Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Currently 8-13-14


Sleeping- Too late every morning. I seriously have a love/hate relationship with sleeping in

Enjoying- The cooler days we have been having. The weather has been so nice. Now if we could get some sunshine to go with the cooler temperatures, we would be set.

Staying- At home a lot. It's just been an at home kind of week

Planning- To go out and look for a mirror at the thrift stores tomorrow

Waiting- On a job offer...I know it's coming, I just have to be patient

Eating- Lots of quick and easy meals. I've lost my desire to cook for some reason

Thankful- For my wonderful parent's. I'm so blessed to have both of them

Working On- House Projects

I hung this sign today and I love it
I also love the new Command Strips!!!

I put this picture out today- This picture holds my entire life

This little area is complete and I LOVE it

This now hangs over my dear- It's so true too

Hubs hung my new fan- It looks SO much better than the old one

Anika's room is painted 

White Walls with Grey Accent Wall

Her New Dresser

Bathroom Painted- Now all she needs is a tub

This shelf is going to house her towels, hair products etc.

Excited- To see Anika's finished room and bathroom. It's coming along, slowly but surely :)

Amazed- At how much Ax has grown up since last summer. A year has made so much difference in him

Needing- To get to baby shower planning ASAP!

Craving- A Date with the Hubby- they are just good for the soul

Wearing- Lots of comfortable clothes but I am at least getting dressed

Top- Victoria Secret (from a Yard Sale)
Undershirt- Unknown
Jeans- Cato's
Shoes- Kmart

Listening- To lots of crying and tantrums from Lee Lee. We have officially hit the terrible 2's

Wishing- Hubby hadn't let Lee start sleeping in our bed. We will never get her broke now

Praying- For guidance to make the right decisions for my children

Saddened- By the news that a boy I went to school with is on life support and brain dead. Such a young life

Hoping- For a nice weekend

Worrying- About Hubby's job...things just aren't looking good

Feeling- Like I might be getting sick- I hope not

Loving- That my friend Kan is pregnant. She sent me a message and told me today

Hating- That the first winter forecast is out and we are supposed to have colder than normal temperatures and higher than normal amounts of snowfall. I HATE WINTER!!!

Missing- Time to blog read

Going- To bed too late- which is why I'm signing off now

Goodnight Friends- Angie


  1. I can see why that picture holds your whole life, awesome pic

  2. I have a love/hate relationship with sleeping in too. I love it while I'm sleeping because it feels so good but then I hate it when I wake up and feel like I've wasted half the day sleeping. I have the same feelings towards naps too. lol

  3. Dear Lord, please be with Angie and her family now, We know you are looking after them right now and want the best for them! Also please keep Angie strong and healthy. In Jesus name, Amen. Hi Angie, thanks for visiting me. Oh goodness, it would be so hard working with three children, I am sorry you are looking for a job. What does your husband do? I hate winter too!! The DARK, ug! I love light and can't get enough, as you know from my blog title. I like your shirt! OH goodness you really struck a chord with me about your school friend, so very sad. A young man who grew up in our church, in his twenties and married two months...he got in a car wreck and was pronounced brain dead. He was an organ donor and saved four people, but none of us can get over it yet.

  4. Fun stuff!~ I love home having days to stay at home..and love your stripey shoes!

  5. I love home projects too and just wish I had enough time to do them. Staying home isn't all that bad!

    Don't say it's going to be a bad winter. I've been hearing that and I SO don't want another year like last year. The winter that never ended!