Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Just Wishing

I'm absolutely exhausted, more so mentally than physically. It's been a trying week for me and the kids. I don't know if it's because they have been sick or what but they have been absolutely unbearable these past few days. If one isn't whining and crying, the other is. Let's just say that tonight has been the worst of it. They seriously have cried non stop. Not only have they have drove me crazy but they have drove everyone else in this house crazy too. Thankfully, I think Annalee is asleep. I can only hope she stays that way the rest of the night.

Since my mind is scattered (that is what happens when I get stressed), I thought I'd do a simple easy post for you tonight. It's my Wednesday Wishes. I hope you enjoy!!!


* My Husband handled stress and difficult situations better. On trying weeks like this, it would be so much help to have someone remain calm with me.

* I'd win 10,000.00....I'm not greedy, someone else can have the powerball!

* Lee Lee wouldn't get up so early. This morning she was up at 5:00 am. I'm certain that is part of her grumpy mood and bad attitude.

* I hadn't went back to sleep this morning....but I did so oh well!

* I could decide if I wanted to go to the wake for the 3 fire victims tomorrow night or not. A part of me thinks I should since I am close friends with some of the extended family but I always feel awkward when I don't know the deceased themselves that well.

* My cousin wasn't so nervous about the move and new job he decided to take. I'm sure that no matter what, things will work out for the best. Still it's a big leap and I could tell by our phone conversation today he was worried.

* I hadn't gotten a rejection letter today for a seriously good position I applied for. It made me sad

* I could homeschool Anika myself and keep on top of what is going on with her education. Don't get me wrong, I know she is in good hands with my Mom everyday but still, I wish I could do it. There is just no way though with 2 babies in tow I could teach her the way I should. Sometimes we just have to be realistic.

* I could wear dresses like this everyday. Actually, I wish I had somewhere to wear dresses like this everyday too!!!

Dress: Hand Me Down from my Aunt
Shoes- Cato's
Torn up Floor- Thanks to my Children!!!

* I could get to the bottom of the laundry. I swear I think it is a bottomless pit though

* I never had to shave my legs. For real, I hate it

* Our little kitten wasn't hurt. One of the other cats hurt it while I was gone today. It cries every time I pick it up.

* Ax & Lee didn't have such a breakdown at the dentist today. Literally I held both of them on the table so the dentist could look in their mouths. It was no big deal but making them believe that was a totally different story. The only part of the whole visit they liked was the toy room :)

* There teeth would remain perfect forever. The dentist said right now they both have perfect teeth!

* I could find a decent paying job. I'm going to apply at a few places tomorrow and hand out some resumes. Maybe something will pan out soon.

* We weren't broke this week and could go to Kings Island this weekend. It's the last weekend and breaks my heart that we didn't even work in one visit this year.

* We had fake grass so it could always look so pretty and manicured like it does now.

* Hubby would take down the tacky Christmas lights around our porch. Yes, we must be rednecks because they have been up for at least 3 year now.

* My Mom didn't struggle so bad with arthritis and bone loss.

* Anika could make some friends, at least one or two. I know she has to be lonely

* I had a housekeeper, nanny and chef....a girl can dream, right?

* I had a ton of cute colored ballet flats. I love them, so comfortable. Anyone want to send me some? Size 7.5 please!

* I didn't forget to buy Kraut today at the store. Our beans and cornbread would have been so much better with kraut.

* I could quit smoking- it's such a hard habit to break

* I didn't have to go to the doctor tomorrow but I do. I need a refill on my medicines. Annalee needs to go anyway and have her warts checked.

* It was already time for another date's not though :(

* I didn't overthink everything, I've gotten better but not broke the habit totally

* I enjoyed cleaning house. I need to get over it though, I never will.

* I could keep my babies little just for awhile longer. Even on crazy weeks like this, I don't want them to grow up on me.

* This girl knew just how much I loved her!!!!

* I wasn't such a procrastinator

* I took a before and after picture of Axle's closet for you. Anika organized it so nice for him this evening. She has all his stuff ready for school. She's such a good sister.

* I didn't feel like I wasn't good enough most of the time.....sad stuff :(

* I had this stuff in my closet!!!!

* I had more time to blog read. I love it. I love seeing into other's lives. It's such a fun hobby.

* Each and every one of you a wonderful Thursday :)

Now I'm signing off...early morning for me tomorrow
Take Care



  1. The dress and shoes are beautiful! Really! I would love a dress just like this, one in every color. The funeral...if you know the relatives you should go. We do not go for the dead, but to comfort the ones left behind. Choose either the visitation or the funeral and go to one.

  2. Yeah, Ginny is right. Go for those living. They will appreciate it.

    Love your cute little outfit today. You look so pretty.

    I will never love cleaning the house either. That's why it looks the way it does.