Friday, August 29, 2014

Start of the Weekend

Happy Friday Friends- I hope this post finds each of you doing well and ready to enjoy your Labor Day Weekend! As for me and my crew, we are doing alright. Unfortunately Hubby has to work tomorrow due to a fall in the mines but we will still be trying to make the best of the weekend.

We have had a nice Friday. Only a few bumps here and there in the road today. Nothing this mommy can't handle. Here's a little about our day!

For Today- Friday August 29, 2014
Can you believe in just a few days it will be September
Summer is almost over :(

Outside my Window- It is now dark. We literally spent the entire evening outside until night fell. The kids played on their swing while Hubby's Brother's Girlfriend and I chatted in lounge chairs in the yard. Hubby and his Brother hung out in the garage (aka the man cave)!

I am Thinking- About all the things I wanted to get done this Summer and haven't. There was so many places I wanted to go, so many things I wanted the kids to experience, etc. Time just flew by though. I'm thinking I'll make a Fall List Bucket List in hopes to doing more. Lists always help me stay on track. Speaking of lists, I'm working on a Must Have List for Fall (wardrobe wise) and I've got to get that Baby Shower Details List done ASAP! The Baby Shower is NEXT WEEKEND!!!!!

I am Thankful- For this precious life God gave me. Earlier today my frustration level was through the roof but then I managed to calm myself down. I posted on Facebook how frustrated I was and I got the sweetest comment, a prayer from the pastor's wife at the church I've been going to. I finally feel like people are praying for me, people love me and people genuinely have an interest in my life. It's a sweet feeling. 

In the Kitchen- Clean clothes are stacked high on my kitchen table waiting for me to put them away. There is dirty dishes in my sink but otherwise it's fairly tidy in there. I made some dinner tonight but earlier today I made my babies some noodles for lunch and I got this cute photo of them eating together. Aren't they precious?

I am Wearing- My pink and black Victoria Secret nightgown. It's so comfortable. I did get out of my pajamas today though. Initially I was going to wear my navy shorts with a navy and white top but then I saw a blog entry that showcased a bunch of navy clothes mixed with green. While the only true green color I had was long sleeves, I did find this greenish colored top and decided to try it. I actually kind of like the color combination. What do you think?

Shirt- Thrifted
Navy Shorts- Ebay
Shoes- Cato's

I am Creating- Absolutely Nothing- I know, so exciting. I'm just so not the creative type

I am Going- To miss the mornings where Bubby and Lee Lee snuggle on the couch and watch cartoons when they first wake up. Bubby will be starting school next week and so their snuggle time will only be on Friday's and Weekends!!!

I am Wondering- If I will EVER find a job! Like seriously, I'm getting desperate and very frustrated. I know it will happen in due time. Patience is not my strong suite though.

I am Reading- As many blogs as I possibly can when I can. I enjoy reading blogs so much. It's a real addiction!

I am Hoping- I NEVER EVER EVER see a bug like this again. OMG it's huge and it was on my wall. Thank God my Hubby killed it. I swear I think it was on steroids.

I am Learning- That some days are just off days...A bad day does not equal a bad life

Around the House- I got a few things accomplished today. Things are all straightened up for the most part, more laundry got done, all the animals got fed, errands got ran, etc. All in all it's been a pretty productive day.

I am Pondering- On what I'm going to make for the Baby Shower next week. I'm hoping to contribute quite a bit of food.

A Favorite Quote for today- One that was shared with me. I referenced it above.

One of my Favorite Things:

Watching these two boys clean Annalee up with a shop vac
She spilled stuff all over her and they insisted this would make 
less of a mess!!!! I seriously laughed so hard!

A Few Plans: Tomorrow is going to be an at home day! Sunday we will be going to Church and then to my Brother in Laws for a cookout. No clue what Monday will hold! Next week Anika has appointments (several) and Axle starts school. Lots of upcoming stuff!

Some Photos I thought I'd Share:

Thrift Store Finds the kids and I got today:

Old Navy Dress for Annalee $1.00

Gymboree Dress for Annalee- $1.00

Old Navy Dress for Annalee $1.00

Polka Dot Skirt for me $3.00

Black & White Tunic for me- $1.00

Minnie Mouse Nightgown for Lee- $1.00

This is how Lee passes out after getting up at 
4:30 am 

 Axle just HAD to bath with the Rubbber Duck
he found when we were cleaning out the car

 Anika got her nails done today- White and Gold!

It's almost 11:00 friends which means it's my bedtime! I'll talk to you guys tomorrow
Have a great weekend :)


  1. Loved reading this post! It makes you think about things and puts everything in perspective! My favorite thing is sitting outside on a nice evening and hanging out with neighbors. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Enjoy the weekend!


  2. What an adorable little table and chair set they have! Everyone in blog land has gotten awesome things at thrift stores except me! I never find a darn thing, nothing!! You really made out, the clothes are too pretty!! As long as you keep praying for a job, I know you will get one. Maybe just waiting for the perfect one to come along.

  3. Lots of little, joyful things!! Your kiddos are absolutely adorable!!