Monday, August 18, 2014

Monday's Letters

Just bringing you a few Monday letters today- Enjoy!

Dear Monday- I'm never a fan of you and today hasn't been really all that different. I'm blaming it mostly on my bad mood and poor attitude today so maybe it isn't ALL your fault.

Dear Sleep- You and I just didn't jive last night. Those crazy dreams I had and weird noises I heard kept me up practically all night long. I'm thinking after the events of this weekend, I'm just a little on edge. Hopefully this uneasy feeling will pass.

Dear Hubby- I'm totally sorry that I got a little (okay a lot) hateful with you today. Our money situation is just adding so much stress and it's not good for our relationship. Regardless of what kind of situation we are in though, I love you to the moon and back. You are my rock!

Dear Bank- Could you please make a mistake and add like an extra half million dollars to my account?

Dear Job Search- I drove all over the country today and still didn't end up with anything. To say you aren't going well is an understatement. I've just got to let go though and let be what will be. I'm letting you consume me and I hate that feeling.

Dear Annalee- WHY do you have to cry the entire car ride everywhere we go? It drives your Mommy absolutely insane!!!!

Dear Children- We do not need to buy something every single time we stop at a gas station. You guys act like there is a limited supply on bug juice and rice krispie treats!!!

Dear 2nd Shift- I hate when you take my Hubby away at REALLY hate it!!!!

Dear Rain- You did not help my mood today. Unfortunately, it looks like you are here to stay. I'm going to have to find a way to battle the rainy day blues this week.

Dear Self- You have managed to throw yourself a pity party for over a week now. Suck it up, get over it and pull your big girl panties up. Life is good.....enjoy it!

Dear Cato's- I LOVE your clothes, like really love them. I wore this top today and it's so comfortable and cute. I bought two of them last time I visited your store. I'm totally due another visit very soon :)

OOTD- I wore shoes but I took them off prior to the picture!!

Top- Cato's (got it in black and white too)
Leggings- Walmart

Dear Axle- I'm glad you lived your ice cream with oreo's (aka oreo blizzard)

Dear Anika- Thank you for cooking, cleaning and babysitting all while Mommy napped today. You are the most responsible 15 year old ever. Mommy loves you and couldn't make it without you.

Dear Dustin- Hope you have a wonderful 1st day at College tomorrow. We are super proud of you!

Dear Speech Therapist- Sorry Lee Lee and I missed you today. We were napping!

Dear Mom and Dad- I think the kids and I will come up tomorrow evening for a visit. Want to cook me something good?

Dear Chocolate Brownies- I ate too many of you but chocolate always makes me happier. It makes two little one's I know happy too :)

Dear RV- I hate you and the fact that you are now leaking in two different places makes me hate you more!!!

Dear SIL- Sorry I didn't get to call you back today. I'll do it tomorrow

Dear To Do List- Yeah, I know I didn't touch you today. I needed to rest instead. I hope you understand.

Dear Resume- I tweaked you today and sent you back out. Bring me some good luck please

Dear Bristol- I can't wait to hang out with you this weekend!!! Jimmie Johnson I'm cheering for you :)

Dear Week Ahead- Be kind to me please!!!

Dear Blog Friends- I'm catching up with you and I'm loving it. You guys are seriously the BEST!!!

Dear 2:00 am- Hurry up, I'm missing my Hubby

Dear Blog World- I'm signing off now. Hope you all have a great week ahead!!



  1. I need a little of that extra oopsy money added to my account too!

  2. I have found some clothes by Cato at yard sales and they always fit well. I don't know why I never go there to look at new stuff!

    I pray the job search goes well for you. Hang in there. Ask God for direction - you never know what He has planned for you!

    1. I love Cato's and their prices can't be beat :)

      Thank you for your prayers. I keep telling myself that God's got this!

  3. So sorry this is a bad time for you! A blog is a great place to write and vent, too! It is like your own journal with friends cheering you on. The top is very nice! We have a Catos here and I have bought tops from them. What kind of job are you looking for?

  4. I've been waiting for that kind of bank mistake too. What is their problem anyway?!

  5. 1. Good luck with your job search! Sometimes it just takes time to find the right fit.
    2. Chocolate makes everything better.
    3. Cute top from Cato's! Have you ever shopped at Maurices? It's my fav.

    Tif @ Bright on a Budget

  6. I love these letters...most of these made me giggle! Good luck with your job search!!