Tuesday, August 5, 2014

I'm Saying It's Okay

I'm Saying It's Okay

It's Okay- That I slept till 11:00 am today. My body just requires a lot of rest or at least that is my excuse.

It's Okay- That I didn't get to see Hubby much at all this morning. He was busy putting tires on his truck. He got two on and will put the other two on tomorrow. His time on 2nd shift is very limited.

It's Okay- That we hadn't planned on going to the Bristol Night Race this year but Hubby's work gave us tickets so we are now going. I've never been to a Night Race so this is exciting stuff for me.

It's Okay- That I ran to the store today and planned to go in and out but it didn't work that way. I ended up running into everyone I knew and like to never got out of there

It's Okay- That I ate Brownies for breakfast. Chocolate is a great breakfast food :)

It's Okay-That I forgot the chili seasoning at the store. I made my own and it turned out just fine

It's Okay- That we now have a new television the size of Texas in our living room now. I personally didn't think we needed it but Hubby wanted it so here it is!

It's Okay- That my kitchen table is piled full of clean clothes, I'm going to put them away tomorrow

It's Okay- That I'm probably going to have to cancel my scheduled OBGYN appointment because of upcoming PMS. I was dreading going anyway

It's Okay- That Anika is still a little out of sorts, she's felt better today and I'll take it!

It's Okay- That the highlight of my week is that my Mom is having a fish fry for us Thursday. Sometimes it's the little things.

It's Okay- That I'm so super excited to buy the finishing touches for my living room. I just want it to be done so I can move on to the next project.

It's Okay- That we got a head start on decluttering Anika's room today. That is just less we have to do before we paint in there.

We moved all of her clothes from the big closet to the smaller closet

We fixed her a shelf for her shoes

We cleared out this area and it's ready to be painted
It's going to be turned into her bathroom

It's Okay- That I fixed the Husband a junk drawer today and it's already almost filled with his stuff (tools, tape, etc) that I've found lying around the house. Maybe he needs two junk drawers.

It's Okay- That I got dressed very casually today. I knew we would be working for the biggest part of the day anyway.

It's Okay- That my porch probably won't get painted before Winter. I did at least get it cleaned off today.

It's Okay- That the neighbor boy had to bring me Motrin at 11:00 at night. I really think I broke my toe friends.

It's Okay- That my Mom called asking me about Christmas Celebration Dates. If she wants to jump that far ahead, more power to her. I'm just now starting to ponder on Halloween Costumes.

It's Okay- That I just found out my Sister in Law isn't planning a baby shower. There is no way I'm letting that happen so I'm having her one :) 

It's Okay- That we have not made any plans for Labor Day yet. We still have a few weeks to decide.

It's Okay- That Lucy has slept in Axle's bed all day long. Hubby wasn't her to run her out so I just left her alone. She's such a good dog.

It's Okay: That Anika loves to bake but this every night baking is killing me. Tonight she made a Red Velvet Cake. I'm going to be fat as a cow!

It's Okay: That our biggest plan for tomorrow is to Spray Paint a Bed! Some days just aren't real exciting

It's Okay: That I have a sink full of dirty dishes, I just don't feel like doing them

It's Okay: That I REALLY need to clean my bedroom. I've been busy with other house stuff. It's just got a little neglected :(

It's Okay: That we can't camp Saturday because of a prior commitment. At least we will still get to go boating and I will get to go to Church

It's Okay: That we were invited to two parties Sunday. I don't know how we will ever do them both but at least people like us :)

It's Okay: That I have pretty much nothing else to share tonight. Sometimes uneventful days are just good days.

Maybe tomorrow I'll have something more interesting and maybe not. Just check back though because whatever takes place, I'll be sharing :)



  1. YOU are looking GOOD!!! That's an OKAY thing to count, too!!!!

  2. Glad I'm not the only one eating chocolate for breakfast!! I had a leftover cupcake on my way out the door this morning, OOPS!