Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Monday Confessions

Monday Confessions

I Confess: That I got up at 4:30 am and hung out with the Hubby until he went to work. It was nice seeing him in the morning before he left.

I Confess: That I wish I could do that everyday but my body says that is a crazy time of morning and won't let me.

I Confess: That I was NOT expecting Little Lee to get up with me but she did

I Confess: That I spent the early morning hours on blogging, facebook and responding to emails.

I Confess: That when this girl went back to bed at 7:00 am, I was very happy. That meant this mommy could go back to bed too :)

I Confess: That I did not wake again until 10:00 am when Axle woke me up wanting something to drink.

I Confess: That I was seriously sick all day yesterday. I felt like I'd been run over by a Mack Truck. These summer colds are the worst.

I Confess: That I was super happy Axle seemed to be feeling better BUT I didn't really have the energy to keep up with him.

I Confess: That the most productive thing I done all morning was talk to my Sister in Law!

I Confess: That as bad as I hated to, I had to go to town. Hubby needed me to go to the Courthouse for him and I needed to go to the bank and store.

I Confess: That my kids think they need one of these overpriced juices every time we stop at a gas station & I'm a sucker and buy them one.

I Confess: That I hide all the bank suckers from my kids. If I let them have them they are one sticky mess whenever we got to the next place.

I Confess: That First Steps came out yesterday to work with Annalee and I was so glad they didn't stay long. I just didn't feel like being bothered.

I Confess: That my kids argued pretty much all day long yesterday but there was the occasional sweet moment that melted my heart.

I Confess: That no housework got done yesterday. I was just too sick. The biggest chore of my day was sorting socks. Speaking of socks, why do I always have one of every sock? Where do my mates go?

I Confess: That my hen pecked me the other day and it really hurt. Now I'm cautious about sticking my hand in her cage

I Confess: That I was so thankful my brother in law brought the car my Hubby traded for down to him. I seriously didn't feel like taking Hubby to get it when he got home from work.

I Confess: That I was totally bummed that I didn't get a job call yesterday. I was even more bummed when I found out a girl I know got a job at H&R Block and she wasn't even trying. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy for her. I just want a job too!!

I Confess: That I was sick and whiny all day yesterday & I might have cried at one point for no apparent reason.

I Confess: That when Anika came home from Mom's, I knew she was super sick. She had been running a fever all day and looked horrible.

I Confess: That I fight with Axle constantly over cupcakes. He loves them but ONLY the icing and doesn't want to save anyone else one.

I Confess: That Anika seems to be really enjoying her online courses and this makes me very happy

I Confess: That I tried to sneak and take a picture of the pups for you. It didn't turn out great but here is what I got.

I Confess: That Hubby grilled some Hot Dogs for dinner yesterday and I warmed up some Baked Beans. We called it dinner!!!

I Confess: That the kids played outside all evening yesterday evening. Unlike their mom, their dad wasn't too lazy (sick) to watch them!

I Confess: This is the cutest picture ever! My Axle was being a director!!!

I Confess: That I did get dressed but by 3:00 I was back in my pajamas. Pj's always make me feel better when I'm sick!

Shirt- Walmart
Pants- Thrifted
Shoes- Factory Connection

I Confess: That Hubby & I tried to watch Undercover Boss last night but the kids wouldn't let us

I Confess: That Dustin came down to supposedly use my computer for his college courses but I didn't see him do any work. I think it was just an excuse to hang out with Anika.

I Confess: That I made it to bed by 11:00 pm and I was out like a light

I Confess: That I hope today is a better day than my Monday!!!

Dear Friends- Hope you all have a nice Tuesday!



  1. Such cute photos of the kids playing together! :)
    I like the "I confess" format!

  2. You have not done much because you are run down and tired from your body fighting the bug. You will have your energy back in no time! Great pictures of the kids, especially the lawn chairs one. How many hens do you have anyway? Be sure and keep an eye on that bite...or peck.

  3. LOVE your blog. Love your confessions. Its like a secret peek into your sweet life. I love that you love your man. So few bloggers say that!