Monday, August 4, 2014

Currently on Monday

It's Monday and I've been in Monday Mode all day long. That means I've done absolutely nothing pretty much. I just couldn't get motivated today. Since I don't have all kinds of cool stuff to share today, I'll just do a little currently post for you. Those are always easy enough:


Feeling- Stressed Out and Tired. My motivation level today has been zero, zilch, nada! I think it's a combination of not sleeping well due to crazy dreams last night, waking early and worrying myself sick about my Anika. She's still not doing well today. She has a real "sad" look about her, is very quiet and is just out of sorts. Her health is my main concern and when I see her struggling like this it scares me so bad.

Listening- To House Hunters blaring in Anika's room and Chuggington blaring in Axle's. It's not a good combination

Planning- A trip to the lake this weekend. The last two weekends have flew by. Hubby has worked 6 days a week for the past two weeks and then on his off days I was busy with painting. This weekend we are due some fun :)

Thinking- About my Life List (really long Bucket list). It seems I'm not making a lot of progress on it. I'm thinking I might try to tackle a project on it each day or something. I'd like to see more check marks!

Hoping- I get much more done tomorrow and that Anika feels a WHOLE lot better

Anticipating- The arrival of Anika's new bedspread. It got ordered today and she loves it! I think her room is going to look fantastic once we get done

Wearing- A pair of blue ball shorts and an orange top. I'm totally rocking the mismatch look! I did get dressed today but I won't lie, that is all I did. That means I brushed my dirty hair out and wore no makeup. I also totally failed to take a pic!

Contemplating- Giving our kittens away. They drive me insane and our big cat hates them. She tries to kill them.

Hating- 2nd shift weeks- I miss my Husband

Smelling- The brownies Anika made. She still has to put the cream cheese icing on them and then they will be ready to eat. I can't wait. I have a serious sweet tooth

Needing- To finish my list of items to buy this week for my living room! I can't wait to see it all come together 

Wanting- A Vacation- I know, I just had one....Still I can dream, right?

Loving- My new living room curtains. They were a $10.00 find from Family Dollar. I did good!

Dreading- My OBGYN appointment this week. Those are never any fun 

Wishing- I could find more time in my day to blog read. It's just not happening right now though

Dreaming- About landing a good job, making lots of money and living easy for awhile. Notice I said dreaming :) 

Missing- My smiling girl :(

Praying- For my Anika, For the family of a young boy who got killed on an ATV this weekend and for direction in raising my children

Thankful- For all my life has been blessed with and for knowing that God is in Control of all things 

Friends- That is all I got for you tonight! I hope you all are having a good start to your week!

Until Next Time,


  1. you NEED more time in you day, it would help with your stress levels!! you are rich in so many ways angie, being home with your young family right now is your best path, they need you!!

  2. Sorry Anika is struggling. I have downloaded some podcasts for kids on meditation for my oldest, and he has good success in listening to them when he feels anxious. Maybe something like this would be helpful for her?

  3. I just saw a I Hate Mondays tee shirt at TJ Maxx and was thinking that the tee would be fitting for pretty much every person! lol. I don't think I've ever met someone who love Mondays.

  4. You have to love $10 curtain deals!

    I'll agree with you in prayer for your Anika. He knows the best thing for her right now!

  5. I am so much like you. Get dressed, run a comb through my hair and call it a day. I am trying so hard to be better at doing things around the house, But it's hard when you work full-time. I'm praying for Anika. I hope things turn around for her.

    Love how you are fixing up your house (especially those $10 curtains)! I'm going to have to go to Family Dollar.