Thursday, August 21, 2014

Just a Few Things

Hi Friends- It's Thursday and this makes me happy. Only one more day till the weekend. If you read here very much, you know I live for the weekends. Not a lot of new exciting stuff to report today so I thought I'd give you a quick little post to share a few things about our day

Today August 21, 2014

I slept- Until around 10:30 this morning. Anika woke me up at 10:00 but I didn't actually drag my butt out of bed till 10:30. Both kids ended up sleeping in my bed last night and to say I didn't sleep well is an understatement. They about killed me.

I took- Anika to her counseling appointment. I always worry on counseling days because she always seems to be in a bad mood afterwards. It actually wasn't too bad today though so I'm thankful for that.

I stopped- At the grocery store and picked up a few necessary items. While I was there I grabbed us some lunch from the deli. I had spaghetti and split mine with Axle. Lee and Hubby had meatloaf. Anika didn't eat anything, she said she just wasn't hungry.

I enjoyed- Watching my Hubby and kids outside. If it's pretty out, he always sits on the porch and watches them play before he goes to work. I don't know who enjoys this little routine more, them or him.

I checked- On Lucy multiple times. She seems to be doing fine and isn't leaving her babies sides. She's eating and drinking good. On occasion she will wander out to where we are to be petted for a few minutes but then she goes right back to the pups. All 4 pups are still doing well. I'm hoping they all make it.

I Hated- To see my Hubby go to work. This 2nd shift stuff is for the birds.

I Waited- On the eye doctor's office to call me with appointment dates for the kids. They never did so I guess I'll have to call them tomorrow.

I Talked: To my friend Christie. The 3 that were murdered a few days ago were her family. I've sent her a few emails but haven't called her because I didn't want to press the issue until she wanted to talk about it. Today she called me and my heart broke for her. As you can imagine, she is just devastated. Such a pointless act that cost three people their lives. I have spoke of this tragedy several times and wanted to share a photo of the victims with you.

I Did- A little general housework but nothing major. Some sweeping, dishes, laundry, etc. I really need to do some deep cleaning but I'm just not feeling it.

I Did Not- Get dressed today...failure I know! While I didn't wear pajamas all day, I did run around in denim shorts and Hubby's oversized tee. Anika on the other hand did get dressed and of course, she looked beautiful.

Jeans- Yard Sale
Camisole- Don't remember
Cardigan- Yard Sale

I Cherished- Watching Anika let Lee and Ax help her cook. I didn't get a picture of Axle but it was the most precious thing. She was cutting up veggies for Potato Soup and she let them help her cut them up with butter knives. Sibling bonding at it's best.

I Forgot- To call my Sister in Law back. She called when I was on the phone with my Mommy and I never did call her back. I really need to get up with her and finalize a few Baby Shower details! I also need to ask her a price on the Infinity Scarves and Aprons she's making. I think I might be doing the majority of my Christmas shopping with her!

I am Thankful- That we are FINALLY completely done with Truancy. I took the last of Anika's busy work today and dropped it off. Her case is dismissed and I should get a letter in the mail stating so in a few days. This makes me very happy.

I am Frustrated- With this Homeschool stuff already. I'm actually not frustrated with the Homeschool stuff but more frustrated that my Mom and I already don't see eye to eye on some things. I guess I"m just going to have to let it go and let her do it her way. She is the one schooling her so I need to respect her wishes.

I Thought- I ran through my dad's garage today. I'm not even kidding. I seriously almost took out his garage doors. I pulled up on his driveway and went to move my foot from the gas to the brake. My flip flop got stuck on the gas peddle and the van accelerated. It was SO close. I locked it up to keep from hitting it. I even left a black mark on their driveway. My daddy would have KILLED me.

I Walked: Out to the other end of Dad's yard today to photograph the Horse and Buggy he hung on his new privacy fence. When they lived next door to me, they had one hanging on dad's building. My grandpa had gotten it for him. It had rotted over the years and he wasn't able to use it any more so he decided to make a new one. He traced the old one on wood and then used a jigsaw to cut it out. He then painted it. It looks amazing!!!!! He did a great job. While I was walking around I took a few flower pics for you too. My mom has a true green thumb.

I'm Excited- That tomorrow is payday. For real, being broke pretty much sucks

I'm Ready- For Bristol this Saturday :)

I Laugh- Every time I take a photo of my kids. They both say cheese now and give me this corny smile. It's so funny!

I Called: A few places about jobs today and was happy to find out a few of them were doing some hiring. I submitted my resume via email to two positions in doctor's offices.

I Plan: On taking Lee to the doctor tomorrow. She has a wart on her hand on one on her foot. I have no idea where they are coming from but I think they need checked.

I Shouldn't: Have took a 3 hour nap today but I did- oh well!

I Feel: PMS coming on soon and that sucks!

I Hope: To do some blog reading tonight. It's one of my favorite things in the world!

I'm Amazed: At Axle's imagination- today he made a drive thru window out of pillows. He's getting so smart.

I'm Sickened: By every single new detail that comes out on the fire tragedy. People are pure evil.

I'm Missing- My sweet Hubby

I Ate- My weight in Potato Soup! I seriously had 3 bowls covered in bacon. It's no wonder I can't lose weight.

I Should: Be Menu Planning, Cleaning up my Living Room, Doing Laundry or Party Planning. Instead I'm writing this post. Priorities people, priorities

I Wish: Tomorrow was Saturday and the Hubby didn't have to work. It's not though but at least we only have one more day.

I'm Closing- This post here because now I'm just rambling.

Happy Almost Weekend
Hope you guys are doing great



  1. So sorry for your friend, that is horrible!!!!

    Hope you have a great weekend.

  2. i must admit that i did not read this in it's entirety, i skimed. i only do deep cleaning in the winter, you are going to get a job and you shared some adorable images today!!!!

  3. The children that died were so beautiful and just at the beginning of their lives. The drive -thru window is brilliant! I have read that you should not drive with flip flops on, so glad you are alright! It's looking up for the jobs, please keep us posted! Your mom's flowers are so pretty!!