Friday, August 15, 2014

Brain Dumping!!!

My mind has a million thoughts tonight. On nights like this it helps to just get everything on paper. That's what this post is going to be, one big random brain dump. Hope you don't mind!

* Both of my kids are now sleeping in my bed. It's annoying and it's Hubby's fault. He let's them both go to bed with him on his dayshift weeks. I know he misses them but geesh, I end up sleeping at the foot of the bed most nights because there is no room for me.

* Got an email today that I job I was hoping for was filled. It was disappointing to say the least.

* Anika now has her Homeschool Schedule in place & she has her filing system set up. She should get to start near the end of next week. I'm finally seeing a glimmer of excitement from her about it. Hopefully it all works out for the best.

* I must confess, I've been super frustrated all week long. This job search thing is getting to me. I just need to work already.

* Annalee is driving me insane. She has definitely hit the terrible 2's. I spend all day telling her no to which she doesn't listen at all. This mommy needs a break.

* I really wish Lee Lee would potty train. I get tired of cleaning up pee all day long because she won't leave her diaper on :(

* I HATE really hate it

* I was thinking about my blog friends today and I read a lot of blogs. There are a few that I read that I connect with on a personal level though. It's like something just clicks with them. One of them is Kathy at Looking at Life Through My Bifocals and the other is Linda at Linda's Life Journal. I consider both these gals my friends and tell my Hubby and Kids about things going on in their lives daily. Do you all have blog friends you click with? If so, who are they? I'd love to find new and interesting blogs to read :)

* I need to get up with my SIL sometime next week so we can go shopping for Baby Shower Supplies. I've got a list of stuff we need made up. I'm so excited to be hosting her shower.

* Speaking of the shower, I think I'll try out a few new cupcake recipes and see if I can't make her cupcakes myself instead of ordering them. I might give them a trial run next week to see how they turn out.

* We were going to take the kids to take photos tomorrow. I need some updated photos of them to hang on my wall. Mom was going with us and we were going to the Railroad Tracks. I think it will be a great setting. Unfortunately, Mom forgot that she has a party to attend tomorrow so we will have to wait till next week to do it.

* Am I the only one that thinks the ONLY nice thing about winter is not having to shave?

* I found the bedspread I want for Axle's I just need to find a bed!

* I got dressed today- super simple and comfortable outfit for running to town and doing some housework!

Shirt- Hand Me Down from my Aunt
Shorts- Ann Taylor from Ebay
Shoes- American Eagle- Thrifted

* My hen still hasn't laid any eggs. Is it possible she's infertile? No really, I'm being serious

* Did I tell you I got Anika tickets to a concert? Yep, her and my cousin are going to see Demi Lovato. She's beyond excited!

* I got my closet finished today. It's about time since I've been cleaning it out for weeks. It looks good though and I added a shelf in the back of it to house all my shoes. I have a LOT of shoes. 

* Axle opened our front door today and let a total stranger in while I was in the back bedroom cleaning. He came and said, "Mom there is a man in the living room and he's talking to me". Uh yeah, freaked me out. So much for Stranger Danger!

* My Hubby works tomorrow. Working Saturday's just sucks!

* I got my Hubby a card today just because. I don't tell that man often enough how much he means to me

* Hubby got all the grass cut today after he got home from work. It needed it. It looks so much better now. I'm hoping I can get the yard cleaned up sometime tomorrow!

* I need a new set of knives desperately..mine are so dull they wouldn't cut through hot butter.

* Our RV is leaking...yes it sure is. I hate the stupid thing already and now it's leaking, ugh!

* Lee fell off of the Power Wheels again today. Hubby is going to have to fix her a door. Luckily it didn't hurt her but still, she won't ever be able to ride it at the campground on the concrete without a door.

* I love this idea- I'm contemplating if I have room to do it in my living room

* I got 1/2 my bedroom decluttered and organized today. Hopefully I'll get the other 1/2 this weekend

* I got a call from Truancy today. Even though Anika is no longer enrolled in public school, she is still on truancy. Isn't that insane? Anyway, she has a big packet to complete this weekend and then they are going to dismiss it. I'm so ready to be done with it.

* We had Fried Potatoes with Polish Sausage for dinner tonight. It's my favorite

* I'm hoping to be in a better mood tomorrow. This week has pretty much sucked the life out of me

* Our weekend plans are not much.....going to Church on Sunday and then maybe a day date if I can get a sitter!

* Anika got her bed moved in her room tonight and her television hooked back up. It's looking great in there. I'm so glad we painted the bed. Oh and her bedspread, I love it.

Well friends..enough rambling from me for one day
Hope I didn't bore you to death

Happy Weekend Y'all 


  1. The idea with the boots and coats is awesome!! I follow Linda too, her blog is awesome!! The older I get, the more I hate winter! But maybe we need it so we can appreciate the other seasons more. It's not the's the DARK. Relax about the job.. it is so hard to wait, but God never rushes. He has the perfect job picked out for you, but it will come in His time, not ours. When our kids were adopting, they had to wait a year more then they had been told. But it was worth it, they got the perfect baby that was meant to be theirs.

  2. Sorry about the job, something will come thru!! I really like the entry way organization idea, I don't think it would take up that much room!!

    And I have a ton of favorite blogs, Linda's is a good one, she has such a happy spirit!!

  3. Aww Angie, you are so sweet. I think of you as a friend too. And it's easy to be friends with Linda, isn't it? Anika's bedroom is so pretty. I can't wait to see it finished.