Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Feeling Uneasy

For Today: Tuesday August 19, 2014

Outside my Window- It's dark, like really dark. It's after midnight and I'm really missing my Husband. Second shift just sucks. Tonight I'm uneasy. I'm normally not one to be very paranoid but tonight I'm on edge. I told you all a few days ago about an 8 year old girl, her grandmother and her step-grandfather who were burnt up in a house fire. While that tragedy was bad enough, yesterday they arrested a man in connection with the fire and charged him with 3 counts of murder. Today they arrested a woman in connection with the fire and charged her with 3 counts of murder. Apparently all three victims were killed prior to the house being set on fire. The lady they arrested today lived up the road from me. Literally like 6 houses up the road. I've talked to her several times. How could anyone do this? How could anyone brutally murder and then burn an innocent child? I'm just heartbroken, in shock and on edge tonight.

I am Thinking- That I wish my son would go to sleep. He's staying up entirely too late these days and I don't know why. We aren't doing naps with him anymore so you would think he'd be absolutely exhausted be the end of the day. For whatever reason though, he is not. Getting him on a schedule before school is going to be one big challenge.

I am Thankful- For all three of my precious babies. They are by for the biggest blessing in my life. Like most, I take them for granted most days. I guess when tragedies like the above strike, it just makes you want to hold them a little closer.

In the Kitchen- Is the dishes from this evenings dinner. I put them in the sink but haven't washed them. We just had Ravioli and Garlic Bread so it didn't create too big of a mess. I put the leftovers in a container and put it in the fridge for the Hubby. It will be good for his lunch tomorrow.

I am Wearing- Black Victoria Secret sweatpants that I scored at a Yard Sale and a Orange County Choppers tee that belongs to my Hubby. I did get dressed today and while I actually loved my outfit, I realized my shirt had several black faded spots on it. I've wore the shirt with another pair of leggings in the past. It's a really great leggings shirt. Unfortunately, after cleaning my closet this last time I vowed to throw things out when they NEED thrown out. Being faded means it has to go. It actually makes me quite sad.

Top- JC Penny
Leggings- Family Dollar
Shoes- Thrifted

I am Creating- Nothing at this moment. I need to be creating and planning for Viki's baby shower but for some reason I just haven't had the motivation to get started yet. I need to get on that asap!

I am Going- To go to Church tomorrow. We never go on Wednesday nights and I think I'm going to start. So often we miss on Sunday's due to camping, an event, etc. so I think going on Wednesday's will help keep us more focused. I've already got our Church clothes laid out!

I am Wondering- How our eye appointments will go tomorrow. All of us (except Hubby) has an eye appointment tomorrow. I haven't had one in years and neither has Anika. Axle and Annalee has never had one. I'm hoping our insurance pays well tomorrow. I'm not sure how much they do pay. I'm also wondering if any of us will need glasses.

I am Reading- Lots of blogs and I'm loving it. You guys lead such interesting lives :)

I am Hoping- Anika excels at this online school stuff. She got her acceptance letter today (which means they got their deposit) and she does Online Orientation and a Quiz tomorrow. She will be able to log in to her classes after that. I'm kind of excited for her.

I am Looking Forward To- Bristol this weekend although I was NOT aware that tickets were $95.00 each. Our tickets (Hubby's and Mine) are free but I have to pay for the kids. They don't offer a youth rate, not even for Axle. I'm also looking forward to a possible Kings Island trip through Labor Day! No set plans yet though!!!

I am Learning- To never ASSUME anything! Anika was on truancy last year at school. When we withdrew her this year I thought we were done with truancy. I was contacted by her officer a few days ago that informed me until we turned in a huge packet full of questions and 2 service learning projects, her truancy wouldn't be dismissed. If we didn't do it, we would be turned over to the Court System. Now, normally I wouldn't have a problem with this but Anika already did this work. I know this because one of the service projects was to make a poster and I helped her. We turned it into the school ASSUMING they would get it to the truancy officer (because we were told to) but we were wrong. Somehow it got lost meaning she has to do it all over again. It's irritating to say the least. She worked on it this afternoon and got the packet and 2 of the service projects done. All she has to finish now is the poster. I'll just be glad to get it over with and dismissed.

Around the House- I've been somewhat productive. I managed to do dishes, laundry, straighten the house, make some phone calls regarding some personal business issues, get checks ordered, pick up a part for the Hubby, clean out the fridge in the camper and clean the garbage out of my car. Not to bad for a days work.

I am Pondering- On the latest Finding Carter episode. I can't wait till next Tuesday to see what happens. It was so good tonight.

A Favorite Quote Today- 

This is SO My Life!!!!

One of my Favorite Things: I've got several new Pinterest finds I'm loving!!!!

Sweater Boots- Yes Please!!!

I'd love this for Axle's room. It doesn't look hard either

How cute is this frame?

Houndstooth...need I say more?

This might be great inspiration for my Master

A few Plans for the rest of the Week: Tomorrow (Wednesday) Eye Appointments and Church, Thursday Anika has a Counseling appointment, Friday we are hoping to get some photos of the kids and Saturday we are Bristol Bound :)

I am Praying- For continued health for Anika (she's on an upswing), For success for Anika in her online class journey, For the family of all three victims that lost their lives, For myself to be a better witness to my Husband and Children & for all those in need tonight.

A Peek Into Our Day: We got us some outside time today. Ax is LOVING the new scooter his Aunt Leanna and Uncle Scotty gave him!

This girl is always saying "Cheese"

The new scooter

He was showing off for you blog friends :)

Look at how big she is getting

She looks like a little lady these days

Go Bubby Go

Fresh out of the bath

Friends- hope you guys have had a nice Tuesday. Tomorrow is Hump Day, 1/2 way to the weekend!
Cheers to that :)



  1. How frustrating for Anika!!! I hate when things like this happen - it's the teenager being punished for the adults disorganization! And there is nothing more ridiculous than busy work. These laws are put into place without realizing that they are killing the love of learning in children!

  2. This bedroom is divine, I would love mine just like it!!! How did you get free tickets? Let us know how the appointments came out. The thing on your block is just horrible and evil. Have they found a motive? I can understand why you are feeling this way. But at least the people are in jail, so no need to be scared. Your children are so beautiful! When you take pictures of your outfits, I would love to see your pretty face. Maybe a full length mirror? I wake up tired and go to bed wide awake, too!

  3. What a shame about Anika's truancy. It makes me mad just reading about it.

    Keep working on that house of yours. I'm working on mine and maybe one day we can both say we're finished. NOT.

  4. Oh my goodness....that is so sad...I'm so sorry to hear about such a tragedy and just up the road from you.

  5. Well, you certainly have the right to be on edge. HOLY MOLY!!! I would be FREAKING OUT! And I'm normally a little bit on edge when my husband goes away anyway (he hunts a bunch) so that would REALLY freak me out. I'm a little paranoid because in my husband's line of work you can really get some crazies coming after you and he has had multiple death threats in the past. Not good. Ugh.
    I LOVE all of the pics in your favorite things category. And now I'm obsessed with getting a pair of sweater boots. So thanks for that. ;)
    Your kiddos are ADORABLE!

    1. Yes, death threats would definitely be very concerning. I'd be scared to lay down at night.

      Aren't those boots amazing?