. It's therapeutic to me!

* That I had my Pinterest closet

* That I didn't feel so out of place in shorter dresses. I wore it anyway, I liked it!

* That I looked like I did when I was 15. Then I could dress super cute like this!

* That you could have saw me trying to retrieve Axle's rocket from the roof. It was pretty funny.

* That I had knew the Pepper Steak I made today was going to be so good. I would have tried it a long time before now.

* That my Lee hadn't been asleep when Mom brought her the new ball she bought her. She loved it and it would have tickled my Mommy!

* That I lived somewhere warm practically all year round. Warm weather and sunshine make me and the kids very happy!

* That I could just spend my life traveling with my family. That would be amazing :)

* That I had cleaned up the porch. After Hubby cut the grass, the porch looks even worse

* That I could find a small carpet shampooer to clean the carpets in my van

* That my Uncle would come paint the rest of my house for me. He's a professional painter and could do it no time!

* That I had known about whipped icing before today- OMG it's good!!!

* That I could get away from the kids more and do some things by myself. The Hubby kept the kids while I went to a baby shower and I had so much fun!! I love my kids but it was a welcomed break :)

* That my Grandma wasn't in such poor health. She went with me to the shower tonight and getting around is so hard for her anymore. I just love her so much. It's heartbreaking :(

* That tonight was a date night- I need me some Hubby time!!

Friends- that is my ramblings for tonight! Tomorrow is Saturday and the kids and I plan on hitting up some yard sales and maybe going to a fair. Sunday is Church and then we will be painting. Hope however you all spend your weekend it's amazing :)


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  1. Now you need to write down some of the things you are thankful for.