Sunday, August 10, 2014

Roughing It

It's been a great weekend here in our neck of the woods!

Saturday we loaded up and went roughing it as I call it. You know, camping in a tent & only having access to a port a potty! Yes, camper camping has spoiled me over the years. The Hubby really wanted to tent camp though so that is what we did. We stayed at a boat in site (accessible by boat only) and was just steps from the water. It was fun and brought back memories of when we first started camping when Anika was a little girl.

My Outfit of the Day 

Our Lake View!

My girlie chilling at the campsite

She loves camping :)

Tents are up

He's always helping daddy

He found a fireman's pole

Of course, she had to try to

Hubby fixed us a snazzy tarp

Ducks :)

Lovely couple 

Little Driver

Handsome boy :)



He's a waterdog

Swimming Swimming Swimming

Mr. Hubby :)

Trying to make fire

She's a daddy's girl

Trying to spear a fish 

All Smiles 

Silly Trio 

Roasting Marshmallows

Doing some fishing

I caught a bass

Sun Setting :) 

They passed out

Sleepy Head

Isn't this the sweetest

Slicky Slide

We loaded up and headed home around 2:00 today. I'd like to have stayed longer but Hubby has to work day shift tomorrow. Luckily we did beat the rain home!

This evening Hubby and I rode up to his brothers and got a part for his truck. I also brought home a hen and rooster. Everyone has laughed at me but I want fresh eggs!

The rest of our Sunday was spent just chilling out. After roughing it all weekend, this girl is tired!

It's almost bedtime for me so I'm going to pick up a few things around the house and then head that way. Hope you all had a nice Sunday!!!



  1. Wow! Great pictures and looks like you had a blast! The pictures of Ax and Lee holding hands is just adorable.

    Chickens? Well, better you than me. Be sure the eggs aren't fertilized before you eat them. Maybe with a hen and a rooster you'll be having baby chicks next spring.

  2. Loved all your pics!!! Looks like so much fun!!

  3. I consider camping roughing it too, haha.

    Great pictures, looks like such a good time!