Monday, August 25, 2014

Bristol Weekend and Recovering

Saturday morning my crew woke up raring to go to the Bristol Race. We got a late start which put Hubby in a terrible mood at the beginning of the trip but he got over it throughout the day. He hates to be late and I'm notorious for being late. Mom kept Little Lee so we could go. I hated to leave her but knew the walking wouldn't make her happy and really she has no interest in Nascar.

The drive to Bristol was pretty uneventful. It takes us about 3 1/2 hours to get there. We travel that direction a lot so it's a pretty boring drive for us. We stopped on our way out of town and grabbed lunch and then stopped again about a 1/2 hour from Bristol to get some snacks, potty, etc. My poor Anika had us all laughing so hard. When we checked out at the gas station, they put our stuff into a paper bag. Apparently the child has NEVER had a paper bag before. Oh my gosh, I'm old!

While we were outside of the car, I made Hubby take a picture of me and my girl!

Angie Outfit:
Jeans- Cato's
Blue Top- Family Dollar
Vest Factory Connection
Shoes- Kmart

Anika's Outfit:
Entire Outfit- Factory Connection
Shoes- Cato's

As we traveled on into Bristol, the scenery got much better. We saw race cars, lots of signs and loads of motorcycles. Axle was in his glory! We debated as to if we wanted to buy roadside tickets or just wait until we got to the track. We should have bought roadside tickets!!!

We finally arrived and the traffic was insane. We ended up parking about a mile from the track. We knew ahead of time that we would probably have to. We went to the Spring race and it was packed so we assumed the night race would be even worse. The walk was HOT and by the time we got to the activities area, I was melting down. I seriously could have used a bath at this point. All summer the temps have been mild and Saturday they decided to be 110 (okay slight exaggeration). I made it though, no heat stroke or heart attack so that was a good thing!

We walked around and looked at the cars, vendor booths and concerts going on for a bit. We then headed up the hill to the track entrance. Let me just tell you, it was climbing the hill that I thought might take me out. Apparently my heart isn't too weak though because I survived once again. We found the building we needed and went in to pick up our Will Call tickets. Hubby's work provided us two Suite Tickets, one for him and one for myself. We got those and purchased tickets for Ax, Anika and Dustin. At this point, I thought I might faint. $115.00 per child ticket. Friends that is crazy!!! Even Ax had to pay full price, there was no children's rate. I sucked it up and paid for the tickets though and we ventured on.

We decided the best thing to do would be to find out where the kids seats were. If you haven't been to Bristol, this CAN be a chore. The place is huge and it just seems really complicated to maneuver to me. I stopped by a vendor booth and got Ax a pair of ear muffs and got directions to their seats. We FINALLY found them after walking 2 flights of stairs. People, I got exercise like never before this trip.

Hubby and I left the kids with money and specific instructions and then headed up the elevator to our suite booth. We knew exactly what to expect since we had just been there in March. The booth was exactly as I remembered and it wasn't too awfully full. We grabbed us some snacks and had a seat. I had some chips and salsa while Hubby had some pretzels and popcorn. The one biggest perk of the suite booth is all you can eat and drink- FOR FREE!!!!

We got lucky again this time and the suite wasn't full so we were able to go get our kids and bring them up there with us. This made me very happy. This mommy hated to sit in an air conditioned unit and watch the race while my babies melted down on the stands.

The race was awesome, my man Jimmie didn't win but he did finish in the top 10. The kids had a blast. It was Dustin and Axle's first time ever at a Nascar race so I think they both really enjoyed it. We ate so much food it was ridiculous including the best Carrot Cake on earth. We were in good company and just had an all around great time.

When the race was over, we got on the elevator and headed down to the ground floor! While in the elevator I realized the man standing right next to me was Bobby Allison. You know, Nascar Hall of Fame Bobby Allison! Anika got her first photo with a famous person :)

We fought the crowds and made our mile long trek back to our car. It was a much easier walk seeing as how the temperature were 50 degrees cooler. I expected that we would sit in traffic forever trying to get home but it actually wasn't bad. We only stopped once on the way home for fuel and a bite to eat. All three kids slept like babies the entire ride!

We rolled into our driveway at around 3:30. We all got in the house and went straight back to bed. We were flat out exhausted!

Sunday morning rolled around and none of us got up before 11:00 am. Once we got up and motivated a little, the kids and I got ready and rode up to the Hubby's brother's house. He was wanting to do some trading with him on a car he had. We didn't get to stay long though, Axle was feeling way rough. He has a cold that he has kindly passed on to Anika and I. You know men and colds, they don't go well together.

Sorry for the blurry pic
Outfit of the day:
Top and Cami- Gift for my Birthday
Shorts- Factory Connection
Shoes- Factory Connection 

We stopped by my Mom's and picked up Little Lee. She had a great time but was ready to come home. Ax decided to stay with mom awhile so we pretty much just traded out kids. On our way home we grabbed a few things for a cookout later that evening. We came home and Anika & I cleaned up the house and then I helped Hubby clean up the yard. His brother and his wife came down and we had a cookout. There was Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, Pasta Salad and Chips n Dip. For dessert I had Anika and Dustin go to Dairy Queen and get Hot Fudge Brownies & Oreo Blizzards! Definitely some good eating. We socialized till about 7:00 and then our company had to leave. 

I ran up Mom's and picked up Axle and dropped off Anika. She decided she wanted to spend the night up there. The kids and I then came home and hung out with the Hubby for a few minutes before he went to bed. Little Lee went to bed with him and Ax stayed up with me. I did some blog reading while I was waiting on laundry to finish and then at 10:00 I called it a night myself.

I'm going to try and do blogging a little different for awhile. Since my Anika is in school now and Ax will be starting, I cannot be staying up half the night. I'm setting  a 10:00 bedtime for myself which means I won't have time to post at night. That means my posts will be in the mornings from here on out. If I get a job, this is subject to change again but for now, this is my plan!!!

I hope you all had a great weekend friends- Here's to a good week this week!



  1. Bristol race?! So stinking cool. I would LOVE to go to a race someday!

  2. i spent many a day at the races as a young teenager, i babysat for a driver. i always enjoyed them, they were a big part of my life back then. you were lucky to be at bristol, no doubt you had a blast!!!

  3. The race looks like so much fun!

  4. The first picture of the two of you, you are both beautiful! I would have never been able to make that trek...I hope they had lots of medics there! Awesome to meet a famous driver, that made the whole trip!! And i guess you didn't have to buy any food the whole time!