Wednesday, August 20, 2014

We Got Babies

It's Wednesday gang, another week is flying by. Here is how our Wednesday went down!

* I reluctantly drug myself out of bed this morning. I seriously have got to quit staying up so late at night.

* The kids and I had eye appointments today. To say they didn't go well is an understatement. Anika actually has good eyesight but she is the ONLY one of us. I am being treated with steroids and an eye drop to tryy and get my eyes to calm down (whatever that means). I was also told I might have a cataract. I go back in 2 weeks for dilation and another exam. Axle has very bad eyesight. I mean it's so bad that they are sending us to a specialist in Lexington. Lee Lee on the other hand has an eye that is trying to cross and she too will be seeing a specialist in Lexington. Definitely not what I wanted to hear today.

* I got dressed today and looked pretty cute if I must say so myself. I LOVE my Polka Dot top. I'm a huge fan of polka dots. I noticed today though it is a little lower than I like so next time I'll be putting a camisole or something under it.

Shirt- Hand me Down from my Aunt
Cardigan- Thrifted
Jeans- Cato's
Shoes- Cato's

* My hen laid an egg. Hubby called the cell to tell me before he left for work. This totally excited me friends. I know, I'm such a dork :)

* I fed my kids Ramen Noodles for lunch because they are quick, easy and cheap. Just call me Martha Stewart!

* I still didn't get any job offers today. I'm waiting patiently though and know it's all in my perfect timing. I did submit my resume and some applications to a few more places online tonight.

* I took a nap.....a good, long, much needed 2 hour nap. It was blissful

* I did laundry, story of my life

* My kids acted like yard apes and I seriously think I might not make it through Annalee's Terrrible 2's. Someone please reassure me that I will.

* Mom & Dad came down bearing gifts. They brought icee's for the 2 little ones and Hot Fudge Brownies for Anika and I. It was a nice treat and we enjoyed their visit this evening.

* My Brother in Law and his wife stopped by this evening too. They brought Ax gum and Lee a candy bar. Isn't it funny how when your little everyone brings you gifts?

* I straightened up my house like 10 times today- it's never ending when you have little ones. I will still have to straighten it one more time before bed.

* I fixed Frozen Pizza's for dinner. Told you, true Martha over here!!!

* Dustin came down to see Anika. They worked on school stuff. He worked on a collage paper and she worked on finishing her Truancy Poster. It was midnight before he left tonight.

* I made a To Do List for tomorrow. Anika has a counseling appointment, I have to drop off the Truancy work and I hope to sweep my floors, finish LOTS of laundry, finalize Viki's shower details, sort/purge through the toy room and organize my utility room.


* Our dog Lucy had 4 puppies. Lucy is a stray I brought home. She's a wonderful little dog. Shortly after bringing her home we realized the reason they probably set her out was that she was pregnant. Today when we returned from the eye doctor we couldn't find her so we yelled for her. She came out from under the camper, looked at us and then went back. I went and took a look and there was 4 little puppies. Seems puppies and Lucy are doing okay from what I can tell. They are pretty far back under the camper so it's hard to see. I hope they all do just fine. We were so excited, especially Axle!!!

That friends is how our Wednesday went down. Hope you and yours had a good day too. 



  1. Life is so busy with little ones. The cleaning up NEVER ends. It must take up a good 50% of my day. Good grief. ;)

    And eye problems. Ugh. No fun. My youngest boy had eye surgery because the muscles weren't working properly. Sometimes they would cross, sometimes they just turned inward one at a time. They were basically googly eyes. Poor kiddo. Anyway, we thought the surgery didn't take as well as we hoped in one eye but after time it seems to have gotten better.
    So anyway, I hear ya on the eye problems. I hope you get a great doctor that gets you the help you need to get all the eyes working as they should. :)
    Cute outfit too!

    1. Your so right, it NEVER ends. They tear it down faster than I can keep it picked up!

      They are sending them to a pediatric specialist. I'm told that it's a very good practice so hopefully they will have the right answers!

  2. I agree -- cute outfit. Although I'm like you and often layer my tops. Espcially working with the public you don't want to show too much.

    Just a reassurance -- you WILL survive the Terrible Twos. And then there's the threes.

  3. Awseome! Have you thought yet what you will so with them? You may just have to keep one! We have a Lexington, too! About 45 minutes away. I love polka dots too. I even have melamine polka dot plates!!! Did he tell you why your eye needs to settle down? Some advice when and if you need cataract surgery. The older kind you need shots and stitches in your eye and have to wear a patch. The modern kind is amazing. No shots in the eye, only drops, no stitches either. I had to go an our away to have it done but it was well worth it.

  4. yard apes! ha! love it!

    Congrats on your new grandpuppies! :)