Saturday, August 16, 2014

Our Community is Mourning

Today has been a sad day for our Community. I woke up to a message from my Mother telling me that there was a house fire on the road she lived on and 3 people were killed inside. Later today we found out who the victims were. I didn't know them personally but knew of them and knew their families. Living in a community as small as I do, you know everyone by their faces at least. One of the victims was an 8 year old little girl. Such a terrible tragedy and while I know that none of us will ever understand why, I know that God is in control of the situation. Please pray for all those that are going to mourn the loss of these beautiful lives in the coming days.

Also, I posted about a guy whom I went to High School with the other day. I told you that he was in an altercation and was on life support. Yesterday they took him off of the life support and today he too passed away. Just heartbreaking. Four lives lost in one day. Definitely a sad time here in my hometown. Prayers for all those that knew and loved him too please.

As for my family, we are safe and sound today & for that I'm so very thankful. While most days I take the safety and health of my loved ones for granted, days like today make you stop and realize just how blessed you are.

Today I'm Thankful: For my three absolutely precious perfect babies!
Today I'm Thankful: For some much need quiet time that I got
Today I'm Thankful: For my Husband's Job
Today I'm Thankful: For food on our table
Today I'm Thankful: For My parent's who are saints
Today I'm Thankful: For my Husband, My Best Friend and The love of my Life!

Our today was pretty uneventful. I spent most of it at home with the exception of running to the bank. The little one's both got nice long baths and then Ax & Anika got all cleaned up to go to a Birthday Party. I managed to get our bedroom completely cleaned out and put back together before they left. Mom picked them up around 2:00 and they spent the remainder of the evening with her. She couldn't quit bragging on how well Axle did and how social he was with everyone. He's really came a long way this summer and I couldn't be happier about it. He even played baseball with the other kids today. While they were off partying, Lee and I stayed home. We shared a Ham Sandwich and then she napped. During her nap, I blog read and played online. I even managed a good hot shower in peace. It was pure bliss!

The Hubs came home from work and showered. We had Taco Salads for dinner & then Him, Lee and I took a short ride to the next town over. On our way home we picked up the other two kiddos! Dustin was hanging out with Anika at Mom's so he came on home with us. He ended up getting mad at me though and left early. Anika and I helped Hubby clear out two shelves in his garage and arrange our camping stuff. It's nice to have it all in one place now. The remainder of the evening the kids and I have spent inside. Ax got a new scooter from my Aunt today and he's rode it all over the house. Lee is already asleep and Anika is getting ready for bed. I'm hoping Ax goes to bed soon too. I'm about to call it a night myself!

Tomorrow is Church and then Mom is going to keep the kids so Hubby and I can have a Day Date. I'm pretty excited about it. I think we will spend it boating at the lake :)

Before I go, here is Outfit posts for today- One from me and one fo
Shirt- Yard Sale
Jeans- Yard Sale
Converse Shoes- Thrifted

Black Tee- Family Dollar
Cardigan- Hand Me Down from my Aunt
Shorts- Don't Remember
Shoes- Walmart (Birthday gift from my Mom)

That does it for my Saturday post friends. I'm off to bed!



  1. You look gorgeous in the red shirt picture! You are very pretty anyway, but that outfit suits you. What an awful week, full of sorrow and tragedy...I am so sorry!

  2. Sorry to hear about the tragedies in your community. Events like that make us all hold our families closer to our hearts.