Saturday, August 30, 2014

This Happened

It's Saturday and while many are off enjoying Labor Day Festivities, my crew and I are enjoying a nice lazy weekend at home.

Here's what happened today:

* Hubby had to work. No three day weekend for him. Normally he's off but due to a fall in the mines, he had to go out and do clean up duty.

* The kids and I slept till 10:30 and it was pure bliss. Sleeping in is a great way to start off a Saturday

* I've talked to my Momma several times today but we had a big long morning conversation. I love chats with my Mommy!

* Anika made pancakes for the kids and for me. Bub likes her pancakes, he doesn't like mine. I don't blame him, mine pretty much do suck

* I got dressed. This is what I call my Mommy Wear. You know those days when you just want to be comfortable because you really have no plans of doing anything anyway.

Tank- Thrifted 
Shirt- Hand Me Down
Shorts- Cato's
Shoes- Thrifted

* I managed some morning blog reading. I was hoping to get to blog read some tonight too. Doesn't look like it's going to happen though.

* The little one's and I took Anika to Mom's. Anika had to work on her school stuff today. She bombed and Algebra test so she had to do some practice tests and such. My Mom is a tough principal.

* I went to the store and got some grub

* I fixed a million cups of juice, milk, pop, etc.

* I fought with Lee all day over taking her diaper off. The child just needs to pee pee in the potty already

* I did laundry- actually I kicked the laundry's butt. I've almost got it ALL DONE!!!!

* I washed dishes- well the dishwasher did

* I cleaned down my kitchen counters. I need to clean down my appliances soon. They are getting nasty

* I checked my calendar for September. Hoping to go to the September Fest next weekend

* I realized Monday is September 1st. How did that happen?

* I changed out the scent in my Tart Warmer. I'd never used the Febreeze Brand before but I think I like it. My house now smells like Grapefruit Fizz

* Lee Lee took a nap- thank goodness!!!

* I remembered I HAVE to buy Ax a blanket for school before Tuesday. If you don't see me blog about it by Monday night, remind me please!

* I swept my kitchen and living room

* I made a list of September Goals- I'll share them with you on Monday :)

* I tackled the toy room FINALLY. It looks much better. Here's the before and after. The before is a wreck, don't judge!

* Hubby got home around 2:00 pm. We were very happy he got home early.

* Hubby and Ax watched cartoons on the couch for awhile. Father/Son bonding while Lee was still asleep

* Hubby and I sat on the porch and chatted for a bit while the kids played


* I fixed dinner, Hamburger Steaks, Spiral Shells & Cheese and Garlic Toast. 

* I laid out everyone's clothes for Church tomorrow morning

* I cleaned up the dinner dishes

* I looked for teacher gift ideas on Pinterest. Found some really cute stuff

* I uploaded the rest of my August photos to Facebook. Almost time to make a September album

* Hubby's buddy came down and they talked trading. Fun stuff for him I suppose

* I managed to clean up my bedroom- not good but fair!

* Dustin brought Anika home and hung out with her. They came bearing gifts. Breadsticks and Rice Krispie Treats for Little Lee & Ax and Potato Candy for Hubby and I.

* Hubs built a fire up and tinkered in his garage

* The babies both got bathed and all squeaky clean for church in the morning

* I worked on our checking account- omg, not a good situation

* I picked up toys at least 1,000,000 times 

* I found a chalkboard in the toy room that I think is going to be perfect for the baby shower I'm hosting next weekend

* I helped Hubs try to program his garage door opener. Apparently it's going to take someone smarter than us

* I found out a lady I just adore was in a bad car accident. Praying her injuries are not too serious

* I put this MASSIVE amount of clean clothes away

* I got Hubby and Bubby in the bed. Now to talk Little Lee into going is my next mission

I'm finishing up the night with a little blog reading and then bed myself. Tomorrow we will be attending Church and then going to my Brother in Law's for a cookout

I hope whatever you are doing this holiday weekend, you are enjoying it to the fullest

Until Tomorrow,


  1. sounds like a great Saturday!!! Your kids are so adorable!!