Friday, August 22, 2014

Blog Worthy

Dropping by tonight to share what I consider a few blog worthy thing! Oh and to wish you a Happy Weekend of course!

Here's a look at a few happenings around the Newsome household today!

* Axle didn't sleep any last night. I initially thought it was his legs hurting him but he seems like he might be getting sick today. His nose is running, he's coughing and sneezing & he just has that look in his eyes that he gets when he's sick. I'm hoping it's just a minor cold or something.

* The Hubby slept on the couch with Axle last night. Bless his heart, he didn't get any sleep. I heard Axle up several times crying. I know it's made for a tough night at work tonight.

* Today was PAYDAY!!!! Yes, that makes me happy. This girl can only stand to be broke for so long and then it gets a bit annoying. 

* Hubby went to town first thing this morning to cash his paycheck and get some parts to fix his truck. That meant I had to get up with the kids. At least it was almost 10:00.

* Hubby spent pretty much ALL DAY outside working on his truck. The only time I saw him was when he came in to eat & then he went right back out. Apparently he's almost got it ready though so hopefully it will be running for him to drive to work on Monday.

* The kids played outside for a bit but not too long. Axle just wasn't feeling up to it. When that boy wants to come in, you know he's not feeling well.

* Anika left early this morning to go to Mom's. She did her online orientation and several quizzes for her online classes. She seemed to enjoy the process which is a good thing. She starts her actual classes on Monday. It will be interesting to see what she thinks about it after a full week.

* I took a bath this morning and actually shaved my legs. It looked like a killed a wild animal in the tub when I got out. I hate shaving!

* Lee Lee got a bath today too. Her and Ax are taking baths separate and apart more and more. Today she had the tub to herself so I gave her some tub paint to play with. The girl painted, just not the tub.

* Ax woke up this morning and told me about a dream he had last night. He said he dug a big hole to put flowers in. He was just so excited about it and went on & on. Cutest thing ever.

* Still didn't get any phone calls today in regards to a job. I SERIOUSLY need a job. I'm getting so frustrated!

* Dustin brought Anika home from Mom's when she finished with her Homeschool work. Apparently Mom had ordered her blue hair from Amazon awhile back and it came today. I must tell you, my daughter has a style of her own!

Outfit Details:
Shirt- Family Dollar
Skirt- Forever 21
Converse- Thrifted
Blue Hair- Amazon

* Speaking of style, I got dressed today too. I really liked the outfit style but after looking at these pictures, I don't think I'll do the green under it again. It just looks off to me.

Angie Outfit: 
Leggings- Family Dollar
Vest- Thrift Store
Belt- Off a pair of jeans I own
Shirt- Hand me Down
Shoes- Thrifted

Lee's Outfit
Dress- Yard Sale
Shoes- Thrifted

* The kids and I went shopping today. I had to go pick up the Hubby some beer so we hit up Cato's, Factory Connection and Walmart while we were out! It was fun spending money :)

* I scored a cute dress and top at Cato's. I also got a necklace and 2 pair of earrings. I'm in love!

* Anika snagged a cute pair of shoes, a new perfume and a new bra!!!!

* We got the regular household stuff (pet food, washing powders, shampoo, etc) at Walmart. Lee Lee also got a new babydoll and Ax got a boat with some little people. Anika grabbed her a new mirror for her bedroom and an alarm clock. I also convinced Ax to buy a bookbag. He wasn't sold on the idea because he isn't sold on going back to school but he finally caved and bought one. He's wore it all evening since we have been home. I think he likes it.

* Our last store was Factory Connection. I got a new vest to wear to the Bristol Race and Anika got her a new outfit to wear to the Bristol race. You will see those in the next post :) 

* We ordered dinner from our local Tea Room and brought it home to eat. It was delicious. They have the best food.

* It has rained (no poured) here all evening. Several parts of the county is flooding. Our creeks are high but not overflowing yet. We are under flood warnings. I'm hoping it doesn't get any worse.

* Lucy and puppies are all still doing well. This makes me one happy girl.

* Tomorrow we are headed to Bristol for the night race. You probably won't hear from me again until Sunday so you guys have a wonderful weekend :)



  1. The outfit you are wearing looks very cool and modern, but you are right about the green underneath. That color does not look good with the rest of it. I find it funny how I cannot see how I really look from a mirror. I have to take a picture! The bathtub picture is so cute! And for just moment, I thought you were dying her hair blue! Instead, it is Anika's hair! It really does look good, and Oh My Gosh, that child has STYLE!! I love the outfit, especially the Converse, it is a knockout!

  2. Payday is the best!!! Hope your little guy is feeling better soon!

  3. Payday really is the best! Good luck with the job search -- praying something works out for you soon :)

  4. Hi Angie..thanks for stopping by my blog. Your blog looks awesome. I am following you, so I have checked it out a few times. Your kids are so sweet. What a great Friday wrap up!