Sunday, August 3, 2014

Sharing our Sunday

For Today: August 3, 2014

Outside my Window- It's dark and I can see everything because I took our living room curtains down. Normally I'd be freaking out but the Hubby is home so I'm not scared. He goes back to work on 2nd shift tomorrow night though and you can guarantee this gal will have curtains up before dark. There is just something creepy about thinking people can look in at me.

I am Thinking- About what could have possibly happened to Anika tonight. It's been a good day. We got lots of work done, laughed & had a good time. All of a sudden tonight she started shaking and burst into tears. She said she felt trapped and like she couldn't breathe. I'm thinking it was an anxiety attack but I'm not sure. I think I'll take her to her doctor tomorrow and get his thoughts. It's so scary to have a teenager battling depression. Pray for her please, she could use them.

I am Thankful- For the service at Church this morning. It was a beautiful morning of singing and fellowship in the house of the Lord. Bro. Larry preached a very powerful message. I felt so blessed sitting there this morning.

In the Kitchen- I have things all tidied up. I made some bologna sandwiches for lunch and then we had Hamburger Steak, New Potatoes and Pinto Beans with Onion for dinner!

I am Wearing- Paint stained pajama pants and a tee! I haven't looked this bad all day though. I actually got prettied up for Church and Anika did too!!

I am Creating- A list of things I need to buy to finish up my living room. There is curtains, rugs, a ceiling fan and several other items to decorate with. I'm so excited to get it done and see it all put together.

I am Going- To bed after I finish this post. Hubby has all sorts of things he wants to get done before he leaves for work tomorrow. Seeing as how Hubby having things to get done usually involves me helping him, I have a feeling I'll be busy.

I am Wondering: If this HUGE television the Hubby has ordered will fit on our living room wall. I don't think he has any idea how big a 60 inch television is. It's going to be a monster!

I am Reading- Not a single thing as of today- I meant to find time to blog read but it just didn't happen

I am Hoping- To get the remainder of the items out of Anika's other closet. We are converting it into a bathroom. It's the next project on our list so I'm trying to get a head start on it by getting it all cleared out!

I am Looking Forward To- Dinner at Mom's this week- We are going to have a fish fry. Fish is my favorite!

I am Learning- That in some situations, all you can do is pray

Around the House- We got the living room completely painted. It looks good. The bottom part of the wall is a chocolate brown and the top part is a beige. It flows with our kitchen perfectly.

The process of painting- it looked like a disaster area

Mommy's helper :)

The Television will hang on this wall
Yes, I painted the door too- it's pretty and white now

Matches our couch perfectly :)

I am Pondering: If our dog is pregnant. The Hubs and our neighbor thinks so. How do you tell? I'm hoping not, this is the stray dog I brought home.

A Favorite Quote Today- 

One of my Favorite Things Today- Watching Ax play with the metal detector. I've had it threw back in the closet forever. It belonged to my dad and he gave it to Anika when she was little. When I cleaned out the closet yesterday, I threw it in the garbage pile. Hubby and Ax were loading up the garbage today and Ax found it. He LOVED it! He spent 1/2 the day outside looking for treasure. He found a whole pocket full of coins. It might just be his new favorite toy :)

A Few Plans for the Week: Monday I'll be running errands with Hubby, taking Anika to the doctor and then working on Anika's closet. Thursday Anika had a counseling appointment and then I have a doctor's appointment. Mom is having us a fish fry one night but not sure when yet. That is it for our week so far but I'm sure things will come up that has to be done :)

A Peek Into my Day: Axle sure had a good time talking to us through the open windows today :)

That friends sums up our Sunday. This mommy is going to bed and going to try and rest. It's always hard to rest when your worried about your babies but I'm going to do my best.

Hope you all had a blessed Sunday

Much Love,


  1. Thank you for sharing your day and your thoughts. Prayers for your Anika.....

  2. Lol, I always wanted a metal detector as a kid--I thought it would lead me to treasure. :)
    You look nice in your church outfit, but I'm with ya on the comfy clothes!

  3. Oh I agree about curtains at the window. When I got my kitchen done that was the first thing I did. It's sort of creepy knowing people can look in at you.

    Hope you have a wonderful week!

  4. you looked great for church, you always do!!! and the paint looks awesome, it's good to have help!!